Education: The High Price of Idiotization – INTRO

by Rhiame

Here is a series of 3 articles about the hidden agenda of Education along with solutions to get out of it. Knowing that education (through school, media, culture, and so forth) is the very tool used by the authorities to format humans into docile slaves with a hive mentality, it is essential to get informed before you or your children get educated!

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  • PART 1: THE 21ST CENTURY SCHOOL: IDIOTS DEVELOPMENT CENTER: It presents the reality of the school system as it is right now in western countries, and its ultimate purpose. A wake-up call for parents who still think that school is good for their children.
  • PART 2: EDUCATION: THE ULTIMATE SLAVE-TRAP: It exposes the real reasons for (a) making (higher) education easily accessible to the masses, (b) pushing young people and adults to chase after diplomas and (c) imposing continuing education for all. No need to go to school to do the math and figure out the cost of getting educated. .
  • PART 3: OUT-OF-THE-BOX LEARNING SOLUTIONS: This last article presents  some of the alternative solutions available to save your children – and yourself – from the idiotization process and lifelong slavery: homeschooling and apprenticeship. Discover a parent-child partnership based on truth where both walk the path of slave-deprogramming.