Ghis and David Icke interviewed on the Liquid Lunch show by Hugh Reilly

Ghis’ and David Icke’s paths cross again, this time in Toronton where they are interviewed at the Liquid Lunch Show by Hugh Reilly on

PART 1 with DAVID ICKE: he talks about freedom of speech, censorship, central command and control economy, and how the frequency band of perception, the target awareness, controls reality


PART 2 with GHIS: she describes what to do to claim your personal inalienable sovereignty and freedom from oppressive law, government, and other corporate bullies. Get inspired just by listening to her words!




December 28, 2017 – January 6, 2018

Quebec, CANADA

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Hillary & Donald Top the Playbill- 2016 US Elections

While the sky is in the midst of falling on our head, we are amusing ourselves with sensational electoral entertainment. What else can we do?
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From Teenage Citizens to Adult Sovereigns

Ghis > and Mado >

Most Canadians are so proud of claiming their citizenship that some even sew a little Canadian flag on their bag when they travel abroad. They act like sheep showing off their ear tags to disclose the identity of their owner. Oh, don’t you know? A citizen is a slave owned by the secret elite who controls the government from backstage. To find true freedom, a person needs to get out of citizenship [1].

This is much more than a money-saving scheme to avoid paying income tax. It requires a radical change of consciousness where an individual decides to find and express the true sovereign self, hiding underneath her fake citizen identity.



citizenship-strawmanA real person is a human being with a body, a soul, and a spirit. Both creatrix and creature, she is the supreme authority (sovereign) and holds absolute power over herself. On the other hand, a citizen is an illusory person who accepts to be the member of a state. As for the state, it is a five-fold abstract concept (AC) – a political (AC) corporate entity (AC) holding an organizational (AC) power over the citizens (AC) of a limited territory (AC). The state is an imaginary entity with an illusive power, which tries to impose itself on a real, omnipotent person. This untenable situation exists only because the real person remains ignorant and unconscious of her identity.

Separated from her soul, she remains fearful and submissive. Various visible and invisible predators jump on the occasion to dominate and exploit her to the maximum. The citizen is made up of two inseparable entities, both illusory: the natural person (an animal with flesh and bone) and the legal person (a piece of paper with a virtual body). The same type of presumed contract exists between citizen and state as between employee and employer. An employee exchanges time, skill, and energy against a salary and social benefits. In the same way, the citizen enjoys rights and privileges in exchange for the duties and responsibilities of her legal status. It is a trade-off. If I decide to leave the corporation for whom I work, I lose salary and social benefits, but also stop all past obligations. Similarly, if I abandon citizenship, I renounce all rights and privileges and I free myself ipso facto from all duties and responsibilities towards the state.

Many people dream of abolishing their obligations towards the state – notably income tax. Yet, they insist on keeping the rights guaranteed by the Charter or Constitution, and the privileges granted by the state. Some citizens refuse the jurisdiction of maritime law, but remain submitted to common law [2]. They call themselves ‘sovereign citizens’, but this is a misnomer, since a citizen is, by definition, the subject of a sovereign. Such people ignore the fact that asking someone else to acknowledge their rights is accepting that person’s rule over them.

In reality, only the human being is sovereign, as long as she refuses all external authorities, including that of the state, the Constitution, and God. There is only one way to become a true sovereign: citizen death. Is it worth it to end citizenship? Yes! Ghis went through this process and is convinced that it is the only exit door to citizen slavery. It implies a transformation of consciousness from slave to sovereign person.

It starts when a citizen stops participating in the dualistic game of dominant versus dominated and decides to unite authority and obedience inside herself. Is it dangerous to become a non-citizen? No more than to remain a citizen. A person can now be accused of terrorism if she has committed one of these ‘crimes’: libertarian ideas, preparedness, fear of financial collapse, homeschooling, or belief in a global conspiracy. Such laws have already been passed in the US, and will soon become the norm worldwide.

After the termination of citizenship the contract between the state and its citizens is void, since there is no more valid consideration in exchange for tax dollars. The citizen can now organize her own liberation..




Citizen death transforms a teenage citizen into a sovereign adult. Until the transformation is accomplished, I still remain under the jurisdiction of my master, the state and its laws. The five steps of the following procedure must be followed chronologically, but may partially overlap each other.


  1. I Stop Traceability

This first step is crucial. I stop giving information on myself. I stop using cheques, bank and fidelity cards. I stop Internet payments. When I buy or sell, I use cash, alternative currencies, or I barter. I stop working for the state. If I own an official business (corporation), I shut it down and continue my activities in my own name. If I am someone else’s employee, I create my own employment. I remain independent, respect my conscience, and fill a social need. No more declared salary with tax withholdings at source. No more job security and social benefits either! I take full responsibility for myself. I stop all traceability: social insurance number, copyrights, bar codes, social networks, etc.


  1. I Stop Collaborating with Banksters [2]

Banksters are legalized thieves. Banks, insurance companies, and multinational corporations are society’s predators. I stop collaborating with a financial system that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. Through this non-compliance, I can obey my conscience, grow richer, and use my purchasing power to make my village and region prosper.

I cut all ties with these banksters and say goodbye to the ‘mortal sin’ called usury. I stop credit and mortgages. I pay back my debts or go bankrupt. Then, I remain debt-free – for good! I spend my money on locally-created products and services. I heal myself from low-price hysteria and I buy good-quality, beautiful, fairly-priced products – in cash, and no taxes please!


  1. I Let Go of All Possessions and Properties [1, 2]

 Without my consent, the state can seize my properties, which are in the name of a corporation bearing my name, but belonging to the state. Therefore, I let go of anything in my name: land, house, other buildings, car, recreational vehicles, etc. I sell them, give them away, or transfer them to another person. I get back all savings, investments, and pension plans, and I cancel all insurance. Then, I close my bank accounts.


  1. I Renounce Citizen Rights and Privileges [1, 2]

In exchange for rights and privileges, the citizen must carry out duties and obligations. Such is the contract between master (state) and slave (citizen). The fundamental rights of citizens are the right to life (security), liberty, and property.

Yet, every day, people get killed, tortured, raped, bullied, and robbed – with the blessing of the state. In reality, the sovereign being that I am has all the rights and no need to get them recognized.

To ask external recognition would mean abdicating my sovereignty. Therefore, I renounce all citizen rights guaranteed by charters and constitutions, and the false security and protection they brought me. I do the same with all citizen privileges.


  1. I Stop Filing Income Tax Returns [1]

Now that I have renounced the rights and privileges of the state, I no longer have to fulfil my side of the citizen contract. The moment has come to put an end to my duties and obligations, including paying taxes. I start by clearing all previous state debts. Then, I stop filing. Now, I risk nothing, because I have nothing. The only blackmailing tool left is prison. Am I ready to face it? If not, I bargain with the tax collector, if and when he shows up. If I feel ready to go to the end, I send my death certificate to the state, along with a Proclamation of Sovereignty [3], by which I announce my commitment to my soul.

This fifth step is exhilarating. It allows me to fully integrate my new identity as a sovereign being with a body, a soul, and a spirit. No law can be applied to me any longer, and no court of justice has jurisdiction over me. I keep repeating this to all external authorities. Yet I have no idea of what is going to happen to me. I surrender totally to my soul and accept in advance what it will create.

Whatever the outcome, this amazing adventure deserves to be fully embraced!



Does the end of citizenship bring automatic freedom? No! This is not a recipe, but an evolutionary path where one leaves the illusory comfort of Daddy State to stand on one’s own two feet. People keep asking Ghis the following question concerning the end of citizenship: “Does it really work?” Her answer remains clear. The goal is not to evade laws and taxes, but to face one’s fears and heal them, one after another. There is no guarantee. Any expectation of a specific result goes against the process itself.


  1. Book Madame Ghis – Escape In Prison
  2. Booklet 6: LAW towards… Justness
  3. Booklet 10: SOCIETY towards… Paradise-on-Earth

Reclaim your sovereignty by renouncing your citizenship – Interview with Ghis

Ghis is interviewed by Hugh Reilly and Bridget Haworth on

Madame Ghis in the Morning Show with Patrick Timpone



Listen to Ghis’s Interview HERE

Madame Ghis 2“At eighteen, I wanted to become a philosopher. However, I didn’t believe “thought” contributed much to the well-being of humanity, so I opted instead for a profession which, to my way of thinking, could make a difference, medicine.

I practiced it for over twenty years, although, whenever I could, I set aside one day a week for “thought”. Three subjects were of particular on-going interest to me: medicine, politics, and spirituality.
In medicine, I sought unlimited health. I was convinced that everyone could be in perfect health and that it could be achieved at minimal cost.
In politics, I wanted to decentralize power; to put it back into the hands of those to whom it belongs, the people.
As for spirituality, I searched for the absolute. I discovered the world of the invisible and its precedence over the visible world.
I traveled down many roads, teaching, writing books and articles, reporting, giving lectures and holding workshops. I also founded an association for business women. All the while, I pursued my medical activities, specialising in the field of phlebology. I established a number of treatment centres in Canada and in the USA. I came to understand the real inner workings of the health industry.
All this travel and experimentation made me realise that the only solution was individual sovereignty; the supreme authority lies within and each is sovereign and idessic.
I stopped fighting the authorities. I stopped trying to change the system, or the world for that matter. I stopped trying to play the role of a saviour. I learned to change myself and to obey my soul/conscience. I came to the conclusion that true idessity is inherent to us all as individuals. The original vibration which created the universe is within each person. I called it Idessa.”

Show Highlights:

  • We created the system; we think the authority is outside us, but it is inside each individual
  • Madame Ghis explains why she says, “stop going to the doctor!”
  • The only and ultimate power is within
  • Living in the world of illusion
  • Madame Ghis shares some background of how she landed herself in jail
  • The system is the body, the patient is the soul: The patient is serving the system when the system should be serving the patient
  • Discover who we are and become who we are is why we are here says Madame Ghis
  • Rockefeller started this system in 1910
  • Why do we want to trust someone other than ourselves?
  • Taking complete responsibility: Do we really need car, home, health and other insurances?
  • and more!

Citizen Death

Madame-Ghis-BookOne of Ghis’ books is becoming very timely as sensational denunciations are exploding everywhere. These uncover lies and deceit so that the truth can emerge: the individual is the one who has the supreme authority. 

The time has come for him to become conscious of it and to exercise his sovereign power. He will soon realize that “two things are avoidable: death and income tax’’.  In this way will come the “citizen death” that Ghis experienced and described in her last book Madame Ghis – Escape in Prison

Read some book excerpts:

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Citizenship – Slavery in Disguise


The citizen is a slave who chooses to ignore his true identity as the Supreme Being. He is proud of his citizenship because he is blind to the real meaning of the word. To be a citizen is to be the subject of a sovereign and, in consequence, to accept the subjection to a state or monarch. Slavery was not abolished in the 19th century – its name was simply changed to citizenship. Ignorant and unconscious, the citizen believes in a set of supposedly god-given rights and state-granted privileges. In return, he must collaborate with the system by diligently performing duties and obligations. He gives birth to slaves and goes as far as offering his children in sacrifice as cannon fodder for world bankers.

For any citizen to believe that he has fundamental rights to life, security, freedom, and ownership represents the height of unconsciousness. Some sheep go as far as to request the ultimate carrot – the right to the pursuit of happiness. In fact, a citizen has no rights. He enjoys a deceptive freedom until, using his own free will, he decides not to submit to the will of the state. He quickly learns at his own peril that rights and privileges are never guaranteed. The state has often overruled them in the past and will continue to do so, secretly or overtly.


Work-Age-Suffer-Die Program
Running after the supreme carrot: Heaven!

Eventually, he realizes that happiness is also an illusory dream and that he will forever remain chained up to the old WSAD program: Work, Suffer, Age and Die. A human being has only one thing acquired over the animal, which no one can take away – free will. He has the choice to accept his status as a slave and obey external authorities or to relinquish citizenship and obey his internal authority – his conscience. Why does he choose slavery? Because he is afraid of retaliation!

Letting go of citizenship means losing the security and protection of external authorities. It is the same as a sheep leaving the flock and its protector, the shepherd, and taking the risk of being eaten by the wolf. The problem is that this triangle of hell sheep, wolf, shepherd – is an illusion. It is a fairy tale, just like the story of Santa Claus. Just imagine what will happen to the shepherd when the sheep find out their real identity! No sheep, no shepherd.

“When the slave dies, the master disappears.” – Hegel

Getting out of sheep mode means letting go of external authorities and listening to the only legitimate authority – that of the soul. This is what is called personocracy – the rule of the Person – as opposed to democracy – the rule of the people. Such a “Person” is conscious of her true identity. She has nothing to do with the legal person under the jurisdiction of Maritime Law or the natural person submitted to Common Law. This Person is a sovereign being, conscious of her identity as the Supreme Authority.

Once she becomes aware of who she really is, she can no longer behave as a fearful sheep. She leaves the flock, the sheepfold and its shepherd for good. She gives up the protection and security of state, religion, and family. The old fearful animal drops dead! Her life changes drastically. She starts to behave as a Personocratia, a sovereign individual. She follows a totally new path, guided only by her soul, which she obeys blindly. She trusts her inner authority above all else, knowing deep down that this is the only way to true freedom, forever.

The Difference Is In The Action!

Question from a reader

More and more spiritually-minded persons use a similar language to that of Personocratia. They say « we are God », « we are divine », « we are creators », « the truth is inside, not outside », « we are mutating towards a new species », « we are immortal beings ». Yet, somehow, I feel that their words do not carry the energy that I find in Personocratia. Is there a difference and, if so, what is it?


It is indeed difficult to have discernment when the mind tries to compare the words found in Personocratia literature to similar ones coming from other spiritual approaches. Words and ideas are mental forms that the ego can easily thwart to push its own agenda. Therefore, it is not through words that you can recognize a true Personocratia* – It is through actions.

If I state that I am an immortal, divine being, but I keep calling my mother everyday, celebrating Christmas with my family, going for yearly medical check-ups, taking food supplements and running five miles a day to keep in shape, investing in the stock exchange, buying at Wal-Mart, wearing “Made in China” clothes, meditating two hours a day, keeping my money in a bank, doing a job I hate until retirement time, eating vegan only, or feeding on prana, it is time to ask myself: “Who is doing these things? Ego or soul?”

The divine part inside me is the soul, which is The Supreme Spirit individualized inside a body made up of three types of energies: physical, vital (emotional, astral), and mental. So, any decision that comes from soul has a divine origin. Any decision taken by ego is based on the survival of the individual or the perpetuation of the species. Basically, egoic decisions are always based on the fear of death. Personocratia’s Booklet 2 on authority explains thoroughly the difference between both ego and soul, so I won’t go into details here. I will, however, give a few examples.

[Note from Rhiame: keep in mind that due to fear, not everybody is ready to implement the congruent actions that Mado describes below. Intermediary steps may be needed to progressively dissolve the fear until I feel ready for the big leap. I should always listen to what it says inside; only I know what, when and how to do things. What is important is to tell myself the truth all the time (any explanation other than “I am afraid” is a lie) and make a sincere decision to heal my fears in order to evolve to my next level of consciousness.]

a)     If I truly believe that I am a divine soul living inside a body, how can I go for a medical check-up? A doctor is an obedient member of the medical mafia, a pill and vaccine pusher who is totally ignorant of the real functioning of our animal human body and refuses to believe in the presence of an immortal, divine soul. In fact, our body never dies of an illness; it dies of fear and exhaustion (German New Medicine has demonstrated this very well.) Only fear can bring me to consult such an illusory specialist as an MD. If I truly believe that the Divine is internal, I can only trust my soul into keeping my body healthy. Actually, my real body is already immortal and lives out of time and space. To manifest it, I must allow my soul to peel off the layers of lies and fear that cover this perfect body. How? Through action: by trusting my body and forgetting about medicine, whether allopathic, naturopathic, or vibrational. This, however, demands that I fully trust who I really am.

b)     If I truly believe that I am a divine soul living inside a body, how can I continue doing a job that bores me? In fact, the only thing that can make me go back to such a job every day is my fear of lack. I cannot imagine quitting my work and finding another one. My ego will find a thousand reasons for me to remain there. The truth is I am afraid. The Divine, afraid? How is this possible? Am I not the Creator of the whole universe? Why can’t I create another, more fun job, where I feel that I can truly fulfill my mission on earth?

c)      If I truly believe that I am the Divine and that I create all that happens to me, how can I wear my seatbelt in a car? In reality, I wear it because I am afraid of getting a ticket from the police or having an accident where my body might get hurt. In both cases, I remain a victim of an external creator – a victim cannot be a creator. I cannot say that I am Divine and wear a seatbelt, otherwise, I am into a spiritual “big talk, no action”.

I could go on like this all day. If you want to know if a person really believes that she carries the Divine inside her, watch how she acts… Saying something is fine, living it is another! Acting like the divine beings that we really are demands an immense courage. But it is possible. More and more people are experimenting this new consciousness. We call them Personocratias.


*A Personocratia: Any person who knows who she really is, the Supreme Being, and who behaves as such in daily life.

Is Disobedience the Solution for Change?

Black sheep out of white sheep - text

Translated from French and edited by Rhiame

Right now, the collective consciousness (or planetary consciousness) is awakening and the more I awaken to the reality of who I really am, the more I see things differently. I start seeing the truth behind the lies. The black sheep(1) within me then awakes and wants to rebel.

That’s what happened when I realized in 1992 where my income tax was going and what it was used for. My innate black sheep nature surfaced and I stopped filing my tax return.  It was not difficult to be different because I’ve always been different in my life. But for some people it is more difficult to be different because they’ve never been. One cannot evolve without living one’s difference. It’s important to understand that ‘being different’ is required for someone wanting to evolve. But does it mean one must disobey?


As we have seen in The Big Picture of the Evolution of Human Consciousness(1), the intrinsic nature of the black sheep is disobedience while the white sheep is obedient. But ‘obedience’ is specific to human beings. Let me explain what seems to be a paradox. If we go far back, at the time of the very first cell, the pure cell – right before it started evolving, making exchanges, being afraid and getting restless – it was perfectly obedient. This cell has what I call a “stupid will”, and by stupid I mean innocent, pure, candid. It has no program; it does what it is told to do, period. It is the very attribute of each of our cells; obedience is what we are made of in the beginning.  It’s always surprising to see how obedient most human beings are. It’s simply because it is their core nature.

So it’s time to stop praising disobedience and its kind – rebellion, strike, march, protest, etc…  Andre Gide once said, “The world can only be saved by dissenters.”  No, it’s not true. Remaining a white sheep is certainly not the solution but nor is being a black sheep. It would mean going against our very nature. The fundamental question is: Whom do I obey?

Rebelling is war and it’s exhausting. Remember that fear and exhaustion is what makes us die, nothing else  – as German New Medicine has demonstrated. Therefore we must stop rebelling and waging wars. Why are there wars? Because I am constantly at war deep inside with myself. What happens outside me is just a manifestation of what happens inside. I create in my image and likeness because I am indeed the full Creatrix(2) of the world surrounding me.

How do I create war inside me? Each time my ego resists my soul’s will. The ego is specific to the sheep, whether white or black. It is the guardian of our animal program of survival, the program of death based on fear. As long as I obey my ego (and the external institutions that emerged from it – legal, political, religious, spiritual, educational, family, etc.), there will be war and no shift can be expected – at least not the one we so hope for.

The answer then lies in making the transfer of power from ego to soul(3). This means that I decide to obey my soul only, nothing and nobody else. Since the soul is idessic (divine), it will never tell me to steal, kill or be mean. Only ego can suggest such things. The process is to mutate from poor powerless sheep (ego) to sovereign mare (soul). I transform to a totally new species. It means that I have to die to the sheep, that I have to stop thinking, acting and behaving like a sheep. The process is similar to that of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. The caterpillar has to disintegrate totally first for the butterfly to emerge.  How do we do that concretely in daily life? That’s the very path of Personocratia and that’s what we learn during the workshops.

Words of Ghis during the public lecture “Outlaw or Beyond-the-law?” – translated from French and edited by Rhiame I Supra Healing.


  1. Read Personocratia’s booklet #1 to learn more about The Big Picture of Evolution with the 4 Levels of Human Consciousness: white sheep, black sheep, sovereign mare, winged mare
  2. Creatrix: feminine term for “creator”.
  3. Read Personocratia’s booklet #2 to learn more about Ego and Soul, how to identify them and make the transfer of power.

What I Am Doing When I Vote? – Mouseland Video

Since we are in the middle of the presidential elections, at least here in the US, I wanted to post this famous cartoon “Mouseland”, as a reminder of what I really do when I vote in this world of illusion. This apply to any kind of election in any countries on the planet.

This video is so funny and at the same time so sad because I still think and behave like a mouse and I put all my power in the hands of a few big cats, thinking that what I’m doing is for the good of the mice…!  What will it take for me to let go of the belief that I need a government and start manifesting my real Idessic* essence?” Diane.

Pertinent question, indeed. I suggest that you read (again!) this previous blog THE SHEEP GO TO THE POLLS. You will find at the end a personocratic answer to what to do instead to behave like a sovereign being.

Video provided by where you can find more thought provoking videos to evolve as a personocratia.

*IDESSIC: adjective stemming from the noun IDESSA, word invented by Ghis to define the “inner divinity” inherent to all beings.