Nibiru sighting in Romania – August 2014

Mado‘s friend, who lives in Romania, took this picture in the transylvanian mountains on August 25th, 2014. Despite the clouds, we can clearly see a bright reddish object on the right side of the sun. Could that be Nibiru? If you have any expertise in the field, your comments are welcome.

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Nibiru, Climate Change and Consciousness

by Rhiame


We talk a lot about climate change and unusual natural phenomena, and though so little do we know about the real cause of such manifestations. Although bioengineering through HARRP, chemtrails and other technologies, industrial and human pollutions, and solar activities have been blamed for a long time now, the theories show some discrepancies.  HAARP and chemtrails certainly play a part in the elite’s plans, but probably not in a way we have been told.

One theory seems to make more sense and is worth taking into consideration in our search for truth: the passing of Nibiru (a.k.a. Planet X) in our solar system. To clarify on the subject, Ghis and Mado gave a lecture in June, 2013 to explain what seems to be going on with the planet and humanity. (This lecture being in French, Personocratia released an updated English version in November, 2014, called ‘The Apocalypse? Yes, Thank You. You can watch an extract and purchase the full DVD presentation HERE)


Nibiru visible on the left side of the sun

The lecture starts with a thorough exposé by Mado, who covers the most significant unusual and mysterious phenomena that recently happened on planet Earth – from sinkholes, to tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, death of millions of animals (fish, birds, bees, etc.), volcanic eruptions, rise of sea waters, shift of the magnetic poles and so forth. Many of her points are explained in great length in the 3 videos produced by ZetaTalk. Although we do not endorse ZetaTalk and do not agree with the conclusion at the end of the third video (read further to understand why), their information have the credit to be well researched and nicely put together. As always, with anything you read or watch, use your discernment to sort out truth from lies – and make your own opinion – even with this article! 🙂

It’s clear that after listening Mado’s exposé or watching the ZetaTalk documentary, we are left facing an apocalyptic picture of the planet. A question arises: what do we do with this information? Is there a solution for humanity? Since we are creators of what is happening to us, there must certainly be a purpose for all of this. I let you read Ghis’ answer on the topic, who offers, in my humble opinion, a more promising outcome to the future of humanity and the planet.

Ghis: “Am I Creatrix[1] or victim? It’s time that I ask myself the question and answer it. Nibiru can pass by the Earth far or close; what’s going to determine the distance? Who is the creator of Nibiru? Who is Nibiru’s boss? We always come back to the same question: where is the big boss?

Before, we used to say that the great flood was created by God and now we learn it was caused by Nibiru. As long as I remain in the victim mode, I am going to search for an external culprit and savior. If I am a victim, I am not a creator therefore I will be subjected to Nibiru and the turbulences that will come with it. If I am a Creatrix, it’s ME who will manage Nibiru – not ME with my mind, but with my vibrations.

What are vibrations? A vibration is a state, and the highest vibrations set the tone to the lowest vibrations. The vibrations of the winged mare (consciousness of who I am, Idessa[2], the Supreme Being) are higher, meaning they vibrate faster than that of the sheep (present animal consciousness based on fear and survival).

The-big-pictureWe could do like rich people – or what is suggested at the end of the third ZetaTalk video documentary – move in the mountain, build underground shelters, store lots of food and so forth. There’s no guarantee though. We can hide underground and stake piles of foods for several months, there is no guarantee we would make it through.”  

The particularity of the idessic vibration

“There is only one thing that can succeed: the idessic (supramental) vibration, which is perfect and omnipotent by essence. Indeed, the idessic vibration imposes itself over Nibiru, the elite, climate change, pole shift, water flood, fire… It imposes itself naturally.

There is a reason why Nibiru comes and visits us from time to time; it’s to tell us, ‘listen, you did not get it this time again, let’s clean up the mess and give you a good sticking off!’”

The end of the same old

“What is interesting is that all the people who talk about Nibiru – although there aren’t many! – talk about the coming back of the Golden Age. What a lie! In a nutshell, they tell you: ‘It will be difficult for a while but after that, don’t worry, everything will get better, just relax. The Golden Age, the beautiful time that we have known before will come back; the time when we were working the earth, we were making beautiful babies and we loved each other, and we supported each other…’

Of course we will support each other since we won’t have much left anyways. But are we going to start another cycle again? NO! Get that out of your mind. We won’t do the same things again because consciousness evolves all the time therefore it does not go back. That’s for sure. This has to be very clear in your mind.”

Transformation to a new species, not improvement of the old humanity

“Another thing: we are no longer at the point of awakening, changing things, stopping the fights… No, we have reached the point where we have to transform. What does this mean? Some people would say “Oh, yes, I do some yoga, I meditate, I go to gathering for peace, I listen nice music, I grow my own garden. I also learn not to listen to my ego as much. I also attend classes for self-development…” This not what I am talking about. I am talking about TRANSFORMATION, not improvement!

Everybody dreams about one thing: that it becomes better. It won’t be better. It will be something different or it won’t be. All we want is that it goes better. It means I want to remain a victim, a sheep (animal consciousness). I want to remain a crying baby who wants to be fed and protected by its parents. It’s time to become adults.”

Time for a reversal of consciousness

“That’s where we are at right now in terms of human evolution. Stop running in all directions, and do this and that. I will create what will happen to me. What I will create will be in my image and likeness. If I am in the vibrations of fear, submission (white sheep) or insubordination (black sheep), then I will create what comes with it, which will be similar to what we know right now on the planet.

If I vibrate at the level of the consciousness of who I really am, Idessa[2], unlimited Creatrix[1],  and I behave as such – that’s what personocratia teaches – this vibration is omnipotent, it is more powerful than Nibiru, the elite, water, fire or anything else!


The four horses of the apocalypse

At least, invest in the right horse – in the right consciousness. The 4 horses of the apocalypse that we have seen earlier with Mado are horses of death. The consciousness that humanity is bathing in right now is in the fishbowl of death – animal consciousness based on fear and survival, not life. It is urgent that we become conscious of who we are and BEHAVE AS SUCH.”

The sheep syndrome

“What will the sheep do when Nibiru will be visible to the naked eye and the earth will turn upside down? Some will remain in denial; they will continue saying it’s not true, as they have always be doing even when it was right in front of their face. They are the same who keep saying right now that everything is fine, that the economy is recovering when it is collapsing straight down the hole. They continue watching television and being lied to – they just don’t want to see, like an ostrich with its head in the sand. Very well, that’s their choice.

Some people see what’s going on – the black sheep – and they say: ‘we must stop that, it has to be stopped. Let’s fight. Let’s sign petitions and demonstrate in the streets!’ It’s useless because it’s already done: the lies are there, the underground shelters are already built, the economic crisis is happening, the nuclear power stations are built, the climate is already going crazy… Everything is already done therefore there’s nothing to stop.

Here in Canada, as well as in France, we tried to stop the installation of “Smartmeters”. Despite our resistance, they spread right and left. Why did it happen? Because we remain sheep, poor powerless creatures, victim of an external creator, which is the government, the bankers, the parents, God, anything… We always find a bad wolf because a sheep is always afraid of something. Therefore we need to have a savior; we need a good shepherd to save us and take care of us. The state, the government is our shepherd and it needs to take care of us and protect us. Sweeeet illusion! We live in total illusion.

We have seen that the government does not protect us. They all have their bunkers and underground facilities. They will save their skin and let us die on the surface of the planet, dealing with tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.”

The planetary mess is a gift

“It is important to understand that Nibiru, climate change, the elite, etc. is a gift that we make to ourselves to realize that there is no exit door in this reality – the fishbowl of death, the animal consciousness based on fear and survival.  It is here to show us that we cannot continue what we are currently doing; we cannot continue living the same way as before. Now is the time that I change as an individual; that I implement CONGRUENT actions. Through this perspective only, Nibiru, climate change, the elite, etc. are a gift. [read Illuminati vs. Consciousness]

What does it mean to TRANSFORM?

“I repeat again: it does not mean to improve, that it will get better, that the world will be fairer or we will have more justice…  No! I don’t want a better world, I don’t want a fairer world. I don’t want more air-conditioned in hell.  I want paradise! That’s totally different.

If I am Idessa[2], if I am conscious of who I am, therefore I will create paradise on earth. Then Nibiru can pass by close or far, it won’t change anything.  I don’t need to be afraid of Nibiru or else. It’s not Nibiru or the elite that will create what will happen to me. It’s I who will create what will happen to me.”

Pathway to transformation

“You are going to tell me ‘that’s beautiful what you’re saying but you are not the only one here, what about others?’ That’s why I keep telling you: talk about what you know around you, tell people what’s going on with the planet and humanity so that they can also do their job. It is not by remaining silent because we are afraid of what others will think about us that we are going to move forward. AND YOU, TRANSFORM YOURSELF! Don’t wait for others to do it to start doing it. You can wait a long time. It’s when you do it that others follow – all naturally. It’s vibratory. The more we will be on the path to transformation, the easier and faster the reversal of consciousness will occur.

What does it imply to transform? It takes three steps. It’s not complicated but it’s all that.

  1. Become conscious of who I am, and dis-cover who I really am: Idessa[2], the Supreme Creatrix[1] of the whole universe. That’s what the word ‘apocalypse’ means: dis-covering, in other words, taking off what is not true, what is not me.
  2. Make the decision to live as Idessa[2], as an unlimited Creatrix[1]. This decision is about transferring the power from my ego to my soul. From now on, it is not my ego which governs my life but my soul. I give free rein to my soul and I surrender to her will. [Read How Do I Know If It’s My Ego Or My Soul Talking?]
  3. Go into action by behaving as an unlimited creatrix. In other words, I align my actions and behaviors with the level of consciousness of who I am. [read ‘The Difference Is In The Action]

I don’t need to be saved, just to become

“Today, I am not going to talk about building shelters, storing foods and so on. I am not saying you should not do it; what I am saying is it’s not that that is important to do. What is important it’s YOU, your BEING – not your ‘having’. What is important is changing your consciousness – move from animal consciousness (the sheep) to idessic/supramental consciousness (winged mare).  It’s vibratory as I explained earlier. And I am not telling you this with the intention to save you, not at all. If I am a Creatrix therefore I cannot be a savior. I am telling you this for you to become the Creatrix that you are and create what will happen to YOU.

Become aware that what happens to you, it’s you who creates it. It means that you have to stop everything you were doing before. It brings about huge changes that I will not cover today since I have already explained the 3 types of slavery in previous lectures and also in the booklet #5 ‘Law… Towards Justness’: 

As a quick reminder, the first type of slavery is the mental slavery which is that of the religion and spirituality. You are going to find a lot of people who are going to offer you plenty of solutions – even beautiful ET’s who look like angels, who will do the job of saving you [Read article ‘No External Interventions Will Do The Job”]. Everybody will offer to save you. When I accept to be saved by someone, I deny who I am. Either I am a Creatrix or a victim. If I am a victim, it takes a savior. If I am a Creatrix, I don’t need a savior, no matter if it is an ET, God, Allah, my parents or the authorities… The last ones will offer big evacuations as a solution to save humanity from disasters. Look at all the evacuation signs in the streets. They prepare us to evacuate but to lead us where? In the concentration camps? It’s all set up already. It’s an opportunity for them to do some cleaning because there are too many people according to them.”

We must absolutely acknowledge who we are and behave as such.

“Yes, there will be a lot of upheavals to come. When am I going to detach myself from my family, my religion and my spirituality? When am I going to detach myself from my role of citizen, and stop obeying the laws and recommendations of external authorities? It’s time to finally go back inside and only obey who I am, Idessa, unlimited Creatrix.”

The secret is to bear and endure

“Indeed, we are capable of going through anything. We have already done this before in this lifetime – the day we were born. That was pretty extreme, don’t you agree? But we made it. We can do it again but this time in consciousness. Let’s remember that death does not exist. But at some point, it might cross my mind to, consciously or unconsciously, call death because I am too afraid and I want to escape; or I might want to kill myself because things go too rough. It is not the time to do that. We must bear and endure. That’s the secret.

Also stop making babies or encouraging others to make some. It is not the time for that. You can also postpone your wedding for later. For things like that, wait, wait, wait!

It’s about a COMPLETE transformation, a RADICAL change at every level of our life. Nibiru, climate change, the elite, war, etc are gifts that we buy and give ourselves. They are springboards that enable us to jump into the new truth-consciousness, the idessic/supramental consciousness that Personocratia teaches. Are you ready to take the leap and walk the path?”

  • [1] Creatrix: feminine word for creator
  • [2] Idessa: The Supreme Being that is inherent in all that exists. Idessa represents the intrinsic creator inherent in all creation – by opposition to an external creator. Idessa is both the unique creative spirit (feminine principle) and its created matter (masculine principle).

Chemtrails and National Debt

Question from a reader:

If every country has their own sovereign airspace, who lets these planes come in to spray chemtrails on their territory ?


To answer your question about sovereign airspace, I would say this:

– All countries have huge national debts and have a difficult time
paying the interest on this debt.

– When governments borrow money to private bankers, a contract is
signed. If politicians do not do what they are told, when the contract
ends and a new one has to be written, the interest skyrockets.

– If a country can no longer pay this interest, it goes bankrupt and
bankers get everything they want.

– Among the many conditions asked by bankers to keep the interest
manageable is that the spraying of the population be allowed without
interruption by the country’s army.

– Basically, this situation allows them to do tons of stuff: vaccinations, GMOs, etc. This is what is meant by “money rules the world”.

– Of course, this works only if politicians are corrupt, which most of
them are. Most of them are involved in secret societies, satanic
rituals and pedophilia. If they refuse to go along with the bankers’
plans, they are exposed, family members are threatened or they are
disposed of through accidents, homicides or fake suicides.

– The reality is that this system works thanks to us, the people, by continuing giving away our power through voting, paying taxes, using the banking system, etc. When are we going to stop doing this?