The Difference Is In The Action!

Question from a reader

More and more spiritually-minded persons use a similar language to that of Personocratia. They say « we are God », « we are divine », « we are creators », « the truth is inside, not outside », « we are mutating towards a new species », « we are immortal beings ». Yet, somehow, I feel that their words do not carry the energy that I find in Personocratia. Is there a difference and, if so, what is it?


It is indeed difficult to have discernment when the mind tries to compare the words found in Personocratia literature to similar ones coming from other spiritual approaches. Words and ideas are mental forms that the ego can easily thwart to push its own agenda. Therefore, it is not through words that you can recognize a true Personocratia* – It is through actions.

If I state that I am an immortal, divine being, but I keep calling my mother everyday, celebrating Christmas with my family, going for yearly medical check-ups, taking food supplements and running five miles a day to keep in shape, investing in the stock exchange, buying at Wal-Mart, wearing “Made in China” clothes, meditating two hours a day, keeping my money in a bank, doing a job I hate until retirement time, eating vegan only, or feeding on prana, it is time to ask myself: “Who is doing these things? Ego or soul?”

The divine part inside me is the soul, which is The Supreme Spirit individualized inside a body made up of three types of energies: physical, vital (emotional, astral), and mental. So, any decision that comes from soul has a divine origin. Any decision taken by ego is based on the survival of the individual or the perpetuation of the species. Basically, egoic decisions are always based on the fear of death. Personocratia’s Booklet 2 on authority explains thoroughly the difference between both ego and soul, so I won’t go into details here. I will, however, give a few examples.

[Note from Rhiame: keep in mind that due to fear, not everybody is ready to implement the congruent actions that Mado describes below. Intermediary steps may be needed to progressively dissolve the fear until I feel ready for the big leap. I should always listen to what it says inside; only I know what, when and how to do things. What is important is to tell myself the truth all the time (any explanation other than “I am afraid” is a lie) and make a sincere decision to heal my fears in order to evolve to my next level of consciousness.]

a)     If I truly believe that I am a divine soul living inside a body, how can I go for a medical check-up? A doctor is an obedient member of the medical mafia, a pill and vaccine pusher who is totally ignorant of the real functioning of our animal human body and refuses to believe in the presence of an immortal, divine soul. In fact, our body never dies of an illness; it dies of fear and exhaustion (German New Medicine has demonstrated this very well.) Only fear can bring me to consult such an illusory specialist as an MD. If I truly believe that the Divine is internal, I can only trust my soul into keeping my body healthy. Actually, my real body is already immortal and lives out of time and space. To manifest it, I must allow my soul to peel off the layers of lies and fear that cover this perfect body. How? Through action: by trusting my body and forgetting about medicine, whether allopathic, naturopathic, or vibrational. This, however, demands that I fully trust who I really am.

b)     If I truly believe that I am a divine soul living inside a body, how can I continue doing a job that bores me? In fact, the only thing that can make me go back to such a job every day is my fear of lack. I cannot imagine quitting my work and finding another one. My ego will find a thousand reasons for me to remain there. The truth is I am afraid. The Divine, afraid? How is this possible? Am I not the Creator of the whole universe? Why can’t I create another, more fun job, where I feel that I can truly fulfill my mission on earth?

c)      If I truly believe that I am the Divine and that I create all that happens to me, how can I wear my seatbelt in a car? In reality, I wear it because I am afraid of getting a ticket from the police or having an accident where my body might get hurt. In both cases, I remain a victim of an external creator – a victim cannot be a creator. I cannot say that I am Divine and wear a seatbelt, otherwise, I am into a spiritual “big talk, no action”.

I could go on like this all day. If you want to know if a person really believes that she carries the Divine inside her, watch how she acts… Saying something is fine, living it is another! Acting like the divine beings that we really are demands an immense courage. But it is possible. More and more people are experimenting this new consciousness. We call them Personocratias.


*A Personocratia: Any person who knows who she really is, the Supreme Being, and who behaves as such in daily life.