Ghis-richie allen show July 2016

Ghis – via The Richie Allen Show

Did I hear right? 

I don’t know if you feel the same way I do, but I don’t think it will be this year… at least we’re off to a bad start. Between the Orlando shooting with its 49 dead, the Brexit and its reprisals, the imminent financial collapse, the Nice attack with its 84 dead and 200 wounded… how could we relax? 

By knowing what’s really going on, beyond appearances. In reality, Truth-Consciousness is spreading on the planet and exacerbates at the highest degree the lie of the world of illusion in which we bathe. We are starting to see clearly. The absurdity of the systems we believed in- religion, politics, law, finances, health, education, family, society- is starting to become obvious. Hence the fierce counterattack of the forces of illusion, which are on the brink of disappearing.

Let’s rise above the triangle of hell-on-earth with its three players: victim (dead and wounded), culprit (Muslims), savior (government, with extension of the ”state of emergency” and ”reinforcement of security”). Let us instead see the reality which is hiding behind this adversity: an evolutionary gift, forcing human beings to once again find their true identity as sovereign individuals. Then our terror will give way to gratitude towards the actors of these unfortunate events. In this way, life has meaning. 

Since vacations are not necessarily favorable for these reflections, we’ve decided to overcome this by presenting the interview of Ghis by Richie Allen, a few days ago. 

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Health towards… Physical Immortality

Health-BookletConsulting a doctor is the very last thing a person should do when her body shows alarming signs and symptoms! Why? Because doctors are illness specialists! Statistics show that healthy people who ask for their advice become sick, and ill ones get worse. Nevertheless, I continue to beg for a medical diagnosis as soon as I start to worry about my body. Worse still, I blindly accept their recommendations to be butchered (surgery), burned (radiotherapy), poisoned (medication), and tortured (psychiatry). Basically, I go straight to the slaughterhouse of my own free will. How can I do this to myself? There is only one explanation: I am afraid to die.

Yet, death is not inevitable. It is simply a bad habit!

Sooner or later, human beings will discover that physical immortality is not only possible, but that it has been programmed into matter since the beginning of time and is simply waiting to be expressed. All levels of the conspiracy – money, medicine, politics, agriculture, environment, law, the media – are pushing humanity towards an inexorable extinction. It is the end of Homo Sapiens. What a gift! The sooner I become aware of this fact, the sooner I will manifest an immortal physical body – nature’s next kingdom.

This booklet answers many important questions, such as:

  • What is health and , especially, what is illness?
  • Why do religions and medical specialists insist on circumcision?
  • How will the elite’s population reduction plan unfold?
  • What secrets lie hidden behind vaccination, cancer, and AIDS?
  • Why is alternative medicine not the solution?
  • Why is German New Medicine not the solution either?
  • How can I improve my health and remain young at any age?

You can purchase a copy of this booklet HERE on this website.