Who Am I? Ghis’ New Podcast

Watch the first podcast of a new series that Ghis is putting together to explain personocratia’s approach to transformation during our challenging times.

What is the Future of Family? Interview with Ghis

Ghis I personocratia.com

After the release of the Personocratia’s Booklet-9-FamilyFamily Booklet in Hungary, Ghis answers the questions from the audience.  Here are the topics she covers:

  • What have you been working on this past year?
  • Is living in a couple the norm? I have been living alone for 12 years and don’t miss a partner. Should I have one?
  • How can we contact our soul?
  • What will happen to the family on the collective level as we are witnessing the crumbling of the parents-children relationships?
  • What can a woman do when she does not enjoy sexuality with her partner and lives every intercourse as a rape?
  • If family is no longer important would you say it is not important for more children to be born with love?
  • What is love and where can we find it?
  • How did you feel when writing the family booklet?

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Reclaim your sovereignty by renouncing your citizenship – Interview with Ghis

Ghis is interviewed by Hugh Reilly and Bridget Haworth on ThatChannel.com

Don’t Let The Medical Mafia Hijack Your Sovereign Body and Soul!

Here is the last interview of Ghis on the Richie Allen Show.

Citizen Death

Madame-Ghis-BookOne of Ghis’ books is becoming very timely as sensational denunciations are exploding everywhere. These uncover lies and deceit so that the truth can emerge: the individual is the one who has the supreme authority. 

The time has come for him to become conscious of it and to exercise his sovereign power. He will soon realize that “two things are avoidable: death and income tax’’.  In this way will come the “citizen death” that Ghis experienced and described in her last book Madame Ghis – Escape in Prison

Read some book excerpts:

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Alternative Health, Self-Health, and Beyond (video)

In this newly released video, Ghis provides us with a vanguard overview of what real health is. What if it was possible to have perfect health at no charge for everyone? To view this one-hour video, go to the following link.


Once a year in Canada, Ghis gives a bilingual workshop (English/French) to integrate Personocratia’s consciousness. Check THIS LINK for more information.

Mado also offers English workshops in many countries. There are a few bilingual ones (English/Hungarian) coming up soon in Romania and Hungary. For more information, check this link.

Death is a Choice!








by Rhiame

A close friend of mine just experienced a death through suicide in her family. As we were talking trying to understand why this person decided to put an end to his life, I remembered the quotes that I had gathered from Mother and Ghis. Both agree that death is a choice, although unconscious most of the time.

  • Death is our choice, or our incapacity to follow the movement of Progress” (Mother).
  • The power of death is that they all want to die (Mother)
  • Death is always a suicide – no matter if it’s through killing myself, an accident or an illness. The moment I stop evolving in consciousness, I put myself on the death’ slope, where death comes slowly or rapidly. (inspired by Ghis‘ words)

Actually, death exists because of our state of unconsciousness of who we really are: unlimited healthy immortal creators. The body being the manifestation of our level of consciousness, it simply manifests it and will manifest it until our consciousness changes – until we shift from our mortal belief in the fishbowl of death controlled by the ego, to our idessic/supramental reality, which is under the governance of the soul.

For death, illness and suffering to stop, the time has come to make the transfer of power from ego to soul. That’s the whole process of transformation in matter, on this earth, in our present body.

Is Disobedience the Solution for Change?

Black sheep out of white sheep - text

Translated from French and edited by Rhiame

Right now, the collective consciousness (or planetary consciousness) is awakening and the more I awaken to the reality of who I really am, the more I see things differently. I start seeing the truth behind the lies. The black sheep(1) within me then awakes and wants to rebel.

That’s what happened when I realized in 1992 where my income tax was going and what it was used for. My innate black sheep nature surfaced and I stopped filing my tax return.  It was not difficult to be different because I’ve always been different in my life. But for some people it is more difficult to be different because they’ve never been. One cannot evolve without living one’s difference. It’s important to understand that ‘being different’ is required for someone wanting to evolve. But does it mean one must disobey?


As we have seen in The Big Picture of the Evolution of Human Consciousness(1), the intrinsic nature of the black sheep is disobedience while the white sheep is obedient. But ‘obedience’ is specific to human beings. Let me explain what seems to be a paradox. If we go far back, at the time of the very first cell, the pure cell – right before it started evolving, making exchanges, being afraid and getting restless – it was perfectly obedient. This cell has what I call a “stupid will”, and by stupid I mean innocent, pure, candid. It has no program; it does what it is told to do, period. It is the very attribute of each of our cells; obedience is what we are made of in the beginning.  It’s always surprising to see how obedient most human beings are. It’s simply because it is their core nature.

So it’s time to stop praising disobedience and its kind – rebellion, strike, march, protest, etc…  Andre Gide once said, “The world can only be saved by dissenters.”  No, it’s not true. Remaining a white sheep is certainly not the solution but nor is being a black sheep. It would mean going against our very nature. The fundamental question is: Whom do I obey?

Rebelling is war and it’s exhausting. Remember that fear and exhaustion is what makes us die, nothing else  – as German New Medicine has demonstrated. Therefore we must stop rebelling and waging wars. Why are there wars? Because I am constantly at war deep inside with myself. What happens outside me is just a manifestation of what happens inside. I create in my image and likeness because I am indeed the full Creatrix(2) of the world surrounding me.

How do I create war inside me? Each time my ego resists my soul’s will. The ego is specific to the sheep, whether white or black. It is the guardian of our animal program of survival, the program of death based on fear. As long as I obey my ego (and the external institutions that emerged from it – legal, political, religious, spiritual, educational, family, etc.), there will be war and no shift can be expected – at least not the one we so hope for.

The answer then lies in making the transfer of power from ego to soul(3). This means that I decide to obey my soul only, nothing and nobody else. Since the soul is idessic (divine), it will never tell me to steal, kill or be mean. Only ego can suggest such things. The process is to mutate from poor powerless sheep (ego) to sovereign mare (soul). I transform to a totally new species. It means that I have to die to the sheep, that I have to stop thinking, acting and behaving like a sheep. The process is similar to that of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. The caterpillar has to disintegrate totally first for the butterfly to emerge.  How do we do that concretely in daily life? That’s the very path of Personocratia and that’s what we learn during the workshops.

Words of Ghis during the public lecture “Outlaw or Beyond-the-law?” – translated from French and edited by Rhiame I Supra Healing.


  1. Read Personocratia’s booklet #1 to learn more about The Big Picture of Evolution with the 4 Levels of Human Consciousness: white sheep, black sheep, sovereign mare, winged mare
  2. Creatrix: feminine term for “creator”.
  3. Read Personocratia’s booklet #2 to learn more about Ego and Soul, how to identify them and make the transfer of power.

Ghis about personocratia


As long as the perception of the human being remains in his mental body – or even in his “spiritual” body – he cannot conceive what is BEYOND his old limited illusionary world. He is not able to understand the radical, innovative and original process of personocratia*. He strives in reproducing the past by trying, at best, to improve it.

But personocratia* does not reproduce, she CREATES. She makes “STOP and 180 degrees turn” to the old evolution. She severs her bounds with the past, lets go of her habits, desires, beliefs… and steps onto a pathless path, in discovering the creative being she really is.


*A personocratia is a person who knows who she really is, the Supreme Being, and who behaves as such in daily life.

What Prevents Me From Becoming Who I Really Am?

God* exempts you from being… from becoming who you are.” Satprem

“The creator* that we put outside is in fact inside. The only problem of the human being is that he has forgotten who he really was, that is an unlimited all-powerful being, creator of the whole universe. “ Ghis

“It’s laziness… it’s laziness that makes you adore. What is required is to become.” Mother

* It also includes any gods, entities, authority figures or individuals outside of me that I consider superior than me.