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Banks are about to confiscate the savings of their depositors.What does Personocratia do?
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When Money Sucks Me Dry

By Rhiame

I just read an article by Julian Websdale Illusory Money and the Economic System Construct (featured on and . As I was leaving a comment of appreciation, I got carried away and ended up writing a full article. So here it is.Eat_money_by_Saibel

I appreciate Julian Websdale’s article because he reminds us what the crucial element behind the money institution is: it’s not money in itself that they crave but the energy that it carries. As long as we are not aware of this factor, we cannot understand why these people (Illuminati / entities) keep on accumulating ad infinitum money that they cannot even spend.

As Julian mentions, money is indeed just an energy carrier, a conduct similar to a straw that feed the ‘controllers’ of the planet. Money is just another means amongst many others to get vital energy out of unconscious humans.

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Without this vital energy that we produce through our emotions they die. This endless accumulation of energy guarantees them a prolonged life, their attempt to reach immortality to the detriment of other beings. Behind their relentless perseverance in sucking energy out of us is hiding their most dreadful fear: the fear of death.

Now that we become aware of these facts, the way the monetary system was created and its fundamental purpose, what are we going to do concretely? Are we going to continue feeding them and make them grow stronger by continuing using their “feeding tools” or are we going to stop using their means of controlling us and depleting us energetically?

A simple solution exists to stop this mess and their illusionary domination over humanity. It does not cost much; it does not require any massive organization, nor demonstrations nor governmental restructuring. The solution is there, within reach to all of us as individuals. How come it does not manifest at a larger scale?

Because we are all paralyzed with fear – fear of lacking of means of subsistence and fear of the authorities. When are we going to go into action, once and for all, and overcome our limiting beliefs and fears, that are by the way total illusion? Are we going to wait until we completely suffocate in our ever shrinking prison cell?

If it is what is needed to make us react, then the governments, the Illuminati and their inter-dimensional puppeteers are doing a hell of a job to wake us up from our lethargy. We should thank them! Then, we have no reason to complain about our appalling human life – and I am lucky, I live in a so-called ‘democratic’ country, so my life is still bearable in comparison to that of people living in countries with overt dictatorship.

Through Julian Websdale’s article and many other articles on the subject, it is obvious that the current monetary system with the interest on money is what creates poverty and perpetually increases it. I don’t need a PhD in economics to understand. The equation is simple: the more I use the ‘legal’ money and the services of its institutions (banks…), the more poverty I create for myself and others. Most of us want poverty to end and many of us are spontaneously inclined to donate money to people in need, directly or through specialized organizations. What a sad mistake. Indeed, when doing so I worsen the problem because I still use the very means that creates the problem in the first place. It’s the dog biting its tail!

What is left to do then? Let’s cut to the chase: I (as an individual) have to stop using progressively (or totally if you feel ready) any ‘legal’ monies and the services of financial institutions whether it’s through the use of cash, wire transfers, bank accounts, checks, loans, mortgages, investments, stock exchange, etc. The question that arises next: how are we going to sustain ourselves and survive? There are thousands of exchange systems already in place all around the world, some more organized than others. The G.A.M.E. ( is in my opinion the most sovereign exchange/money system, and also the cheapest and easiest to implement and use.

The first step to get out of the financial system would be to start looking around you and see if there are any exchange groups already in your area. Then register and start participating as often as possible. Also, start shifting your way of thinking: make those exchange systems your primary way of getting your goods and services, and make secondary the “legal” money to get things you cannot find within the exchange groups. Don’t hesitate to register to several groups (all of them is even better!) to get as many goods  and services from your local community,  and create an economy of abundance right at your doorstep.

The second step would be to start using exclusively cash to pay all your every day expenses, from the groceries to utilities, rent, car repair, cellphone bills… the list is endless. I’ve been doing that for a few years now and I know many people living this way. Yes, it requires a different organization but what’s a little bit of our time and ingenuity for freedom and wealth? Always the same, we are so accustomed to ‘easiness’ that laziness makes us stay in our prison. We don’t even need bars anymore, our ‘controllers’ have fathomed human psychology to their advantage.

The transition to one way of trading to another is difficult to do all at once for most of us. But we can at least implement few things that we feel doable at the present moment in our lives. Then as we go, as we start seeing other (much promising) possibilities of sustaining ourselves, of creating a life of abundance and comfort for ourselves, once our illusionary fear of lacking progressively dissipates, then we can move further in our actions to get out of the ‘official’ system and let go of the ‘legal’ money.

Our ‘masters’ have worked hard to make us believe that without ‘official’ money and a government-controlled economical system to manage it, the world would live in a state of misery and starvation. The opposite is actually true. Without the official monetary system and without interest on money, abundance for ALL will manifest on its own, naturally and effortlessly. No need of experts in economics to figure out how to create wealth and harmony, it’s inherent to our human nature, when we look beyond the veil of illusion that masks our true reality

  • This article was translated in French by Helios and published on BistroBarBlog



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Is a Homeless the Creator of His Fate?

by Rhiame

Question from a reader: “If you see someone on the street who is asking for money, do you share with that person if your heart so moves you to? Or, do you view that person as a Creator, living the experience of a homeless person? Or, as someone who has not acknowledged their souls leanings and has wound up in this situation? I am confused on how to view this. Could you explain through a personocratic point of vieModern-Times-Chaplin-homelessw?”

Rhiame’s answer: During a workshop that I gave in Los Angeles, California, a participant asked a similar question. The question that I asked her in return was: “What moves you when you see a homeless? What makes you want to give money to that person?” Let’s explore beyond the emotional feeling “I am moved, it affects me”.

The answer that came from the participant was a fear of becoming homeless herself and the possibility that no one would help her. By discovering the unconscious reason why she was affected by the homeless triggered an emotional outbreak. She saw herself in this homeless person.

The homeless is a reflection of my inner fear. What I see in the other, what moves me in the other is what is present in me that I don’t see. The other acts as a mirror that reflects my own image. I will be moved by a homeless as long as I still carry some of the fears associated to the homeless condition. These fears vary from one person to another depending on her past, culture, education, beliefs and values. But one of the most common fears is the fear of lacking money, and of being rejected and alone.

From a personocratic standpoint, each of us is the full creator (not co-creator) of the whole universe – consequently of our own lives.  Since the homeless is me, it is important to see that person as a creator as well – whether she is conscious or not of that fact. To see someone as a victim is to consider myself a victim. By definition, a victim is not responsible for what happens to her – therefore she is not the creator of her life; she blames others or circumstances for her fate. Seeing someone as the full creator of her fate does not mean that I become heartless, on the contrary. If the other is me, how would I like to be treated? How would I like the other look at me or talk to me? What would I really like to receive from others?

When meeting a homeless person, the question of whether I should give her money or not is not relevant.  What is important is to understand why I feel compelled to give money. It is a matter of identifying the fear that the homeless awakens in me in order that I heal that fear and move on to the next level of my personal evolution.

Once the fear is completely healed, I would probably not see the homeless anymore – it would not be part of my reality; since I am the creator of my life, I consequently create whether or not I see the homeless! Our field of consciousness is selective; we only become aware of people and situations that are relevant to our evolution. The phenomenon is similar to when a group of people witness the same event (a car accident or a movie), and when questioned on what they saw, none of them describes the same things. They only saw what was in their range of perception at the time – what was aligned with their level of consciousness. We can compare the person to a radio set: the inner frequency (consciousness) on which the person is tuned to at a specific moment can only pick up elements emitting that same frequency. That explains how people create their own reality that can completely differ from others. There are as many realities as there are individuals.

On the other hand, the homeless person is also a creator – most of the time unconscious but nevertheless the creator – and she created to experience poverty in order to evolve as well. Who decides that being poor is a bad fate and being rich a good one? Only the ego categorizes good and bad, right and wrong, etc. And it does that in terms of survival – for my own survival or the survival of the group, the species. What increases my chances of survival is considered good; what threatens my chances of survival is bad. But on a higher level, both experiences have the same value in terms of evolution in consciousness and are both essential to the evolutionary process as a whole. The poor need the rich and the rich need the poor right now in our reality of duality until we reach the reversal of consciousness* (*notion developed during the workshops).

Another thing that can happen once I heal my fears regarding homelessness is that I won’t be affected anymore when I see a homeless – I will feel at peace in her presence, emotionally neutral. When I reach this emotional neutrality, it’s then easier to consider the other as equal – as a creator like me, and not as a victim. And the other person would probably feel more comfortable in my presence too. The feeling of uneasiness on both sides will disintegrate as well as will the invisible wall of difference that separates the dominant (the one with money) from the dominated (the one with no money). Just that would help to establish a bridge where both can benefit from each other and evolve. Because in the end, when I heal my fear of being homeless, once I integrate that I am an unlimited creator and I am able to create abundance for myself, the homeless heals at the same time her own fear and belief that she cannot take care of herself and create abundance. It’s a revolving door that is more powerful than an exchange of money and goods.


To conclude, there will be homeless people as long as I fear of being homeless – in other words, as long as I believe I am a poor powerless sheep (victim – not responsible for what happens to me), unable to take care of myself, and who waits for an external savior to fix my destiny. Once I heal that fear and acknowledge who I am – an unlimited creator – homelessness, as well as poverty, will disappear from the surface of the planet, since what manifests outside me is just a reflection of what I carry inside. So the real solution to homelessness and poverty is not giving money, food or shelter to people – they are just convenient short-term quick-fixes. It is about healing my fears at the cellular level, and start acting like the unlimited creator that I am in every aspect of my life [read previous posts: The Difference Is In The Action —- and  Where Does All My Money Go?]. From that will emerge boundless abundance for all. That’s the real job, which indeed requires more effort and courage than giving a dollar bill!

Where Does All My Money Go?

I spend my life running after money, even though I work relentlessly to make ends meet. Why is it so hard to pay for all the necessities of life – rent, car, food, electricity, heating, telephone, credit cards, and so on? Let us not even mention clothes for the children and a few rare pleasures! Where does all my money go? It just seems to slip through my fingers. It is high time for me to understand where my paycheck disappears so quickly. When I take the time to examine the problem, I quickly discover that most of the money that comes in quickly comes right back out again, without me having the time to spend it. It actually ends up in other peoples’ pockets. Five players work in unison to take away from me most of what I make. Who are they and how do they proceed? And what can I do to stop them? The analogy of the five fingers will help me understand the situation.

1. THUMB = GOVERNMENTFive-fingers-Money-leakage

a) Problem – The government embezzles an astronomical amount of money through taxes. This official mafia impose its laws by force with the use of policemen, soldiers, tax collectors, judges, attorneys, and prison guards. It is essential to understand that the human hand is prehensile; it is designed to grab objects. What makes this prehension possible is the opposing thumb, whose position allows it to form a pincer with any of the other four fingers. Amongst the five fingers, the thumb/government proves indispensable because, through laws, regulations, and secret deals, it allows any of the other fingers to pair up with it in order to grab my money.

b) Solution – The various levels of government represent the public sector, whose official purpose is to protect the people’s rights and freedoms. The media sell us the idea that “public” means “good for the people”. In fact, the public sector acts as a collective ego. As does my own individual ego, it controls me through lies and deceit. It is high time for me to stop this treacherous relationship. The government steals my money through a zillion taxes because it needs to repay a national pseudo-debt. However, this debt is a lie and tax collection, a fraud. There is no need to repay it. I simply need to become conscious that no government is needed, and to stop placing my power (vote) and money (taxes) into the hands of politicians. Without my vote and money, the government will collapse, and all its obsolete systems with it.

The four remaining fingers represent the private sector, the transnational private banking cartel that controls the economy, along with multinationals that rule over industry and commerce. All four fingers – banks, insurance, investment, and multinationals – work in unison to organize the total exploitation of the human herd.


a) Problem – Commercial banks are private institutions owned for generations by the same blueblood families. These make colossal profits from their exclusive right to create money out of thin air, lend it at interest, demand loan reimbursement, and seize the borrower’s assets in case of non-payment. Through their control of all the central banks across the planet and the BIS – the Bank of International Settlements, the central bank of central banks – they are able to rule over individuals, corporations, states, and whole continents. They use many tricks to increase their power over us through the control of money – e.g. usury, scarcity, booms and busts, inflation and deflation, wars, drugs, prostitution, national debts, stock exchange crashes, bank bailouts, and genocides. Anything goes, as long as the rich get richer and the poor, poorer.

b) Solution – Most of the money in the world is debt-money. Banksters were able to create it out of thin air because someone signed a contract with them, a promise of repayment – an IOU. When I go to the bank and borrow 300,000 $ to buy a house, they do not have this amount for real. They create it in their books out of my promise to repay. Of course, they demand that I pay back the capital and the interest. With a 6 % interest rate, if it takes me 12 years to reimburse, I will have paid 600,000 $ to the bank – one house for me and one for them! For large, long-term loans made to countries (national debts), most of the money due is interest, which keeps accumulating year after year. There is only one solution. I must stop dealing with banks for good. No more bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, loans, or deposits. I pay everything in cash or, even better, by using alternative currencies – e.g. GAME network. All the solutions that we need to get out of this perpetual debt scam already exist. To make them really work, I must decide to let go of the old system.


a) Problem – Insurance companies make enormous profits by stimulating my fear of death (life insurance), physical incapacity (disability insurance), loss of revenue (income protection insurance), fire, flood, and theft (property insurance), legal proceedings (third-party insurance), and so on. Once they have succeeded in waking up my fears, insurance companies sell me a piece of paper telling me that, against a regular amount of money sent to them, I should be able to sleep in peace. If something does happen, they usually find a clause in tiny letters at the bottom of one of the many-paged contract that I signed with them to tell me that I cannot claim any benefits. But I did sleep better for a while. Actually, it would have been much cheaper to sip camomile tea! And don’t try to come back against them in court. They have millions of dollars and very cunning lawyers.

b) Solution – That one is easy. I cancel all insurance, on after the other! Of course, my fear will not go right away, and I may not sleep well for a while, but the only way to dissolve a fear is to do what I am afraid of doing. Personocratia recommends to follow the three steps of the TLA Recipe: 1) Truth; (I am afraid. I admit it to myself and tell everyone around me.) 2) Love; (I recognize that fear is a part of myself, and I welcome it.) Action (I do what I am afraid of doing, and the fear gradually disappears.). Fear is what keeps human beings submitted to external authorities and the poverty that results from it. Getting rid of insurance is a speedy and powerful tool to heal myself from fear.


a) Problem – Speculators in the know make huge profits through buying and selling bonds on the stock market. The whole idea of speculation is to buy cheap bonds and make as much profit as possible as fast as possible by selling them to other investors at a higher price than what you paid. Why should anyone want to make money so desperately? Because they are afraid of scarcity, of not being rich and important, or of being dominated. Whether I work for the government or a private corporation, I am usually forced to invest in retirement funds. It comes straight out of my paycheck. When I am retired, I live off the money made from earlier speculations by pension funds administrators.

b) Solution – Which corporations are found on the stock market? Only those who can meet very specific conditions. Here is an example. To be listed on the NYSE, a corporation must have an annual turnover of 500 million USD (US dollars) and make profits of 100 million USD. It must also keep these profits up, or it will lose its listing. That is a lot of profit! How can a corporation keep it up? Through a million tricks such as: selling large quantities, making budget cuts, using cunning marketing tactics, deceitful advertising, and dishonest experts, making secret bargains with governments, organizing free trade regulations, eliminating competition through dumping, fusions, and monopolies, planning obsolescence, using child labour, and polluting the environment. Basically, you need shrewd minds with elastic ethics. The solution to such atrocious abuse is simple. I must stop investing in the stock market. That may imply leaving my job. Personocratia knows that she can create money whenever she needs it. She is aware that accumulation and investment are based on fear, and that fear is what prevents people from experiencing abundance.


a) Problem – Multinationals are all listed on the stock market, and we have just seen what that implies. To increase their profits, they invade cities across the world and kill local businesses and industries by luring customers with low prices or job creation. They monopolize physical and human resources, take the money out of the country, and impoverish whole continents. Through expert lobbying, they receive governmental subsidies that help to pay for infrastructures when they get established in new areas. Through groups such as the World Trade Organization, they plan the complete takeover of all public resources and services, so that they can create monopolies and impose their prices and policies on all of humanity.

b) Solution – Every time I set foot in a multinational (Wal-Mart, Macdonald’s, Tim Horton, Ikea, Costco, etc), I concretely help them take full control over every cubic centimeter of the planet. Because I encourage mass-market distribution, I close down local industries, producers, restaurants, retail stores, craft shops, and house businesses. I do this because I suffer from two serious pathologies – low-price hysteria and buying fever. There is a single remedy for both illnesses. I must simply follow the “Chart of the Sovereign Buyer”:

1) I no longer set foot in a large retail store, shopping centre, or chain store;

2) I shop in small, local, independent stores;

3) I buy only local products;

4) I buy directly from individuals or manufacturers;

5) I eat in small restaurants;

6) I only ask for the price of a product after I have chosen it;

7) I pay a fair price at all times;

8) I pay in alternative money whenever possible;

9) I do not ask for any bill, receipt, or proof of purchase.

We mentioned some of the concrete actions that Personocratia has experimented in the past decades. They are possible, and they work. To find out more, read the booklet Money, Towards Unlimited Creation that you can order on this website HERE or on As an awakened reader, you have probably applied some of the solutions described above. What can you do next? Not sure, yet. Maybe it’s time to attend one of our workshops or schedule a private session with a Personocratia teacher to move further into Individual Sovereignty and figure out your next step to Unlimited Abundance.


We are facing a financial collapse but we have the choice to act and participate in the evolution of the world. The author introduces us to the G.A.M.E, an exchange system based on the value of time, which is universal and accessible to all. It is a concrete solution, which values enjoyment, talent and room for everyone in the community.

Yes, money rules the world… it has us wrapped around its little finger! Yes, banks create money out of thin air. Yes, world bankers are responsible for wars, genocides, famines and I am responsible, as well, each time I use their services! Yes, we are probably heading towards a world financial collapse. But concrete, efficient and fun solutions exist. The solution we are about to explain is simple, user-friendly and accessible to all groups of 2 people or more. We are talking about the G.A.M.E. (read more about it at


The acronym G.A.M.E means Garden for All Matter of Exchange. It originally comes from the French acronym JEU, which also means ‘game’ and stands for Jardin d’Echange Universel (Universal Garden of Exchange). Invented in 1998 by Daniel Fargeas in France, this network mainly spread in France and Quebec, Canada, before it slowly spread to other countries such as Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico and the US. The G.A.M.E facilitates the exchange of produts, knowledge and services between people wanting to use autonomous money. Unlike other exchange systems from around the world, which are based on a centralized management, the G.A.M.E is self-managed and without borders. I can exchange with anyone on the planet and also with other existing exchange systems such as the S.E.L (Systeme d’Echange Local) in France or its equivalent in North America, the L.E.T.S (Local Exchange and Trading System). I completed my first transaction during a trip in Quebec, Canada in 2006. Since then, I regularly make exchanges in France and Quebec.

I can start a G.A.M.E group with anyone, anytime, anywhere! To start “GAMEing” you just need 2 people who own a G.A.M.E booklet.  You can download a booklet for free from the following websites ( and or buy one during a G.A.M.E meeting in your area from a GAMEr who makes them. What is important is that we write the following information such as date, name, type of exchange, location, number of points, etc. in the booklet. It is highly recommended to start GAMEing by offering products or services to other active GAMErs right away. This way you can start “in the positive.” Services, know-how’s and products are exchanged for GAME points. One point is worth one minute of time. What’s nice about this unit is that it’s the same anywhere on the planet and it’s not affected by exchange rates. For example, I can offer help gardening and receive 60 points per hour of service in France, Canada or Chile.

I can also ask for the number of points that I think my product or service is worth. For example, I do some translation work and because of my expertise and investment in translation software, I can ask 120 points per hour (or more). On the other hand, the person who asked for my translation services can decide that 100 points per hour would be more appropriate for her. For each transaction, the 2 GAMErs discuss a fair price which would satisfy both parties. It’s about finding a win-win solution in each transaction, a rare occurrence in today’s society where we are used to win-lose transactions. What is important is to decide on an agreement in advance to avoid surprises. Also, each transaction allows the person to heal some of her fears: fear of lacking, self-devaluation, low self-esteem, failing to recognize the value of the other person and so forth.

Since there is no centralized organization to manage the booklets, each GAMEr is responsible for the good functioning of the GAME. I can decide to refuse to do an exchange if I don’t trust the product or the person, if the other person’s balance is too low in the negative, if the other person does not regularly offer products or services, or if a positive balance seems suspicious. Thus, the GAME relies on each GAMEr’s vigilance and respect. Even though the unit (one minute equals one GAME point) is universal and I can exchange with anyone on the planet, the GAME, first and foremost, remains a local exchange system. We usually know everyone in our group and a GAMEr can quickly gain a good reputation with just a few exchanges.

In the GAME, there is no hierarchy, membership or structure. I manage my own booklet, although, I never write in it. When I make an exchange of products or services with someone, I give my booklet to the other person and she gives me her booklet. Once we agree on the number of points, I write the transaction in her booklet and she writes it in my booklet.  Then we get our booklet back. We keep our old booklets as proof of the history of our active participation in the GAME.

By GAMEing, I get wealthier, I bring wealth to my community, I increase my circle and I please myself! I offer products and services that I enjoy doing so much that I would almost pay to do it! I can also develop my creativity: instead of offering what I do best but don’t enjoy as much, I dare to offer what I’ve always dreamed of doing.

GAMEing is also about daring to ask. Instead of stressing myself out by moving alone and carrying all the boxes myself, I can invite some GAMErs to join me and thank them in points: I can transform hard labor into a friendly moment.


Great, I want to play the GAME! How do I know who offers what? One person (or several) organizes monthly meetings during which she gathers a list of demands and offers from the active GAMERs of the group. She then sends it by mail or email to all the GAMERs.  In order for the GAME network not to run out of steam, it is important to thank the group facilitator for the time spent in organizing the event by giving her some points. Some groups decide to give a yearly contribution. Generally, meetings take place every month; it is wise to organize them at set dates making it easier for people to remember. For instance, for the group that I facilitate in Parisot, the meetings take place every 15th of each month and for the group in Toulouse, it is every last Friday of the month.

Meetings enable us to welcome new people, meet other GAMERs and share a convivial moment. We take the time to gather to make decisions by unanimous consensus and discuss current matters. Anyone attending the meeting can have a say and influence the decision. Then, most of the time, we have a fair where we exchange our products and we end the meeting with a potluck-type meal. I also organize theme events such as a musical evening, projection of a documentary, plant exchange, etc.

Because of its simplicity, the GAME allows us to take action without having to create a heavy administrative structure which is so fond of lots of volunteers and time.  It is up to each of us to spread the GAME, to talk about it with friends, to print some booklets and to create a network around us! If necessary, I travel to introduce the GAME to new communities and help them get set up.

Solutions to get out of the soon-to-come monetary deadlock already exist. Should we wait for the financial crash to take action? Absolutely not! The GAME is an easy, fun and fast solution to set up.  Now, it is up to you to play the G.A.M.E!

Author: Amaryllis, GAME facilitator of 2 groups in Southwest of France.

Article published in the magazine Rêve de Femmes – Winter 2011

Money towards… Unlimited Creation

Booklet #6 back cover description:

It is said that prostitution and poverty have always existed and always will. We consider both acceptable, as long as they do not touch us personally. On one side, we refuse to bring them to an end, and on the other, we demand laws that guarantee equality and equity. A peculiar dichotomy! Similarly, we have been through repetitive economic crises for the past two centuries without ever questioning the existence of our banking system and the government that endorses it. When we study the monetary system, we quickly discover that bankers and politicians have always worked hand in hand to enrich the rich and impoverish the poor. Yet, true power rests in the hands of every human being, but as we refuse to acknowledge and exercise it, we are left with this absurd situation where:

The population creates wealth and bankers collect it.

Sooner or later, human beings will discover that money is the mirror of their state of consciousness. In reality, we are rich, but we are not aware of it. Will we have to face complete slavery, and depend totally on world bankers, before we decide either to sink into oblivion or jump into the next species? The elite impose the first option as they embezzle public goods and systematically impoverish populations. To choose the second option, humanity must drop the two basic lies on which rests its survival – property and security. Only then will conscious individuals manifest the abundance inherent in their unlimited creative nature.

In this booklet, we’ll discuss the following subjects:

  • The ex nihilo creation of money
  • The false national debt of states
  • The planned scarcity of money
  • Usury (interest on money), a mortal sin
  • Basic income, a horrific gift
  • Personocratia’s experience with money
  • Two myths – property and security
  • The government, a unnecessary evil
  • The triangle of victim (people) / executioner (private sector) / savior (public sector)
  • The triple perversion of covetousness, competition, and corruption
  • The Garden for All Manner of Exchange (GAME)

You can purchase a copy of this booklet HERE on this website.