Money towards… Unlimited Creation

Booklet #6 back cover description:

It is said that prostitution and poverty have always existed and always will. We consider both acceptable, as long as they do not touch us personally. On one side, we refuse to bring them to an end, and on the other, we demand laws that guarantee equality and equity. A peculiar dichotomy! Similarly, we have been through repetitive economic crises for the past two centuries without ever questioning the existence of our banking system and the government that endorses it. When we study the monetary system, we quickly discover that bankers and politicians have always worked hand in hand to enrich the rich and impoverish the poor. Yet, true power rests in the hands of every human being, but as we refuse to acknowledge and exercise it, we are left with this absurd situation where:

The population creates wealth and bankers collect it.

Sooner or later, human beings will discover that money is the mirror of their state of consciousness. In reality, we are rich, but we are not aware of it. Will we have to face complete slavery, and depend totally on world bankers, before we decide either to sink into oblivion or jump into the next species? The elite impose the first option as they embezzle public goods and systematically impoverish populations. To choose the second option, humanity must drop the two basic lies on which rests its survival – property and security. Only then will conscious individuals manifest the abundance inherent in their unlimited creative nature.

In this booklet, we’ll discuss the following subjects:

  • The ex nihilo creation of money
  • The false national debt of states
  • The planned scarcity of money
  • Usury (interest on money), a mortal sin
  • Basic income, a horrific gift
  • Personocratia’s experience with money
  • Two myths – property and security
  • The government, a unnecessary evil
  • The triangle of victim (people) / executioner (private sector) / savior (public sector)
  • The triple perversion of covetousness, competition, and corruption
  • The Garden for All Manner of Exchange (GAME)

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