A Gift for You: The 13 Volumes of Mother’s Agenda

In 2002, Ghis discovered Aurobindo Gose and The Mother through Satprem’s book The Mind Of The Cells. After reading many of their writings, she realized that these pioneers of the supramental consciousness came to the same conclusions she did:  human beings are a transitional species between animality and the supramental being, the equivalent of what Ghis calls the sovereign being – personocratia. Ghis had the feeling that she had met “old accomplices”; she was not alone anymore. They all concur with the inherent reality of being perfectly healthy, physically immortal, omnipotent, omniscient… and insist that the Divine is not in heaven, but deep inside matter. On the path to human transformation, reading Mother’s Agenda is indispensable. You can download the 13 volumes of Mother’s Agenda in French and English following this link: http://mother-agenda.narod.ru/index.html

“This tremendous document — 6,000 pages in 13 volumes — is the day-to-day account over twenty-two years of Mother’s exploration into the body consciousness and of her discovery of a “cellular mind” capable of restructuring the nature of the body and the laws of the species as drastically as one day the first stammerings of a “thinking mind” transformed the nature of the ape. It is a veritable document of experimental evolution. A revolution in consciousness that alters the laws of the species. And it’s the question of our times, for whatever the appearances, we are not at the end of a civilization but at the end of an evolutionary cycle. Are we going to find the passage to the next species… or perish? As scrupulously as a scientist in his laboratory, Mother goes back to the origin of matter’s formation, to the primordial code, and there, “by chance,” stumbles upon the mechanism of death — upon the very power that changes death — and upon a “new” Energy which curiously parallels the most recent theories on the subatomic nature of Matter. The key to Matter contains the key to death … and the key to the next species.

Mother (Mira Alfassa): Born in Paris on February 21, 1878, in a very materialistic, well-to-do family, she completed a thorough education in music, painting and higher mathematics. A student of the French painter Gustave Moreau, she knew well the great Impressionist artists of the time. She later became acquainted with Max Théon, an enigmatic character with extraordinary occult powers who, for the first time, gave her a rational explanation of the spontaneous experiences she had had since her childhood. He taught her occultism during two long visits to his estate in Algeria. In 1914, she visited the French colonial city of Pondicherry in India, where she met Sri Aurobindo, who had sought refuge there from the British. She returned permanently to Pondicherry in 1920 via Japan and China. When Sri Aurobindo withdrew to his room in 1926 to work out a new power of evolution in matter, she organized and developed his Ashram, and tried in vain to awaken the disciples to a new consciousness. In 1958, after Sri Aurobindo’s departure, she in turn withdrew to her room to grapple with the Problem — the change in the cells’ consciousness: the great Opening. From 1958 to 1973, she slowly uncovered the Great Passage to the next species and a new mode of life in matter, and narrated her extraordinary exploration to Satprem. This is the Agenda.”


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