I Remember Who I Am

Today I visited one of my favorite blog WarisCrime.com, and I had the nice surprise to find a post featuring an excerpt from the book Madame Ghis. I thought it was a nice reminder in a nutshell! Here it is:

In these tormented times, everything I relied upon is collapsing — systems, family, gains, achievements, moral values, beliefs, etc. — and nothing is left to hold on to. The very pillars of society are crumbling a bit more every day, as one truth after another is being unveiled. And it hurts! Do I suffer because I finally know the truth? No, I am simply losing my illusions. I once believed in a system of justice for all, universal health care, a protective government, compassionate bankers, and industries that worried about the well-being of employees and customers. I even had faith in a merciful God!

I am disenchanted, like a young child who discovers that Santa Claus does not exist. She finds out that the beautiful story that filled her childhood with magic is a mere lie. Her parents betrayed her. These were the people that she loved and respected the most; she trusted them blindly. Like this child, I now realize that the authorities I relied upon manipulate, deceive and cheat. I cannot believe in them anymore. The love story is over.

As my eyes slowly open, my concern is great and my fear, even greater. The authorities are worried about the situation, even if they pretend to be optimistic. Discouragement and despair are rampant in the population. Suicides are increasing at an alarming rate. There is no solution in sight. Humanity is being flushed down the evolutionary drain into oblivion. The big question finally arises. Who can I turn to now, when I can no longer rely on the authorities in place? Even God, the supreme authority, has abandoned me. Who will save me?

In reality, this situation is not new. As always, the rich get richer and the poor — poorer. Kings control their serf, and masters — their slaves. Big fish eat small fish, as decreed by the law of the fittest. I had been dreaming of a more equitable, democratic and just society. I gave my full trust to those who promised to achieve this goal. I fooled myself when I chose to believe in parents, politicians, priests, teachers, bankers and others. I even fooled my own children. At first, all of us appeared to be trustworthy. What happened?

I Have Forgotten Who I Am

For thousands of years, I have been living in a world of illusion. I played — and still play — a role in a drama where I am a sheep, a poor and powerless creature at the mercy of an external authority. Whether it is parents, teachers, bosses, protectors, legislators or an invisible God, external authorities govern my life and I must obey them.

Sometimes, I submit to their rule and I get the carrots I coveted — power, affluence, and prestige. At other times, I rebel and get sticks — exclusion, dispossession, and elimination. My fate is in their hands. I am worried, very worried. I live in fear at all time, because I never know what will happen to me. The drama always ends the same way, with my own death and that of others around me. It is hell-on-earth! The only exit door is death. As Benjamin Franklin once declared, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

The sheep is a domesticated animal. All animals are controlled by their instincts. Domesticated animals are fed and protected by external authorities. In exchange for this security, the sheep relinquishes its freedom and its rights. It submits to the shepherd, whose function is to sheer the sheep until there is no more wool, and then to lead it to the slaughterhouse.

In this drama, there is an implicit contract, a hidden convention between the shepherd and the sheep. On one hand, the shepherd grants rights and privileges to the sheep. On the other hand, the sheep complies with the shepherd’s authority and obeys his rule. As Pierre-Andre Pare said in 1996, when he was the Deputy Minister for the Quebec Department of Revenue, “Everything is a privilege granted by the state — your car, your home, your profession, in short, your life. And what the state gives, it can take back if you are not a docile taxpayer.”

If one of the parties does not respect the agreement, war ensues. Who wins? The shepherd, always! For animals, the law of the fittest takes precedence over anything else. The shepherd sends his dogs/wolves on the sheep’s tail. The sheep is brought back to the fold and beaten into submission.

And the sheep submits — unless he remembers that this nightmare is an illusion, a drama in which he plays the role of a sheep, the powerless victim of external authorities. Rather than cursing the shepherd and praying for change, he can decide to let go of the character, to leave the stage, and to regain his true identity.

I Remember Who I Am

Who am I? That is the burning issue, the ultimate question. Sooner or later, it arises inside us, in a moment of intense suffering, after the death of a loved one, or just before our own death. The time has finally come for us to ask this very question. Let us examine the situation with new eyes.

If the world in which I live is illusory and deceitful, there must be a world of truth somewhere. In reality, I am not a poor creature, separated from an external creator. I am unified, both creatrix and creature. That is the true meaning of indivi-duality. If the supreme authority is not external, it must be internal. I recognize and acknowledge my true identity in the world of reality: I am Idessa, unlimited creatrix of the whole universe, incarnated in a physical body, my creature.

This is both bad news and good news. It is bad, because it confirms that I created the present hell-on-earth in my image and likeness, that of a sheep. In reality, there is no victim, no culprit, and no saviour. I am the only creatrix, solely responsible and accountable for everything that happens to me. When I become conscious of being Idessa, I stop living in a world of duality: right vs. wrong, authority vs. obedience, soul vs. body. The good news is that unifying these opposites celebrates the end of division, war, disorder, slavery, disease, old age and death. It brings the end of death, forever. I can finally create heaven-on-earth, as I had been dreaming all along. In this new reality, I claim loud and clear that, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, including death and taxes.”

Now that I remember who I am, I need to learn how to behave as Idessa. I cannot go on thinking, talking, and acting as a sheep. Schools do not yet offer Idessity 101 courses. I know, however, that truth is internal and that I need to give free rein to my soul. So, I transfer the power from the ego to the soul. I change my inner ruler.

The Transition Period

This inner passage from the world of illusion to the world of reality represents the greatest adventure of all time. It requires courage, determination and discipline. There is nothing to do, but all to undo. I need to let go of my old sheep behaviour, so that Idessa finally emerges, after being imprisoned inside matter since the beginning of time. To achieve this goal, I ask my soul to guide me. She knows everything and has access to the world of truth and reality. She is eager to help me and I obey her command. She recommends that I do the opposite of what I did as a sheep. Quite a program!

So, I stop my reliance upon external authorities. I end my role as a domesticated sheep. One after the other, I let go of all the rights and privileges granted to the sheep by the shepherd. The list is long.

My soul knows that she is sovereign. She has all the rights and no obligations. She is idessic, has no needs and no ego. She cannot interfere with anyone, as she is infinite love and peace. She never makes mistakes, so I can follow her advice at all time, even if my old sheep is really frightened and worries constantly. He is fearful of losing his rights and privileges and tries to stop me from listening to my soul at all cost. Despite his efforts, I continue to move forward, keeping the pace that she dictates.

First, I abandon those privileges whose loss affect me the least. Then, I go one step further. I face bigger fears, such as letting go of health insurance, driver’s license, family allowance, old age pension, welfare, bank account, insurance, etc. Meanwhile, I stop submitting to the shepherd and his laws. I have no more wool to sheer. I am no longer a sheep and my contract with the shepherd is now obsolete. Progressively, my illusory fear fades away and is replaced by my soul’s idessic power.

On his side, the shepherd is still caught in the drama and continues to play his role. He worries about too many sheep leaving the flock and tries to retain them at all costs. He sends his dogs/wolves at their tail to bring them back, but there are no more sheep, no more wool, no more fear of dogs/wolves.

I am no longer afraid of retaliation because I remember who I am. The authorities may take everything away, but they can never get my soul. She is not for sale at any price. She decides what goes on and her creation is always perfect. She is my queen, and I obey her command. Nothing will make me go back to the status of a tagged and numbered sheep, owned by a false sovereign, Her Majesty. I recognize and I honour my true identity — Idessa, unlimited creatrix!

We have reached a turning point, where we must die to the outmoded animal world and be born to a new idessic world. We keep jumping from one crisis to the next, as we prepare for the big change. We are not facing an economic, political, social, environmental, nor a moral crisis. In reality, it is an evolutionary crisis. Human beings are now going through the passageway between animality and idessity. It is the biggest evolutionary jump since the beginning of time. Unlike previous evolutions, we will not undergo the change unwillingly, but we will select it consciously. We have but one choice. Either we participate in the change or we resist it.

Personally, I am pleased to cooperate both actively and consciously in the evolution of human consciousness, and I thank all those who take an active part in this experiment.”


You can purchase the book Madame Ghis HERE on this website