About Personocratia

Personocratia is not another religion, spirituality, cult, dogma or philosophy. Personocratia is a state of personal consciousness – in other words, a state of awakening to the reality of who I really am, a state of realization that the supreme[1] authority is not outside but deep inside me.

Personocratia defines any person who KNOWS who she is – that is the supreme[1] being, creator of the whole universe – and who BEHAVES accordingly in her daily life through congruent actions. A Personocratia knows that she came on earth to accomplish herself.


What does it mean ‘accomplish myself’?

It means to make the union body-soul, creator-creature, in order to create the new Idessic being, also called Supramental being by Aurobindo  –  the divine being living IN MATTER .

What prevents me  from accomplishing myself?

I forgot who I was, that is I take myself for a poor powerless creature from an external creator superior than me. I am separated from my soul (creative spirit), and as a result I manifest separation, duality, disorder, war, disease and death – within and outside me.

What is the solution to accomplish myself?

I remember who I am, that is an individual both creator (creative spirit) and creature (created matter). I make the fusion with my soul, and as a result I manifest oneness, order, peace, perfect health and physical immortality – within and outside me.

How do I do that?

I make the transfer of power from my EGO (illusionary reality) to my SOUL (truth-reality). In other words, I give priority to  my BEING over my HAVING, love-for-myself over fear, in all aspects of my life: authority, family, health, money, religion, spirituality, politics, law, education, society… I say goodbye to my outdated way of thinking and behaving based on animal fear and survival (world of ego), and I make a 180-degree turn in the opposite direction to follow my soul.

What happens next?

As I dissolve my ego and surrender to my soul (by letting my soul take total control over my life and my body), I start experiencing changes within and outside me:

  1. My cells (physical body) start vibrating at the soul’s frequency and manifesting the soul’s attributes: physical immortality, perfect health, eternal youth.
  2. The world outside transforms accordingly to my new state of consciousness and also starts manifesting the soul’s attributes: truth, love, peace, freedom, oneness, omniscience, omnipotence, infinite joy, total bliss, boundless creation… in short, paradise-on-earth!

That’s the path that I share in this blog, through articles, books, videos and workshops.


[1] Just to make sure that we are on the same page, let’s define those words:

  • Supreme means “highest in rank or authority, sovereign; paramount; last or final; ultimate”. In other words it means there is nothing or no one above me or superior than me.
  • Sovereign: “who has supreme power or authority”.