Education… Towards Innate Knowledge

Personocratia-booklet9 Get your copy today to get informed before you (or your children) get educated! Here is the description of the back cover:

Is school still meant to teach the three Rs: Reading, wRitting and aRythmetic? When one examines young adults, it becomes obvious that modern school is not as efficient as it used to be. Most youth read and count with difficulty, and their writing is filled with errors. Dyslexia has become the new epidemic, and the multiplication table remains a mystery to anyone under forty. Surprisingly, children start school earlier and finish later than previous generations. With computers, the Internet, television, video games and movies, one would expect a generation of gifted children. Yet, the opposite is true. What is going on?

Schools have become tools of mass “idiotization”!

Since 1945, UNESCO has assumed international control over education, science and culture. It has standardized pedagogical approaches across the globe and put a strong emphasis on ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies), environmental responsibility, and social conformity.  Through its promotion of human collective intelligence, it imposes a single planetary ideal – the hive mentality. Music, cinema, fashion, art, literature, radio, and television all deliver a similar message. Why such a relentless determination? The elite know that human beings are on the verge of a colossal evolutionary leap and try to prevent it. The outcome lies in our own hands!

In this booklet you will find the answer to the following questions:

  • What are the purpose of family, cultural and religious programs?
  • What truths remain absent from science, geography and history?
  • Why is the individualization of ego essential?
  • What lies hidden behind free mass media?
  • Why is homeschooling an attractive solution?
  • How can one have access to innate knowledge?
  • How will parents and children manifest the new being together?”

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