Citizen Death

Madame-Ghis-BookOne of Ghis’ books is becoming very timely as sensational denunciations are exploding everywhere. These uncover lies and deceit so that the truth can emerge: the individual is the one who has the supreme authority. 

The time has come for him to become conscious of it and to exercise his sovereign power. He will soon realize that “two things are avoidable: death and income tax’’.  In this way will come the “citizen death” that Ghis experienced and described in her last book Madame Ghis – Escape in Prison

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Society towards… Paradise-on-Earth

PSociety cover.inddersonocratia just released the last booklet of a series of 10: Society towards… Paradise-on-Earth

“It single-handedly recaps and concludes many years of integration of idessic consciousness by its authors.  ‘’I believe I came on earth to write this booklet!’’ I said to myself when it came out. Applied to everyday life, this truth-consciousness can seem absurd at first.  This is not at all the case – It is simply avant-gardist.  The fact that it is mind-blowing is normal.  Soon, it will become evident, because that is where humanity is going! Ghis.

Back cover description:

If you are reading this booklet before the onset of WWIII, the global financial crisis, worldwide famine, or planet-wide cataclysms, consider yourself lucky! Despite external appearances, such predictions are not far-fetched. Most people are not aware that the extinction of humanity is at our doorstep!

The apocalypse has started – and this is exactly what we need!

Indeed the social and planetary upheavals we are currently facing herald the end of the world of illusion. From its ashes will emerge paradise-on-earth. The question, however, is whether or not we wish to take part in the establishment of a new world, a new kingdom, a new being. Today each human being living on Earth is faced with choosing one of three directions. The first leads him towards effortlessness (microchip, basic income, entertainment, alcohol, drugs, sex, and so on). The second brings him to despair and encourages to commit suicide either quickly (intentional) or slowly (illness). As for the third, it calls upon his courage and propels his transformation into an idessic being – the ultimate goal of all terrestrial evolution.

In this booklet, the following topics will be examined:

  • The planet versus the Individual
  • No, no, no, to War!
  • Civil Society and Agenda 21
  • Chemtrails and chembombs
  • Free Energy and Secret Technologies
  • Nibiru, True or False? What to Do?
  • Demoncracy
  • The End of Statism
  • Angels, Demons, Aliens and Zombies
  • Mass Mind Control
  • The Future of Human Being
  • Citizen Death

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Men Do Not Want Children…

By Rhiame

The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie” Ann Landers

I’d like to share with you a newly released book “Men Do Not Want Children” by Patrice Berthiaume. It is not an easy read and I speak as a woman. Indeed, the subject is politically incorrect and may upset many. Forget about any delicacy of words making it even more credible in its inescapable bit of rawness. Men are exposed for who they are in their intrinsic nature. Yet, their secret garden revealed benefits men and women – at least the ones who are tired of the illusion of a relationship and want to live in truth with the opposite sex. In this essay, women are not spared either since they partake in the perpetuation of the non-sense of a relationship’s intricacies. I don’t want to spoil the fairy tale that most of us don’t want to wake up from but in a nutshell Prince Charming falls off his horse and Sleeping Beauty off her bed. It hurts at first even destabilizing for a moment but it’s to get back on our two feet stronger than ever and walk a different path – that of Truth beyond animal consciousness.


Men Do Not Want CHildren2Book’s back cover

Men do not want children, just… sex! This is probably one of the most shocking statements of the last century concerning the real identity of human males. Yet, isn’t it true that men are fundamentally addicted to gratification and orgasms? Aren’t children a hindrance to their dream of conquest and to their freedom? Homo Sapiens chase after prestige, power and money, but to what end? Is the goal – the hidden agenda – to mount the maximum number of females and finally reach the pinnacle of their sexuality, just to dominate and control?

What do children come into the equation? Besides locking the couple in the family cage and ensuring the survival of the species, can reproduction be a tool used to correct karma? Or do we simply seek to control our entire territory, in other words, to own our partner? Does desire and seduction really raise us to the heights of true love?

A man finally has the nerve to dissect the true nature of men so that we can move forward. He’s not afraid to use harsh words to boldly go where most of us have never gone before (so to speak) and explore the land of authenticity. A rare and honest account in world focused on political correctness.


.Book excerpts



For thousands of years we’ve had this survival of the species instinct within us. It seems quite natural, then, that the majority of men are obsessed with the idea of having sex. It’s written in each of their billion cells; they are conditioned. Although everyone has a preference in regards to body shapes, sex is primarily mental imaginary. Men love this feeling of being excited by a cute woman, even if it doesn’t go any further. Just imagining the sexual potential makes his day. Willy Pasini call this “the mental thrill”. Some men prefer this than the action itself.

To have sex or not? A little, a lot, passionately or not at all? There’s no wrong answer! Since sexuality is a cellular program that’s been running for several millennia, there’s no need to feel guilty or to restrict yourself. There is no one to blame, no good, no bad; it’s just part of our subconscious. The road to consciousness, to the deepest Self, is long. I’m not advocating chastity or libertinism. On must simply be enlightened, conscious, able to realize the extent of our sexual dependencies. It is dependency! It is high time for men to talk about it without taboos. What are these unconscious mechanisms that are the lot of men and that determine their behavior? And why are they never satisfied?

In this book I mainly discuss men, but some situations may apply to both genders, regardless of sexual orientation. Everyone can recognize themselves through their own experiences. Epicurus, whom Michel Onfray likes to quote, approaches sexuality from the perspective that sexual desire is natural, but not necessary. Natural, meaning the animal nature of humans. While sexologists Sheree Conrad and Michael Milburn claim that our sexuality is as fundamental as our emotions, intellect or personality. That was once true, but now we are on the verge of a huge leap of consciousness. This one calls for the truth about one’s Self. Everything that had once seemed true is now starting to be perceived and felt as false. It’s no coincidence that we’ve seen an abundance of political scandals. Our consciousness now allows us to see them, but they’ve always existed! This is true for a couple, love and sexuality.



Let’s take a look at our society. Hierarchy is everywhere, it permeates all social classes and it reigns supreme. Modeled on animal societies, the strongest, the dominant being endowed with a penis, imposes its will and commands respect. His strength is worshiped. As long as we act as animals, suffering, deceit and illusion will persist.

In general, men, – improved chimpanzees – define themselves by their work and sexuality. These two activities have common denominators: possession and power. Here’s the proof: I’ve seen many men die just before or after their retirement. It’s hard not to see a connection between how they define themselves and this fact.

Man’s existence is based on the concept of ownership, especially of his flock. Even today, males see females as their property. Sex, more than anything else, allows and legitimizes this possession and perpetuates this dominant-dominated, penetrated-penetrating hell in which we’re living. Dominating one another inevitably reminds us of the animal kingdom.

Masked by a Prozac called “love”, sexuality – neither good nor bad in itself – has ensured the survival of the species. Trying to save the human flock from extinction, isn’t that a manifestation of our unconscious fear of death? The fear of our finite existence, of death, nourishes our old cellular memories. And it is mainly sex that provides the illusion of postponing that fateful day. In fact, it’s survival, nothing more.

For a man, having sex doesn’t mean love. Having sex means… having sex. That’s it! Animal instincts push a man to mount the female who offers herself to him. Men can have sex with hundreds of women, with no notion of love. That doesn’t mean that they are insensitive or disrespectful. Simply that sex is primarily mental and physical rather than emotional. In the words of Barry Long, “All men, without exception, are sex obsessed. This means compulsive sexual fantasizing, chronic masturbation (even when living with a partner), sex repression leading to anger and violence, and the universal symptoms of chasing wealth and getting lost in work.” […]



Not all men are sexually obsessed. For some, it’s always on their minds, while others think of it very little or not at all. Let’s go back to our great ape. Its cellular programming forces it to ensure the survival of the species. And men, like their hairy cousins, grow up drooling with the hope of mounting all the females on their turf. Sexually obsessed people distinguish themselves by the fact that they probably did not experience any incident or trauma that affected their libido. An underdeveloped libido and a damaged or annihilated self-esteem creates an image of men who are resigned, defeated, almost lifeless.

These men fear others and live submissive and dominated lives. Their submission to faithfulness and sexual exclusivity makes them give up or turn down all offers to explore other “gardens”. To avoid dying out completely, dominated men compensate with other things: sports, drugs, alcohol, work, leisure activities that bring them some fun or intellectual enjoyment.

In a herd, dominated males have a different hormonal status; in other words, their sex drive drops drastically. That’s what allows them to be second-class males. It’s probably the same with humans. Having lost their self-confidence, and unable to conquer, dominated males first feel sorry for themselves before eventually accepting their situation as being normal. They find the best reasons to remain in a rut, in a certain limbo. This, they believe, is where they belong; they think it’s a result of their upbringing, their experiences, their wife or boss, etc. They’re the archetypal good guy whose existence never makes waves, who’s usually attentive and focused, devoted to his family and work. They’re so nice that people are either indifferent to them or bored by them. Those guys’ wives manipulate them or flat out leave them. They’re criticized for being too soft, for being real losers. As strange as it may sound, we have seen some of them wreak havoc when pushed to the limit; their powerlessness turns into rage and then they go apeshit.

In general, dominated men choose the status quo, a stable and monotonous relationship, and a quiet sort of life. These men greatly prefer living a lie and maintaining a boring routine rather than facing separation, solitude or jumping into the unknown. In this, a lot of men and women are alike in their desire to get together and deceive themselves. “The couple, which is an association of reciprocal interests, is the alienating trap par excellence in regards to ‘being’. It encourages ‘having’ instead of ‘being’; this is the way that the social institution intended it.” (Paul Salomon in La Sainte Folie du Couple)

I always have a choice; I can either live this alienation with my partner or choose to break up and start fresh to explore new desire. However, in the end, I might achieve the same results and simply repeat another absurd conjugal experience before falling back into the vile business of grief. Being with someone isn’t a guarantee of well-being and personal realization. And yet, we’ve been followed this path for centuries! What’s wrong with humans? Is credulity that makes us hope that one day this dream will become a reality? Honestly, after repeating the same stories again and again, we know this is nothing but borrowed time. Does that mean that each and every one of us is more of less submissive? Oh boy! Before we can reach this conclusion, let’s take a look at the dominant ones… this ought to be much more exciting!



How are post-feminism men fairing? Are there still dominant men among us? By all means, yes! And they’re still perceived as the best men. Deep down, nothing has changed. The kings of the jungle, the fittest, lay down the law and their conditions and lifestyle rule the world. It’s only recently that kings stopped having sex with all the women in their kingdom. Dominant men are easy to spot.

Observe the first meeting of two male cats; they arch their back, puff their tails and swell up like balloons to scare the opponent. One will have to be the scared one. It this strategy doesn’t work – but it usually does – then they’ll have to fight each other in order to determine who the dominant one is. It’s the same for humans. We might not all train at the gym or take steroids to look big. Social standing, money and intelligence have in fact replaced muscle. When next to a man possessing a high social standing and lots of money, who could get just about anything and anyone, it’s easy to feel intimidated and even worthless.

A wealthy man has a lot of leeway. His power lies in his ability to choose a number of sexual partners who will be among the most beautiful ones. Whereas the penniless man sees his opportunities reduced, left to only fantasize about the lifestyle of the well-off men. However, if a wealthy man stays with the same woman for a long time, it’s common for our penniless guy to chuckle. Why, you ask? Simply because he believes the rich man to be under his wife’s yoke, to be subjugated. Thus, our frustrated and dominated man has found – or imagined – a weakness in his opponent. Whether this Achilles hell is real or not is irrelevant. Targeting one’s opponent’s tender spot is like a cat arching its back. It allows a man to display this dominance.

In the mind of everyone, be they struggling with the fear of being dominated or taking pleasure in dominating, this process takes place in silence. In this face to face, each plays a subtle game. Even though suspicion prevails in such situations, one thing is clear: everyone wants the same thing, namely sex. We want a territory to defend, protect… and control.

Dominant men breathe – and inspire – confidence, even though it takes root in the subjection, intimidation and crushing of others. They maintain their dominance over others through their sexuality conquests and the prestige that they get from it. The conqueror, the one that fucks, believes he’s respected and respectable. The apparent superiority that drives his dick also gives him the impression that his wife loves him and will stay with him forever, which stems from the belief that only he can fulfill her sexuality! In other words, every man thinks his wife will become dependent on him and only him. After all, if he was not around, his wife’s life would be really ordinary. Males spend considerable amounts of energy catering to this semblance of power and deploying it around him.

[read more book excerpts on Patrice Berthiaume’s website]

 . .


Patrice Berthiaume, is the author of two books “Men Do Not Want Children” and “Si la Sexualite Disparaissait” [not translated in English yet]. Father of two, is a unique character whose uncommon views on life keeps surprising readers. He has delved into theology, esoterism and Kabbalah and has ventured outside the beaten path into the underground and the forbidden. Always provocative, he paints an accurate picture of human nature and is not afraid to take a long, hard look at men. He gives workshops in North America and Europe about sex, relationship and love.

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Hot from the press: booklet #9 – Family Towards Communion of Spirit

Booklet-9-FamilyWe have absolute confidence in the creative omnipotence of the human being. Conscious of being creators, we take a different look at the reproduction system that we call the family.

The authors introduce this booklet in this way:

As we wrote this booklet, Ghis and I often sighed and said “Phew, this is so big!” We felt that we were desecrating humanity’s most fundamental institution – the holy of holies. Indeed, as human beings witness all other systems mouldering away, the family institution remains the last stronghold where they can find a semblance of meaning to their lives. Their only hope is that their progeny will fare better than they did and hopefully find true happiness. Ghis gave birth to four children, and I had three. We both come from close-knit families. It is with a lot of emotion that we share our experience and the only solution that we can foresee. We do so without bitterness or resentment, but with much gratitude for all that our families have brought us in the past.
Do not miss this ground-breaking booklet! It will definitively assist you in your progressive transformation of consciousness, as we continue to release layers of untruths and manifest more and more the idessic being that we are!
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Human beings are born without knowing why. They grow up, get married, make babies, and raise them also without knowing why. They suffer and eventually die, still without knowing why. And they come back again without ever knowing why. They keep on like this until the day they finally ask ‘the’ question:

“What am I doing here, anyway?”

“I am here to find happiness, for my family and myself.” Oh, really? Since birth, you have identified yourself to a masculine or feminine gender with a specific program. As a woman, the roles of seductress, spouse, and mother imprison you until you die. As a man, the roles of genitor, purveyor, and protector keep you locked in pain and grief. Man or woman, you sacrifice yourself day and night to fulfill your duty to your family without ever questioning it. You are totally identified with the characters of a theatrical drama based on the survival of an animal species called Homo sapiens. In reality, you do not incarnate to perpetuate humanity, but to form a true couple through the union of your soul and body.

In this booklet, the following subjects will be examined:

  • An animal herd called family
  • Matriarchy and patriarchy
  • The ownership of children
  • The sex industry
  • ‘Pedomania’ and ‘sexomania’
  • Family and money
  • Family secrets
  • The various family roles
  • The couple and its challenges
  • False love and true love
  • Family celebrations
  • Feminism
  • Eco-villages and communities
  • The communion of spirit

From Democracy to Personocracy


The Triangle of Hell

Officially, a government is concerned with the organization and the exercise of power within a society. It aims at ensuring the security and protection of all citizens of a given state. Its mission is clearly stated in a series of official rights and privileges. In exchange, citizens agree to submit to the duties and obligations required for the efficient running of “their” state.

Actually, the truth is very different, as the role of the government consists in making sure that the minority (elite) dominates and exploits the majority (sheeple). For this domination to succeed, the sheeple must be kept ignorant and submissive. As long as they remain imprisoned in the triangle of hell, the elite has nothing to worry about.

The good shepherd represents external authorities. In a spiritual or religious context, the supreme authority is God, his sons (Abraham, Krishna, Mohamed, Jesus), and his representatives, the priests. In the temporal-political framework, the good shepherd is embodied by the heads of state and their representatives, the politicians.

As in all triangles, all three corners are interrelated. One cannot exist without the other. For the sheep to remain submissive, it must live in fear of an external enemy, the wolf — terrorists, communists, germs, Islam, drugs, poverty, droughts, earthquakes, demons, etc.

This wolf-culprit kindles the fear of the sheep-victim who bleats in horror and prays for a temporal and spiritual shepherd-saviour.

As shepherds, politicians guide the human flock, making sure that the sheeple remain submissive by luring them with three carrots to conserve their allegiance (power, affluence, prestige) and threatening them with three sticks to insure their compliance (exclusion, dispossession, elimination).

Sheep dogs (soldiers, policemen, judges) bring back in line any dissidents. Fences (laws) indicate with rigid precision the limits that the flock must respect. Ignorance is maintained through a systematic dumbing down of all sheep. The deliberate alteration of their mental, emotional, and physical bodies is organized through TV, cinema, music, cell phones, video games, chemtrails, fluoride, GMOs, education, and so on.

The Political Scene

Like obedient puppets, politicians dance and sing, manipulated by puppeteers hidden behind the curtains of the political scene. The success of the show relies on a single factor — the unconsciousness of the public, who believes that what it is seeing is real — Blue vs. Red vs. Green.

If the spectators were to realise that the story was made up from beginning to end, they would leave their seats. Puppets and puppeteers would lose their raison d’être and the drama comes to an abrupt end.

By nature, every individual has free will and aspires to freedom. To continue their control of the human flock, the elite must ensure that human beings remain unconscious of their true individual power.

All is safe, as long as the sheeple continue watching the show, believing that what they are seeing is real, and voting for one puppet or the other. The dancing marionettes wrestle in the political arena, taking part in a televised fight of the leaders where each one attacks his opponent while the media comments loudly and abundantly.

Our puppet-politicians make public speeches that seem divergent, but always give the same result — an increasing globalisation that brings along a decrease in the rights and privileges of citizens and an increase in their duties and obligations.

Remember that the authorities never work for us. All they do is take a step more towards absolute power.

Of the 194 countries listed in Wikipedia, 135 are republics, 22 are kingdoms, 9 are federations, 3 are principalities. Of those, most claim to be democracies. Whatever the preferred formula, the results do not vary — big fish eat small fish.

Although there are superficial differences, all politicians make sure to stop people from taking part in the decisional process. Of course, some styles of government make this easier than others. Democracies proved useful for a while, fooling the sheep into believing that they chose their leaders. Today, fascist socialism seems to be the way of the future. That is what made David Rockefeller say:

“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

He simply forgot to mention the 30 millions deaths that came with it.

The Recipe For Blind Submission

All my life, I have been behaving like an intelligent animal created by an external creator, bound by biological laws based on the survival of the fittest. This separation between creator and creature brings about duality, hierarchy, division, war, and death. There are always winners and losers, shepherds and sheep, the strong and the weak. At the base of this duality is hidden the most fundamental fear — either I dominate, or I am dominated. This explains the compulsive need of all sheep, big and small, for increasingly more power, money, and prestige.

Duality is expressed at two levels: visible and invisible. Both are necessary to insure submissiveness. Spiritual power comes first, taking care of the invisible world, making sure that the sheep remain in their illusory world of good/evil duality. That is the role of popes, dalai-lamas, caliphs, rabbis, and ascended masters.

Then comes the temporal power of queens, presidents, prime ministers, and dictators, which maintains the sheep deeper into its authorized/unauthorized duality. Religion demands blind faith in illogical beliefs. Politics advertises patriotism and its unending wars. The equation for slavery is complete:


Am I really a submissive sheep? The answer is yes! I choose to believe in the old lies called Bible, Koran, Torah, constitutions, charters, rights, and privileges. Deep down, I know that these were invented, popularized, and imposed by the elite for one single reason — to control me. Despite that fact, I choose to honour the old lies because I prefer to remain the follower of a religious leader, the subject of a sovereign, the citizen of a state — a slave under the rule of a master.

Happy Slaves

The citizen is a slave who chooses to ignore his true identity as the Supreme Being. He is proud of his citizenship because he is blind to the real meaning of the word. To be a citizen is to be the subject of a sovereign and, in consequence, to accept the subjection to a state or monarch.

Slavery was not abolished in the 19th century — its name was simply changed to citizenship. Ignorant and unconscious, the citizen believes in a set of supposedly god-given rights and state-granted privileges. In return, he must collaborate with the system by diligently performing duties and obligations. He gives birth to slaves and goes as far as offering his children in sacrifice as canon fodder for world bankers.

For any citizen to believe that he has fundamental rights to life, security, freedom, and ownership represents the height of unconsciousness. Some sheep go as far as to request the ultimate carrot — the right to the pursuit of happiness. In fact, a citizen has no rights. He enjoys a deceptive freedom until, using his own free will, he decides not to submit to the will of the state.

He quickly learns at his own peril that rights and privileges are never guaranteed. The state has often overruled them in the past and will continue to do so, secretly or overtly. Eventually, he realizes that happiness is also an illusory dream and that he will forever remain chained up to the old WSAD program: Work, Suffer, Age and Die.

A human being has only one thing acquired over the animal, which no one can take away — free will. He has the choice to accept his status as a slave and obey external authorities or to relinquish citizenship and obey his internal authority — his conscience.

Why does he choose slavery? Because he is afraid of retaliation! Letting go of citizenship means losing the security and protection of external authorities. It is the same as a sheep leaving the flock and its protector, the shepherd, and taking the risk of being eaten by the wolf.

Book available for purchase on this site

The problem is that this triangle of hell — sheep, wolf, shepherd — is an illusion. It is a fairy tale, just like the story of Santa Claus. Just imagine what will happen to the shepherd when the sheep find out their real identity! No sheep, no shepherd.

“When the slave dies, the master disappears.” — Hegel. Getting out of sheep mode means letting go of external authorities and listening to the only legitimate authority — that of the soul. This is what is called personocracy — the rule of the Person — as opposed to democracy — the rule of the people.

Such a “Person” is conscious of her true identity. She has nothing to do with the legal person under the jurisdiction of Maritime Law or the natural person submitted to Common Law. This Person is a sovereign being, conscious of her identity as the Supreme Authority.

Once she becomes aware of who she really is, she can no longer behave as a fearful sheep. She leaves the flock, the sheepfold and its shepherd for good. She gives up the protection and security of state, religion, and family. The old fearful animal drops dead!

Her life changes dramatically. She starts to behave as a Personocratia, a sovereign individual. She follows a totally new path, guided only by her soul, which she obeys blindly. She trusts her inner authority above all else, knowing deep down that this is the only way to true freedom, forever.

Authors: Mado and Ghis


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I Remember Who I Am

Today I visited one of my favorite blog, and I had the nice surprise to find a post featuring an excerpt from the book Madame Ghis. I thought it was a nice reminder in a nutshell! Here it is:

In these tormented times, everything I relied upon is collapsing — systems, family, gains, achievements, moral values, beliefs, etc. — and nothing is left to hold on to. The very pillars of society are crumbling a bit more every day, as one truth after another is being unveiled. And it hurts! Do I suffer because I finally know the truth? No, I am simply losing my illusions. I once believed in a system of justice for all, universal health care, a protective government, compassionate bankers, and industries that worried about the well-being of employees and customers. I even had faith in a merciful God!

I am disenchanted, like a young child who discovers that Santa Claus does not exist. She finds out that the beautiful story that filled her childhood with magic is a mere lie. Her parents betrayed her. These were the people that she loved and respected the most; she trusted them blindly. Like this child, I now realize that the authorities I relied upon manipulate, deceive and cheat. I cannot believe in them anymore. The love story is over.

As my eyes slowly open, my concern is great and my fear, even greater. The authorities are worried about the situation, even if they pretend to be optimistic. Discouragement and despair are rampant in the population. Suicides are increasing at an alarming rate. There is no solution in sight. Humanity is being flushed down the evolutionary drain into oblivion. The big question finally arises. Who can I turn to now, when I can no longer rely on the authorities in place? Even God, the supreme authority, has abandoned me. Who will save me?

In reality, this situation is not new. As always, the rich get richer and the poor — poorer. Kings control their serf, and masters — their slaves. Big fish eat small fish, as decreed by the law of the fittest. I had been dreaming of a more equitable, democratic and just society. I gave my full trust to those who promised to achieve this goal. I fooled myself when I chose to believe in parents, politicians, priests, teachers, bankers and others. I even fooled my own children. At first, all of us appeared to be trustworthy. What happened?

I Have Forgotten Who I Am

For thousands of years, I have been living in a world of illusion. I played — and still play — a role in a drama where I am a sheep, a poor and powerless creature at the mercy of an external authority. Whether it is parents, teachers, bosses, protectors, legislators or an invisible God, external authorities govern my life and I must obey them.

Sometimes, I submit to their rule and I get the carrots I coveted — power, affluence, and prestige. At other times, I rebel and get sticks — exclusion, dispossession, and elimination. My fate is in their hands. I am worried, very worried. I live in fear at all time, because I never know what will happen to me. The drama always ends the same way, with my own death and that of others around me. It is hell-on-earth! The only exit door is death. As Benjamin Franklin once declared, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

The sheep is a domesticated animal. All animals are controlled by their instincts. Domesticated animals are fed and protected by external authorities. In exchange for this security, the sheep relinquishes its freedom and its rights. It submits to the shepherd, whose function is to sheer the sheep until there is no more wool, and then to lead it to the slaughterhouse.

In this drama, there is an implicit contract, a hidden convention between the shepherd and the sheep. On one hand, the shepherd grants rights and privileges to the sheep. On the other hand, the sheep complies with the shepherd’s authority and obeys his rule. As Pierre-Andre Pare said in 1996, when he was the Deputy Minister for the Quebec Department of Revenue, “Everything is a privilege granted by the state — your car, your home, your profession, in short, your life. And what the state gives, it can take back if you are not a docile taxpayer.”

If one of the parties does not respect the agreement, war ensues. Who wins? The shepherd, always! For animals, the law of the fittest takes precedence over anything else. The shepherd sends his dogs/wolves on the sheep’s tail. The sheep is brought back to the fold and beaten into submission.

And the sheep submits — unless he remembers that this nightmare is an illusion, a drama in which he plays the role of a sheep, the powerless victim of external authorities. Rather than cursing the shepherd and praying for change, he can decide to let go of the character, to leave the stage, and to regain his true identity.

I Remember Who I Am

Who am I? That is the burning issue, the ultimate question. Sooner or later, it arises inside us, in a moment of intense suffering, after the death of a loved one, or just before our own death. The time has finally come for us to ask this very question. Let us examine the situation with new eyes.

If the world in which I live is illusory and deceitful, there must be a world of truth somewhere. In reality, I am not a poor creature, separated from an external creator. I am unified, both creatrix and creature. That is the true meaning of indivi-duality. If the supreme authority is not external, it must be internal. I recognize and acknowledge my true identity in the world of reality: I am Idessa, unlimited creatrix of the whole universe, incarnated in a physical body, my creature.

This is both bad news and good news. It is bad, because it confirms that I created the present hell-on-earth in my image and likeness, that of a sheep. In reality, there is no victim, no culprit, and no saviour. I am the only creatrix, solely responsible and accountable for everything that happens to me. When I become conscious of being Idessa, I stop living in a world of duality: right vs. wrong, authority vs. obedience, soul vs. body. The good news is that unifying these opposites celebrates the end of division, war, disorder, slavery, disease, old age and death. It brings the end of death, forever. I can finally create heaven-on-earth, as I had been dreaming all along. In this new reality, I claim loud and clear that, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, including death and taxes.”

Now that I remember who I am, I need to learn how to behave as Idessa. I cannot go on thinking, talking, and acting as a sheep. Schools do not yet offer Idessity 101 courses. I know, however, that truth is internal and that I need to give free rein to my soul. So, I transfer the power from the ego to the soul. I change my inner ruler.

The Transition Period

This inner passage from the world of illusion to the world of reality represents the greatest adventure of all time. It requires courage, determination and discipline. There is nothing to do, but all to undo. I need to let go of my old sheep behaviour, so that Idessa finally emerges, after being imprisoned inside matter since the beginning of time. To achieve this goal, I ask my soul to guide me. She knows everything and has access to the world of truth and reality. She is eager to help me and I obey her command. She recommends that I do the opposite of what I did as a sheep. Quite a program!

So, I stop my reliance upon external authorities. I end my role as a domesticated sheep. One after the other, I let go of all the rights and privileges granted to the sheep by the shepherd. The list is long.

My soul knows that she is sovereign. She has all the rights and no obligations. She is idessic, has no needs and no ego. She cannot interfere with anyone, as she is infinite love and peace. She never makes mistakes, so I can follow her advice at all time, even if my old sheep is really frightened and worries constantly. He is fearful of losing his rights and privileges and tries to stop me from listening to my soul at all cost. Despite his efforts, I continue to move forward, keeping the pace that she dictates.

First, I abandon those privileges whose loss affect me the least. Then, I go one step further. I face bigger fears, such as letting go of health insurance, driver’s license, family allowance, old age pension, welfare, bank account, insurance, etc. Meanwhile, I stop submitting to the shepherd and his laws. I have no more wool to sheer. I am no longer a sheep and my contract with the shepherd is now obsolete. Progressively, my illusory fear fades away and is replaced by my soul’s idessic power.

On his side, the shepherd is still caught in the drama and continues to play his role. He worries about too many sheep leaving the flock and tries to retain them at all costs. He sends his dogs/wolves at their tail to bring them back, but there are no more sheep, no more wool, no more fear of dogs/wolves.

I am no longer afraid of retaliation because I remember who I am. The authorities may take everything away, but they can never get my soul. She is not for sale at any price. She decides what goes on and her creation is always perfect. She is my queen, and I obey her command. Nothing will make me go back to the status of a tagged and numbered sheep, owned by a false sovereign, Her Majesty. I recognize and I honour my true identity — Idessa, unlimited creatrix!

We have reached a turning point, where we must die to the outmoded animal world and be born to a new idessic world. We keep jumping from one crisis to the next, as we prepare for the big change. We are not facing an economic, political, social, environmental, nor a moral crisis. In reality, it is an evolutionary crisis. Human beings are now going through the passageway between animality and idessity. It is the biggest evolutionary jump since the beginning of time. Unlike previous evolutions, we will not undergo the change unwillingly, but we will select it consciously. We have but one choice. Either we participate in the change or we resist it.

Personally, I am pleased to cooperate both actively and consciously in the evolution of human consciousness, and I thank all those who take an active part in this experiment.”


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Education… Towards Innate Knowledge

Personocratia-booklet9 Get your copy today to get informed before you (or your children) get educated! Here is the description of the back cover:

Is school still meant to teach the three Rs: Reading, wRitting and aRythmetic? When one examines young adults, it becomes obvious that modern school is not as efficient as it used to be. Most youth read and count with difficulty, and their writing is filled with errors. Dyslexia has become the new epidemic, and the multiplication table remains a mystery to anyone under forty. Surprisingly, children start school earlier and finish later than previous generations. With computers, the Internet, television, video games and movies, one would expect a generation of gifted children. Yet, the opposite is true. What is going on?

Schools have become tools of mass “idiotization”!

Since 1945, UNESCO has assumed international control over education, science and culture. It has standardized pedagogical approaches across the globe and put a strong emphasis on ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies), environmental responsibility, and social conformity.  Through its promotion of human collective intelligence, it imposes a single planetary ideal – the hive mentality. Music, cinema, fashion, art, literature, radio, and television all deliver a similar message. Why such a relentless determination? The elite know that human beings are on the verge of a colossal evolutionary leap and try to prevent it. The outcome lies in our own hands!

In this booklet you will find the answer to the following questions:

  • What are the purpose of family, cultural and religious programs?
  • What truths remain absent from science, geography and history?
  • Why is the individualization of ego essential?
  • What lies hidden behind free mass media?
  • Why is homeschooling an attractive solution?
  • How can one have access to innate knowledge?
  • How will parents and children manifest the new being together?”

Read 3 book excerpts in our series “Education: The High Price of Idiotization


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A Gift for You: The 13 Volumes of Mother’s Agenda

In 2002, Ghis discovered Aurobindo Gose and The Mother through Satprem’s book The Mind Of The Cells. After reading many of their writings, she realized that these pioneers of the supramental consciousness came to the same conclusions she did:  human beings are a transitional species between animality and the supramental being, the equivalent of what Ghis calls the sovereign being – personocratia. Ghis had the feeling that she had met “old accomplices”; she was not alone anymore. They all concur with the inherent reality of being perfectly healthy, physically immortal, omnipotent, omniscient… and insist that the Divine is not in heaven, but deep inside matter. On the path to human transformation, reading Mother’s Agenda is indispensable. You can download the 13 volumes of Mother’s Agenda in French and English following this link:

“This tremendous document — 6,000 pages in 13 volumes — is the day-to-day account over twenty-two years of Mother’s exploration into the body consciousness and of her discovery of a “cellular mind” capable of restructuring the nature of the body and the laws of the species as drastically as one day the first stammerings of a “thinking mind” transformed the nature of the ape. It is a veritable document of experimental evolution. A revolution in consciousness that alters the laws of the species. And it’s the question of our times, for whatever the appearances, we are not at the end of a civilization but at the end of an evolutionary cycle. Are we going to find the passage to the next species… or perish? As scrupulously as a scientist in his laboratory, Mother goes back to the origin of matter’s formation, to the primordial code, and there, “by chance,” stumbles upon the mechanism of death — upon the very power that changes death — and upon a “new” Energy which curiously parallels the most recent theories on the subatomic nature of Matter. The key to Matter contains the key to death … and the key to the next species.

Mother (Mira Alfassa): Born in Paris on February 21, 1878, in a very materialistic, well-to-do family, she completed a thorough education in music, painting and higher mathematics. A student of the French painter Gustave Moreau, she knew well the great Impressionist artists of the time. She later became acquainted with Max Théon, an enigmatic character with extraordinary occult powers who, for the first time, gave her a rational explanation of the spontaneous experiences she had had since her childhood. He taught her occultism during two long visits to his estate in Algeria. In 1914, she visited the French colonial city of Pondicherry in India, where she met Sri Aurobindo, who had sought refuge there from the British. She returned permanently to Pondicherry in 1920 via Japan and China. When Sri Aurobindo withdrew to his room in 1926 to work out a new power of evolution in matter, she organized and developed his Ashram, and tried in vain to awaken the disciples to a new consciousness. In 1958, after Sri Aurobindo’s departure, she in turn withdrew to her room to grapple with the Problem — the change in the cells’ consciousness: the great Opening. From 1958 to 1973, she slowly uncovered the Great Passage to the next species and a new mode of life in matter, and narrated her extraordinary exploration to Satprem. This is the Agenda.”

Health towards… Physical Immortality

Health-BookletConsulting a doctor is the very last thing a person should do when her body shows alarming signs and symptoms! Why? Because doctors are illness specialists! Statistics show that healthy people who ask for their advice become sick, and ill ones get worse. Nevertheless, I continue to beg for a medical diagnosis as soon as I start to worry about my body. Worse still, I blindly accept their recommendations to be butchered (surgery), burned (radiotherapy), poisoned (medication), and tortured (psychiatry). Basically, I go straight to the slaughterhouse of my own free will. How can I do this to myself? There is only one explanation: I am afraid to die.

Yet, death is not inevitable. It is simply a bad habit!

Sooner or later, human beings will discover that physical immortality is not only possible, but that it has been programmed into matter since the beginning of time and is simply waiting to be expressed. All levels of the conspiracy – money, medicine, politics, agriculture, environment, law, the media – are pushing humanity towards an inexorable extinction. It is the end of Homo Sapiens. What a gift! The sooner I become aware of this fact, the sooner I will manifest an immortal physical body – nature’s next kingdom.

This booklet answers many important questions, such as:

  • What is health and , especially, what is illness?
  • Why do religions and medical specialists insist on circumcision?
  • How will the elite’s population reduction plan unfold?
  • What secrets lie hidden behind vaccination, cancer, and AIDS?
  • Why is alternative medicine not the solution?
  • Why is German New Medicine not the solution either?
  • How can I improve my health and remain young at any age?

You can purchase a copy of this booklet HERE on this website.


Money towards… Unlimited Creation

Booklet #6 back cover description:

It is said that prostitution and poverty have always existed and always will. We consider both acceptable, as long as they do not touch us personally. On one side, we refuse to bring them to an end, and on the other, we demand laws that guarantee equality and equity. A peculiar dichotomy! Similarly, we have been through repetitive economic crises for the past two centuries without ever questioning the existence of our banking system and the government that endorses it. When we study the monetary system, we quickly discover that bankers and politicians have always worked hand in hand to enrich the rich and impoverish the poor. Yet, true power rests in the hands of every human being, but as we refuse to acknowledge and exercise it, we are left with this absurd situation where:

The population creates wealth and bankers collect it.

Sooner or later, human beings will discover that money is the mirror of their state of consciousness. In reality, we are rich, but we are not aware of it. Will we have to face complete slavery, and depend totally on world bankers, before we decide either to sink into oblivion or jump into the next species? The elite impose the first option as they embezzle public goods and systematically impoverish populations. To choose the second option, humanity must drop the two basic lies on which rests its survival – property and security. Only then will conscious individuals manifest the abundance inherent in their unlimited creative nature.

In this booklet, we’ll discuss the following subjects:

  • The ex nihilo creation of money
  • The false national debt of states
  • The planned scarcity of money
  • Usury (interest on money), a mortal sin
  • Basic income, a horrific gift
  • Personocratia’s experience with money
  • Two myths – property and security
  • The government, a unnecessary evil
  • The triangle of victim (people) / executioner (private sector) / savior (public sector)
  • The triple perversion of covetousness, competition, and corruption
  • The Garden for All Manner of Exchange (GAME)

You can purchase a copy of this booklet HERE on this website.