By the Way, What is Consciousness?

This month’s new podcast from Ghis.

This is not intelligence but consciousnes which will solve humanity’s problems. Yet, there are many interpretations to the word consciousness. Ghis explores it with us.


The New Age Conspiracy

 Human beings behave like fish swimming in a double fishbowl of lies. They believe that the first fishbowl, the concrete world of matter, has been fully explored – minerals, plants, animals, etc. With this partial knowledge, they invented new technologies that allow them to live longer and comfortably. Yet, physical and biological laws only work some of the time. Irregularities are quickly classified as miracles or freak coincidences. We are too blind or too afraid to admit that these so-called laws are not set in stone. They simply represent habitual movements of matter and they can be altered. This concept is so revolutionary that we would rather lie to ourselves than accept the obvious. Therefore, we live in a world of lies, the first fishbowl, which corresponds to a mere 0.1% of reality, according to some quantum physicists.


The Second Fishbowl


As for the second fishbowl, the remaining 99.9%, it represents the subtle worlds that constantly influence the material world. These worlds are numerous – etheric, astral/vital, emotional, mental, causal, etc. We explore these on a daily basis when we sleep, daydream, meditate, or use recreational drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and psychotropic medication. Some people study their subtle laws in religious, sacred and magic texts. Others use this knowledge to control the first fishbowl through magic spells, ceremonies, rituals, and sacrifices. They call powerful forces and entities, some “good” and others “bad” – gods, angels, aliens, djinns, demons, asuras – and try to orce these to fulfil their wishes.

 Again, the results are mitigated and the laws remain inconsistent. The subtle worlds are as deceitful as the material world – a double fishbowl of lies. On earth, the control of the first fishbowl has been organized by the global elite for thousands of years. Generation after generation, blue blood families have followed a long-term agenda of manipulation and deceit in order to reach the total temporal and spiritual domination of humanity, which they call the New World Order (NWO). This temporal (first fishbowl) control can only be achieved through spiritual (second fishbowl) means. This is why the global elite is so deeply involved in satanic rituals. This is also why they totally control the ROCSSSS: religions, orders, cults, secret societies, science, spirituality.


The New Age of Aquarius

The entities of the subtle worlds live a very long time, because their own space-time is very different from ours. When their « food » becomes scarce, the “gods” who feast on human vital and mental energies alter their harvesting strategies. Their words become adapted to humanity’s prevalent level of consciousness. Nowadays, many sacred calendars – written or modified by the elite and interpreted by elite-paid “experts” – indicate that we are entering a new era: the Age of Aquarius.

 In reality, this “New Age” is simply a return to pre-deluvian cabbalistic magic for the purpose of keeping the old world under the domination of the same entities and their big boss, the god of illusion. The latter is often called Satan (adversary) – or Lucifer (bearer of “light”). So-called sacred texts announce huge cosmic upheavals that will destroy the planet and present-day corrupt humanity. A new “golden” age will follow for those who can survive the cataclysms and evolve into the next species. However, as always in the fishbowl of illusion, the opposite is true. The changes are due to a critical mass of human beings whose souls and bodies are ready. They are bringing about the complete transformation of humanity, the same way fish stuck in their drying ponds held inside their bodies the next evolutionary step – amphibians.

Since we are the change and the god of illusion refuses to lose its food source, a gigantic spiritual and social engineering project has been put in place to keep us dumbed down and submissive. Guided by their satanic master, the elite has diligently followed the plan, step by step:

  1.  Scientific atheism is put in place in order for the masses to stop believing in the subtle worlds.
  2. Aliens and demons give advanced technological information to help the elite put in place the next steps of their master plan.
  1. Using this technology, the elite organizes the pollution, plundering and destruction of the planet, and the mind control of the masses.
  1. The elite-owned media excite our covetousness using mind-numbing propaganda. Its banks lend us the money needed to yield to the temptations produced by their multinationals.
  1. The elite creates the environmental movement, which presentsour poor earth as the victim of cruel, egocentric human beings.
  1. The spiritual elite (Satan-worshipping Jesuits) organizes New Age spirituality, the veneration of aliens and ascended masters (demons) channelled by the “chosen” (possessed).
  2. The elite’s secret technology (HAARP, chemtrails, vaccines) is used to increase earth changes and human control. It stimulates specific thoughts, emotions, desires, actions, and illnesses.
  1. Elite and aliens create human-alien hybrids (hubrids) with impressive occult powers.
  1. Presented as the culprit, the human ego needs to be technologically controlled by a collective mind.
  2. Eugenics (killing the rebellious) and trans-humanism (improving the submissive) insure the total control of humanity by the god of illusion and his minions.


New Age = Satanism + Technology

According to author Arthur C. Clark, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Most so-called spiritual manifestation can be produced technologically.

For the past decades, the elite gained access to technological information from aliens and demons. According to some whistleblowers, they are 10,000 years in advance of mainstream science and can easily simulate supernatural events such as miraculous healings, channeling, apparitions, telepathy, telekinesis, and so on. Many religions warn us profusely against such miracles as being the “work of the devil”, but New Age spirituality ignores their advice and overtly promotes occult powers and magic.

The New Age program was carefully conceived and put in place bythe elite, guided by its satanic master. Gradually, all religions were infiltrated and its leaders corrupted. It was important that religions appear old-fashioned and that their believers stop trusting the old lies, so that new, better-adapted New-Age lies become the new norm, promoted by thousands of good salesmen.

The UN is deeply involved in this propaganda, as evidenced by this statement from Robert Muller, UN Assistant Secretary-General for 40 years: “Peace will be impossible without the taming of fundamentalism through a united religion that professes faithfulness only to the global spirituality and to the health of this planet.”


From Atheism to ET-ism

For the elite, spiritual disinformation has become a well-honed specialty. Here is the basic recipe:

  1. Spread illusory religious dogmas that deform the messages coming from the true spiritual worlds (superconscient). This allows the god of illusion and his servants to strengthen his power and continue feeding on human vital and mental energies. Impose these dogmas through fear (sin, hell, confession) and force (religious wars, inquisition, hierarchical religious institutions). Keep adapting the dogmas to humanity’s level of consciousness.
  1. When human consciousness rises exponentially, deny the existence of subtle worlds by promoting Darwinism and materialistic atheism. Official experts must declare impossible and ridiculous any notion of invisible gods, angels, demons, elementals, and other such entities.
  1. Introduce false spiritual dogmas that help connect only to the lower subtle worlds (conscient & subconscient). Present all invisible entities as beneficial and evolved. Encourage magic (e.g. law of attraction) so that the mind serves human desires and spirituality remains materialistic and superficial.
  1. Through satanic rituals, open subtle doors (stargates) to facilitate the interaction between humanity and vital entities. (This was achieved by Albert Pyke, Alister Crowley, Jack Parson, Ron Hubbard, and many more.)
  1. Impoverish and falsify the spiritual vocabulary by merging concepts. For example, atheism (belief in no god) becomes a synonym of secularism (separation of church & state). Satanism, paganism and spirituality become indiscernible. All subtle worlds are combined into Jung’s “collective unconscious”.
  1. Create the myth of aliens from other galaxies who are more advanced than us technologically, mentally, and spiritually, as the publicity included here suggests. In secret labs, build flying saucers and false aliens (cloned GMOs) to organise a false invasion of nasty aliens and/or the arrival of nice humanity-saving aliens.
  1. Hybridize & microchip millions of people to make them easily “possessable” by demonic entities. Such hubrids can spread deceitful propaganda via books, congresses, interviews, etc.
  1. Popularize recreational drugs, channeling, possession (e.g.walk-ins) and occult powers. Drugs give an easier access to low subtle worlds and greatly facilitate a gradual possession by vital entities.

This recipe allowed humanity to go from the age of religions to atheism, then ET-ism. Even the Vatican agrees: “It is entirely credible that in the enormous distance between angels and humans, there could be found some middle stage – that is, beings with a body like ours but more elevated spiritually.”

More obvious is Pope Francis’ most recent declaration (April 2014): “Dear brothers, I wanted to tell all of you that we are not alone in the universe. Science has already made so much progress that, most likely, we will soon know our new brothers and sisters, with whom we will exchange a sign of peace. On that day, there will be wonder and we will remember that God is one and watches over us all.”


No, Thanks!

With such a statement from the pope, we might think that the elite’s satanic agenda is approaching fruition. We feel totally powerless when confronted with such a well-established long-term plan. Will it succeed? Despite the evidence, something inside tells me NO. I cannot accept that humanity faced so much suffering for millions of years just to go back to being petty slaves controlled by a collective mind – however benevolent it might pretend to be.

Something much greater hides inside me, screaming to be expressed. My sovereign soul wants to take charge of my body and express her magnificent truth. This is the real purpose of my being here at this moment. So, this is the path I choose.

YES, I will give myself totally to this marvelous divine agenda. However, I realize that I need to walk my talk. I’m ready to change my life, turn my old habits upside down, let go of all attachments, in order to make this world more than just a better place, but truly heaven-on-earth.

Christmas: the Celebration of a Horror Story!

by Rhiame

As I’m writing this blog, it is Christmas Eve. Most of the people living around me are gathering with their family, busy preparing the meal and all that comes with the celebration.

Lately, a lot of people wished me a Merry Christmas and asked what my plans were for the occasion. With many people, I avoided automatically answering back “Merry Christmas to you too” and told them the truth about my plans: “I am not celebrating Christmas”. This triggered some questions, of course, and depending on the person and the circumstances, I would explain a little bit more or I would just stick to my answer, “I just don’t celebrate Christmas.” What a good exercise to practice speaking my truth and facing my fear of rejection!

So tonight, since I am not celebrating non-sense and lies, I feel inspired to explain one of the reasons that made me stop celebrating Christmas for good a few years ago – apart from that I had stopped believing in Jesus many moons ago and that family gatherings have always drained me.

Let’s get to the point of this post. Do you actually know the real meaning of Christmas? The real story that grown ups should know and tell their little ones but not at bedtime? Have a seat, make yourself comfy by the fireplace and have a hot chocolate if you want…Here is a summarized version of the story that I borrowed from the Personocratia booklet # 9 on Family:

[Most people do] not know that most celebrations correspond to thousand-year-old ceremonies that included rape, torture, sacrifice (animal and human beings) by dismemberment, hanging, stabbing, strangling, etc.

Jesus (Yeshua ben Pantera) was not born on December 25th of year 1. Even Pope Benedict XVI publicly admitted it in 2012. Christmas actually reproduces the old pagan festivity of the winter solstice. More than 5000 years ago, it was the celebration of Nimrod (Nikos, Nicholas), the sun god of Mesopotamia, which was represented as the head of a fish – like the pope’s miter. To honor Nimrod, human sacrifices took place during 12 days. These victims were all babies. The priest would consume their flesh and hang their heads in large sacred pine trees. From there comes the tradition of hanging balls in a fir tree!

The legend of Santa Claus is also distorted. Nick (Nicholas, Claus) is one of the Devil’s names. Santa is an anagram of Satan. Thus, Santa Claus means “Satan the Devil”. To worship him, I lie to my children with a grotesque story and I work like mad to make money so I can buy expensive gift – often on credit. And I call that love!


Could it be why some children are afraid of Santa Claus?

After reading this, do you still feel like celebrating? This is what I really celebrate each time I celebrate Christmas… each time I put my time, my energy, my money, my thought towards that…each time I pronounce the words Christmas, Santa Claus, Noel… each time I decorate a fir or pine tree, I sing or listen to Christmas songs… Through these seemingly innocent activities, I actually perpetuate the original tradition and carry on its primary purpose to celebrate Nimrod, the sun god, Satan – by extension, the world of illusion and death humanity is currently living in.

If you believe that you are celebrating love, peace and communion of spirit, think again. Indeed, the new meanings that were given to the Christmas celebration do not change the initial energy that it carries in its core. Giving a new meaning to the celebration which religions, spirituality and society purposefully did is similar to wrapping a bottle of poison in a beautiful gift box and handing it to someone with a big smile. Like the Trojan horse, I welcome it with open arms and make it part of my life without ever questioning where it came from.

In fact, those who gave me the gift don’t care about the meaning I give to their gift. All they really care about is that I keep it. And the more I use it, the better they feel, regardless if I feel happy, angry or frustrated. Any emotions, any vital energy that I generate benefits them – that is their very food and that’s what makes these occult entities grow stronger [1]. And the ‘gift’ is the carrier, the channel between me and them. In order to stop feeding them, I have to get rid of the gift as a whole, in other words, I have to stop all those celebrations (including Halloween, Easter, etc) and all that comes with it.

In my search to connect with the Truth-Consciousness, I have to become aware that any traditional celebrations, rituals and worships are used by entities from the subtle worlds to suck me dry of my vital energy. Mass celebrations simply increase the effect. So at Christmas time, they are having an orgy. If you thought real fun was on earth, you were mistaken!

If I want to live in the Truth-Consciousness, I first have to stop walking the path of lies. In other words, I have to stop putting my time, money, thought, action and energy into lies in order to stop inflating the world of illusion (not true) I am currently living in. That’s the reason that made me decide to stop celebrating Christmas because, no matter from what angle I looked at it, I only saw lies.

Secondly, to live in Truth, I have to acknowledge my true identity. As a matter of fact, as long as I am not my true Self, Truth cannot manifest outside me. Indeed, for a long time, I thought I was a poor creature from an external creator. I had forgotten that I was actually the Supreme Creatrix of the whole universe. If I had remembered that there was nothing and nobody higher than me, that I was an unlimited omnipotent creative being, I would have never worshiped anybody or anything to begin with.

In conclusion, all these traditional and spiritual celebrations, ceremonies, rituals and worships come from impaired memory within human beings. There are no sun gods, God, Allah, Jesus or Santa Claus to celebrate in the first place – just celebrate myself, by turning my attention inward and tuning into my soul, my inner source of Truth, Love and Peace.

[1] Read more about entities and energy vampirism:

We Have An Identity Problem

Comment from a reader:

“Thanks for the article No External Interventions Will Do The Job. It gave me some insight into my friends belief in Planet X (Niburu). He also thinks we are all evolving into higher dimensions ( I believe there are 10 in all) as we go along in our reincarnations. Would I be correct in stating these all seem to still be in the fishbowl of death?”

Double-FishbowlMado’s answer:
Indeed, the higher dimensions mentioned in New Age literature are related to subtle worlds that are part of what Ghis calls the “Second Fishbowl”. It is explained briefly in Booklet 3 (Religion). In fact, everything exists in the same place, at the same time. Everything is already all there, in a holographic reality where every part contains the whole. The only thing that changes is our consciousness.

We have an identity problem. We think that we are human beings. In fact, we are Idessa[1], individualized inside an Homo sapiens vehicle. While I am wondering about the Mayan Calendar or Nibiru, I am still turned outside and remain the victim of external events. I refuse to acknowledge that I am the Creatrix[2] of the whole universe and that all that happens to me is my creation.

Interestingly, unlike other beings, human beings have access to all vibratory levels — from the lowest to the highest. We already exist in all dimensions of physical, vital, emotional, soul, and spirit. The idea is to become conscious of this and act accordingly. This is what Personocratia booklets andworkshops teach. Have fun enjoying both. And the ONLY way to really enjoy them is to change the way you act on a day-to-day basis because it is all about action as I have already explained in a previous post The Difference Is In The Action.

  1. Idessa: word invented by Ghis to define the Supreme Being inherent to all that exist.
  2. Creatrix: Feminine word for “Creator”.

No External Interventions Will Do The Job

Translated and edited by Rhiame

I’d like to share with you the answer that Ghis gave during a lecture in December 2012. A man in the audience asked for her insight regarding “Ashtar Command”. Mado intervened at the end to conclude on the subject. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy!

Ghis’answer:All thisDouble-Fishbowl occult world – ascended masters, Ashtar command, ET’s, energy medicine, channeling, new-age, etc. – It is not through this that we are going to become who we are. The occult world (invisible world) is what I call the second fishbowl (the first fishbowl being the concrete visible world) where we are dealing with a lot of entities who have a lot of powers. But in terms of consciousness, this invisible world is still in division, in separation. It’s important to understand this, especially if you are looking for oneness. If I want to become who I am, it’s on earth in a living body that it should happen.

The idessic/supramental consciousness is on earth, in a physical body.

Even the gods and demigods of the surmental are in division.The surmental is the most elevated at the mental level but still, if the gods of the surmental want to move forward in consciousness, and want their soul to grow and fully take over their bodies, they would have to reincarnate in a human body – they must come on this planet of misery and suffering! It’s in matter that it all takes place.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes – or in the scales – of the fish suffocating in its pound where water became scarce. Before it died, it jumped out onto the shore. And what happened? It created lungs and became an amphibian. The fish did not go to Walmart to buy a pair of lungs. It did not buy a book to learn how to create lungs. It did not call a doctor to get a lung transplant. The lungs were already there in its cells. It was in the matter. What happened? The lungs manifested. It will be the same process for us.

The idessic[1] being that I am is already here, inside me.

I am the creative spirit which can both fly (paradise) and walk (earth) – join spirit and matter. I am this being, it is within me. What prevents me from manifesting it? It is wrapped in thousands of layers of beliefs, desires and habits – all my animal programs of survival governed by ego. That’s what I need to take off. I am already it, I just need to get rid of what I am not. Nobody else can do the job for me – nobody. No savior, prophet, master, ET, etc. can do it. All these hierarchies (cosmic, galactic, etc.) are still outside of me. It is not some hierarchies that will decide of my destiny.

Nothing can decide what will happen to me

Right now, we hear a lot about planet Nibiru, which is getting closer and is going to cross the solar system, change the face of the earth and so forth—Wait a minute! I remember when I started learning about energy medicine, some people who were doing numerology told me that I was this number therefore this and that would happen to me. I said to myself: “Hold on! No one can decide what will happen to me.” It’s time to start thinking as an idessic[1] being that I am; I am the Creatrix[2] of what happens to me. It is not a planet, a date or a number that will determine my fate. It is not true. That’s what it means to become aware of who I am. I must stop buying into such stories and giving my power away. The planets will do whatever they want to do. But I, what do I want to do?

It is important to understand that for it is the crux of everything. This is not the planets, the beings of light or the E.T.s that will decide. All these entities from the subtle world that are in trend right now – stop all of that, you are getting in the wrong direction. It’s not about right or wrong because it does not exist. It’s because they are also in the world of separation. They tell us: “we’ll come and save you”, “we know what you need to do, we’ll guide you” and so forth. As long as I still believe that someone else knows better than I, I remain separated from who I am: a creative, unlimited, omnipotent, omniscient, immortal being.

All it does is inflate the spiritual ego

I know some people who follow some ascended masters religiously. But none of these masters tells them to stop paying their income tax, investing in the stock exchange, having sex… nobody tells them that. They are still attached to their animal programs of survival, their egoic ways of behaving, which are all based on fear. Gaining bits and pieces of powers or getting enlightened, all it does is inflate my spiritual ego – we are going in the opposite direction of what we need to do, which is to dissolve the ego. In the meantime, the ones from the subtle world feed themselves merrily – they party up there! What about all these gatherings, rituals, peace meditations, planetary prayers like they did for the election of Obama? They are meant to build up egregores[3], which create an energetic mass. The more people are doing that, the bigger the energetic mass, the more energetic food they get from us. Indeed, our vital energy is their food! That’s why they encourage us to continue doing that. They don’t want us to stop because if we do, they die. [Read (again) Beings From The Subtle Worlds and Human Vampirism]

The fear of death comes from entities of the subtle worlds

Here is an interesting fact: the fear of death that we carry is not ours. Animals are fearful but they are not afraid of dying. We, humans, are thinking animals but it’s not the animal part of us that gives us the fear of death.  It’s our fear of death that makes us write wills, take insurances, prepare our funerals, etc. In fact, the fear of death comes from the entities of the invisible world. It does not belong to us, it’s they who are afraid of dying. So they don’t want us to discover that we are immortal because if we are no longer afraid of dying, they are done for. They nourish themselves from our fears  and the fear of death contains all the fears. As long as I still have one fear in me, I know that I still carry the fear of death. If we are no longer afraid of dying, they will starve and die.

It is great time that we stop dealing with the occult world whether it’s through religion, spirituality, energy medicine, channeling, satanism, witchcraft, etc. I invite you to come back on earth, in matter, in your body. This is where all happens. It is not by leaving matter, on the contrary it’s by entering into the matter, by divinizing the matter that we’ll succeed in becoming who we are. In fact, we are already that. It’s all about dis-covering it, taking off everything that covers it, and making the unification body-soul-spirit – then it will manifest. That’s what a Personocratia learns to do.

Let’s search in the right place!

All this invisible world is in trend right now; it’s very tempting but it’s also very dangerous. The entities have impressive powers and do extraordinary things. But all of this is not true. We are still in the world of illusion dealing with subtle forces that we don’t know about, which make us kneel and be in ecstasy. We hear voices, we have out of body experiences, which are like picks that give us access to “higher” consciousnesses. We go up and once the experience is over, we fall back down to the septic tank, exactly where we were before. I know some people who had such incredible experiences in the past and all their lives they are searching for similar experiences often in vain. Let’s search in the right place! Paradise is on earth, not out there – no need to die or leave our bodies. It’s by entering into the matter, inside our body, and by taking off what is not true that we will succeed.

Most people whom I’ve met and had such experiences are in admiration. If it was through the use of ecstasy that they reached that state, they will continue taking ecstasy to go back. If the person got it through an out-of-body experience, they continue practicing out-of-body experiences. If it is with a master through a spiritual initiation, they become devotees, and so forth. No, stay in your body and do the job, and you will succeed – and it will last. The rest is just illusion. Although it is very tempting it is also very deceiving because it does not last; nothing from the invisible world lasts because it’s not it, it’s not true. The truth is who I am, the rest outside me is a mirror, a reflection of me therefore an illusion.”

Mado’s conclusion

We moved from religion-governed societies to scientific-atheist ones. Now most people believe that the physical visible matter like our body is true and the rest that we cannot see does not exist. The elite have planned that – in other words, since we are creators, we created the elite to help us detach ourselves from old useless beliefs in order to move forward.  Now we are pushed again towards witchcraft and occultism through movies, video games, new age, energy medicine, etc. But they give us a false version of reality. What we take for Heaven is in fact the astral and vital world. Those entities from the second fishbowl such as Ashtar, ascended masters, etc. can take the appearance they want, tell us what they want us to hear and we believe them. We need to do some cleaning in all of this. First, we need to let go of the attachment to the belief that there is something or someone bigger than me: there are bigger than me that are bad like the reptilians – and there are bigger than me that are nice like the Pleiadians or Ashtar. But they are all outside of me. I have to come back inside and tell myself: “there is no good no bad, everything is perfect and pushes towards where I need to go, which is not up there but here on earth in my body.”

Indeed, I am the Supreme Being, the Creative Spirit, living in matter.


Learn more on this subject in the booklet #3 Religion… Towards Idessity

  1. Idessa/Idessic: word invented by Ghis to define the Supreme Being inherent to all that exist.
  2. Creatrix: Feminine word for “Creator”.
  3. Egregore: Thought-form generated by similar thoughts in many people. Prayers, meditation, rituals, and repetitive ideas, emotions and acts automatically create egregores.


The Difference Is In The Action!

Question from a reader

More and more spiritually-minded persons use a similar language to that of Personocratia. They say « we are God », « we are divine », « we are creators », « the truth is inside, not outside », « we are mutating towards a new species », « we are immortal beings ». Yet, somehow, I feel that their words do not carry the energy that I find in Personocratia. Is there a difference and, if so, what is it?


It is indeed difficult to have discernment when the mind tries to compare the words found in Personocratia literature to similar ones coming from other spiritual approaches. Words and ideas are mental forms that the ego can easily thwart to push its own agenda. Therefore, it is not through words that you can recognize a true Personocratia* – It is through actions.

If I state that I am an immortal, divine being, but I keep calling my mother everyday, celebrating Christmas with my family, going for yearly medical check-ups, taking food supplements and running five miles a day to keep in shape, investing in the stock exchange, buying at Wal-Mart, wearing “Made in China” clothes, meditating two hours a day, keeping my money in a bank, doing a job I hate until retirement time, eating vegan only, or feeding on prana, it is time to ask myself: “Who is doing these things? Ego or soul?”

The divine part inside me is the soul, which is The Supreme Spirit individualized inside a body made up of three types of energies: physical, vital (emotional, astral), and mental. So, any decision that comes from soul has a divine origin. Any decision taken by ego is based on the survival of the individual or the perpetuation of the species. Basically, egoic decisions are always based on the fear of death. Personocratia’s Booklet 2 on authority explains thoroughly the difference between both ego and soul, so I won’t go into details here. I will, however, give a few examples.

[Note from Rhiame: keep in mind that due to fear, not everybody is ready to implement the congruent actions that Mado describes below. Intermediary steps may be needed to progressively dissolve the fear until I feel ready for the big leap. I should always listen to what it says inside; only I know what, when and how to do things. What is important is to tell myself the truth all the time (any explanation other than “I am afraid” is a lie) and make a sincere decision to heal my fears in order to evolve to my next level of consciousness.]

a)     If I truly believe that I am a divine soul living inside a body, how can I go for a medical check-up? A doctor is an obedient member of the medical mafia, a pill and vaccine pusher who is totally ignorant of the real functioning of our animal human body and refuses to believe in the presence of an immortal, divine soul. In fact, our body never dies of an illness; it dies of fear and exhaustion (German New Medicine has demonstrated this very well.) Only fear can bring me to consult such an illusory specialist as an MD. If I truly believe that the Divine is internal, I can only trust my soul into keeping my body healthy. Actually, my real body is already immortal and lives out of time and space. To manifest it, I must allow my soul to peel off the layers of lies and fear that cover this perfect body. How? Through action: by trusting my body and forgetting about medicine, whether allopathic, naturopathic, or vibrational. This, however, demands that I fully trust who I really am.

b)     If I truly believe that I am a divine soul living inside a body, how can I continue doing a job that bores me? In fact, the only thing that can make me go back to such a job every day is my fear of lack. I cannot imagine quitting my work and finding another one. My ego will find a thousand reasons for me to remain there. The truth is I am afraid. The Divine, afraid? How is this possible? Am I not the Creator of the whole universe? Why can’t I create another, more fun job, where I feel that I can truly fulfill my mission on earth?

c)      If I truly believe that I am the Divine and that I create all that happens to me, how can I wear my seatbelt in a car? In reality, I wear it because I am afraid of getting a ticket from the police or having an accident where my body might get hurt. In both cases, I remain a victim of an external creator – a victim cannot be a creator. I cannot say that I am Divine and wear a seatbelt, otherwise, I am into a spiritual “big talk, no action”.

I could go on like this all day. If you want to know if a person really believes that she carries the Divine inside her, watch how she acts… Saying something is fine, living it is another! Acting like the divine beings that we really are demands an immense courage. But it is possible. More and more people are experimenting this new consciousness. We call them Personocratias.


*A Personocratia: Any person who knows who she really is, the Supreme Being, and who behaves as such in daily life.

What Prevents Me From Becoming Who I Really Am?

God* exempts you from being… from becoming who you are.” Satprem

“The creator* that we put outside is in fact inside. The only problem of the human being is that he has forgotten who he really was, that is an unlimited all-powerful being, creator of the whole universe. “ Ghis

“It’s laziness… it’s laziness that makes you adore. What is required is to become.” Mother

* It also includes any gods, entities, authority figures or individuals outside of me that I consider superior than me.

“God” is a word full of falsehood

” ‘God’ is a word so full of falsehood that it would be better to forget it; we sometimes think that God is the cleverest invention of the devil – why, of course, they go together! For what is that omnipotent demiurge who rules over the earth from the heights of his heaven? It is childish and revolting for any enlightened mind, even if he does send down his son from time to time to repair the whole mess he has after all created – for if he has not created it, who has? Why, the devil, of course – there they go, the two inseparable and indivisible accomplices; you must wonder who is the father of whom? But perhaps we are through with fathers versus “the others”, whether they be “Gods” or “Devils”, as well as with pieces of matter separated into little bodies, and great illumined heavens soaring over the earth’s old unchanged rottenness. The evolutionary “mess” was perhaps designed to lead one species, whatever it is and by whatever means, to the point where it would be compelled to find its own divine secret in matter. Perhaps we are entering the reign of the divine oneness of matter, without “otherness”, without distance, without over there.”

Satprem in Mother or The New Species

Religion towards… Idessity

Booklet #3 back cover description:

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been dreaming about such a booklet. I never found one, so I was forced to write it myself after putting together the pieces of a puzzle called ROCSSSS: Religions, Orders, Cults, Secret Societies, Sciences and Spiritualities. This task came easy once I realized that these were equivalent and served the same interests. This booklet was written for those who, like me, did not succeed in getting true answers from ROCSSSS, and feel that Torahs, Bibles, Korans, promised saviors, gurus, extraterrestrials, ascended masters, prayers, mental powers, tantric sex, and meditation are temporary bandages covering a suppurating wound oozing desperation, deception and death. In the past, a thick veil of unconsciousness and ignorance blinded us, and we were unable to discover the truepurpose of our presence on earth. For lack of anything better, we chose to believe in ROCSSSS, never realizing that their sole function was to keep our soul separated from our body.

By diverting our spiritual quest towards an external god, ROCSSSS maintain us in a state of powerlessness, submission and fear – the prerequisites of slavery. Their ploy is masterful, but fragile. Both the spiritual power and its accomplice, the temporal power, are aware that they cannot submit a unified individual whose body is governed by its soul. Such an individual has become sovereign, omnipotent and immortal. With his manifestation, a new type of consciousness, idessity, is born.

In this booklet, you will understand why and how to keep your power when facing the following beings and situations:

  • Spiritual and shamanic healing
  • Channelling and possession
  • Entities from the subtle realms
  • Marriage of Church and State
  • Rituals and sacrifices
  • Extraterrestrials and intraterrestrials
  • Ascended masters
  • White and black magic
  • Angels and demons
  • Apocalyptic scenarios
  • False prophets
  • Astrology, numerology, fetishism…

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Heaven is in matter

“Come to think of it, it is a rather stunning reversal because it puts down (no pun intended) all the religious and all the spiritualities of the world. It is a revolution even greater than that of Copernicus. If heaven is in matter, where are we running to, where are they all running to? And what of all their wonderful cosmic and nirvanic and celestial consciousness?”

Satprem in Mother or The New Species