What is personocracy?

You know the word DEMOCRACY. It comes from Latin democratia and Greek demokratia. Demos means “people, the masses”; -kratia comes from kratos “strength, power, authority, governance”. In other words, democracy means “governance by the people”.

Now, replace “demo” by “persono” (the person, the individual) and you have PERSONOCRACY – the governance by the person or individual sovereignty or self-authority.

The Latin version of personocracy is PERSONOCRATIA, original name first coined by Ghis to define a New Consciousness that she developed over the past 20 years. (www.personocratia.com)

The consciousness of Personocratia finds a common ground with the research in human consciousness led by pioneers Aurobindo (Ghose) and Mother (Mirra Alfassa) through what they called theĀ Supramental Consciousness or Supraconscience.

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