Hot from the press: booklet #9 – Family Towards Communion of Spirit

Booklet-9-FamilyWe have absolute confidence in the creative omnipotence of the human being. Conscious of being creators, we take a different look at the reproduction system that we call the family.

The authors introduce this booklet in this way:

As we wrote this booklet, Ghis and I often sighed and said “Phew, this is so big!” We felt that we were desecrating humanity’s most fundamental institution – the holy of holies. Indeed, as human beings witness all other systems mouldering away, the family institution remains the last stronghold where they can find a semblance of meaning to their lives. Their only hope is that their progeny will fare better than they did and hopefully find true happiness. Ghis gave birth to four children, and I had three. We both come from close-knit families. It is with a lot of emotion that we share our experience and the only solution that we can foresee. We do so without bitterness or resentment, but with much gratitude for all that our families have brought us in the past.
Do not miss this ground-breaking booklet! It will definitively assist you in your progressive transformation of consciousness, as we continue to release layers of untruths and manifest more and more the idessic being that we are!
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Human beings are born without knowing why. They grow up, get married, make babies, and raise them also without knowing why. They suffer and eventually die, still without knowing why. And they come back again without ever knowing why. They keep on like this until the day they finally ask ‘the’ question:

“What am I doing here, anyway?”

“I am here to find happiness, for my family and myself.” Oh, really? Since birth, you have identified yourself to a masculine or feminine gender with a specific program. As a woman, the roles of seductress, spouse, and mother imprison you until you die. As a man, the roles of genitor, purveyor, and protector keep you locked in pain and grief. Man or woman, you sacrifice yourself day and night to fulfill your duty to your family without ever questioning it. You are totally identified with the characters of a theatrical drama based on the survival of an animal species called Homo sapiens. In reality, you do not incarnate to perpetuate humanity, but to form a true couple through the union of your soul and body.

In this booklet, the following subjects will be examined:

  • An animal herd called family
  • Matriarchy and patriarchy
  • The ownership of children
  • The sex industry
  • ‘Pedomania’ and ‘sexomania’
  • Family and money
  • Family secrets
  • The various family roles
  • The couple and its challenges
  • False love and true love
  • Family celebrations
  • Feminism
  • Eco-villages and communities
  • The communion of spirit

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