When Money Sucks Me Dry

By Rhiame

I just read an article by Julian Websdale Illusory Money and the Economic System Construct (featured on WakingTimes.com and WarIsCrime.com) . As I was leaving a comment of appreciation, I got carried away and ended up writing a full article. So here it is.Eat_money_by_Saibel

I appreciate Julian Websdale’s article because he reminds us what the crucial element behind the money institution is: it’s not money in itself that they crave but the energy that it carries. As long as we are not aware of this factor, we cannot understand why these people (Illuminati / entities) keep on accumulating ad infinitum money that they cannot even spend.

As Julian mentions, money is indeed just an energy carrier, a conduct similar to a straw that feed the ‘controllers’ of the planet. Money is just another means amongst many others to get vital energy out of unconscious humans.

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Without this vital energy that we produce through our emotions they die. This endless accumulation of energy guarantees them a prolonged life, their attempt to reach immortality to the detriment of other beings. Behind their relentless perseverance in sucking energy out of us is hiding their most dreadful fear: the fear of death.

Now that we become aware of these facts, the way the monetary system was created and its fundamental purpose, what are we going to do concretely? Are we going to continue feeding them and make them grow stronger by continuing using their “feeding tools” or are we going to stop using their means of controlling us and depleting us energetically?

A simple solution exists to stop this mess and their illusionary domination over humanity. It does not cost much; it does not require any massive organization, nor demonstrations nor governmental restructuring. The solution is there, within reach to all of us as individuals. How come it does not manifest at a larger scale?

Because we are all paralyzed with fear – fear of lacking of means of subsistence and fear of the authorities. When are we going to go into action, once and for all, and overcome our limiting beliefs and fears, that are by the way total illusion? Are we going to wait until we completely suffocate in our ever shrinking prison cell?

If it is what is needed to make us react, then the governments, the Illuminati and their inter-dimensional puppeteers are doing a hell of a job to wake us up from our lethargy. We should thank them! Then, we have no reason to complain about our appalling human life – and I am lucky, I live in a so-called ‘democratic’ country, so my life is still bearable in comparison to that of people living in countries with overt dictatorship.

Through Julian Websdale’s article and many other articles on the subject, it is obvious that the current monetary system with the interest on money is what creates poverty and perpetually increases it. I don’t need a PhD in economics to understand. The equation is simple: the more I use the ‘legal’ money and the services of its institutions (banks…), the more poverty I create for myself and others. Most of us want poverty to end and many of us are spontaneously inclined to donate money to people in need, directly or through specialized organizations. What a sad mistake. Indeed, when doing so I worsen the problem because I still use the very means that creates the problem in the first place. It’s the dog biting its tail!

What is left to do then? Let’s cut to the chase: I (as an individual) have to stop using progressively (or totally if you feel ready) any ‘legal’ monies and the services of financial institutions whether it’s through the use of cash, wire transfers, bank accounts, checks, loans, mortgages, investments, stock exchange, etc. The question that arises next: how are we going to sustain ourselves and survive? There are thousands of exchange systems already in place all around the world, some more organized than others. The G.A.M.E. (www.gardenofexchange.com) is in my opinion the most sovereign exchange/money system, and also the cheapest and easiest to implement and use.

The first step to get out of the financial system would be to start looking around you and see if there are any exchange groups already in your area. Then register and start participating as often as possible. Also, start shifting your way of thinking: make those exchange systems your primary way of getting your goods and services, and make secondary the “legal” money to get things you cannot find within the exchange groups. Don’t hesitate to register to several groups (all of them is even better!) to get as many goods  and services from your local community,  and create an economy of abundance right at your doorstep.

The second step would be to start using exclusively cash to pay all your every day expenses, from the groceries to utilities, rent, car repair, cellphone bills… the list is endless. I’ve been doing that for a few years now and I know many people living this way. Yes, it requires a different organization but what’s a little bit of our time and ingenuity for freedom and wealth? Always the same, we are so accustomed to ‘easiness’ that laziness makes us stay in our prison. We don’t even need bars anymore, our ‘controllers’ have fathomed human psychology to their advantage.

The transition to one way of trading to another is difficult to do all at once for most of us. But we can at least implement few things that we feel doable at the present moment in our lives. Then as we go, as we start seeing other (much promising) possibilities of sustaining ourselves, of creating a life of abundance and comfort for ourselves, once our illusionary fear of lacking progressively dissipates, then we can move further in our actions to get out of the ‘official’ system and let go of the ‘legal’ money.

Our ‘masters’ have worked hard to make us believe that without ‘official’ money and a government-controlled economical system to manage it, the world would live in a state of misery and starvation. The opposite is actually true. Without the official monetary system and without interest on money, abundance for ALL will manifest on its own, naturally and effortlessly. No need of experts in economics to figure out how to create wealth and harmony, it’s inherent to our human nature, when we look beyond the veil of illusion that masks our true reality

  • This article was translated in French by Helios and published on BistroBarBlog



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2 thoughts on “When Money Sucks Me Dry

  1. MONEY: Another view and various other points of observation:
    No Body Gets Paid.
    On and for the record.
    No Body gets paid and nobody pays for anything ever.

    The Facts:
    What does this mean? What happened and when did this happen and what is the outcome?
    This is becoming more and more difficult to validate from reputable source as much of that which was available has been
    removed from the public record. It is however a well known fact that the victors rewrite the public record to suit their needs. It
    has also been noted that where there is something to hide then hidden it will be. There is however still a great deal of information
    still available. One such resource is this. http://mises.org/library/gold-standard-and-its-future Published by, E. P. DUTTON &
    CO., INC. By All accounts this is the work of a young London University economist.

    A commentary on the book made by T.E. Gregory:

    Between 1919 and 1925 a co-operative and successful effort was made to replace the monetary systems of the world upon
    a firm foundation, and the international gold standard was thereby restored. In the last few years a variety of circumstances
    have combined to imperil this work of restoration. The collapse of the gold standard in a number of raw material producing
    countries in the course of 1930 was followed by the suspension of the gold standard in a number of European countries in 1931.
    The most important country to be driven off was Great Britain, which had reverted to gold after the War by the Gold Standard
    Act of April 1925. The Gold Standard (Amendment) Act, passed on September 25th 1931, by suspending the gold standard in this
    country, led not only to suspension by the Scandinavian countries and by Finland, but also to suspension in Ireland and India.
    Other countries followed, including Japan and the U.S.A.

    Followed by the usual disclaimer:-
    Note: The views expressed on Mises.org are not necessarily those of the Mises Institute.

    We find it very strange how these days that there is always a disclaimer and nobody stands by their words.

    It is very strange that there is no record of this The Gold Standard Amendment Act 1931 at the.legislation.gov.uk website. I wonder why?

    Google brings up 36,600 results but nothing on the.legislation.gov.uk web….. Very strange that?

    So was the gold standard Act abolished and is there other evidence to support this?

    Well for the older ones of us there is the living memory. People used to get paid with gold sovereigns and silver coins. Imagine
    that!!! People used to get paid with real money!!! How absurd. Back in the day and for thousands of years merchants used to use
    real gold and silver coins to trade. Back in the day the Merchants would make use of the gold smiths safe to keep their money
    safe in exchange for a cashier note to the value of what was deposited in the gold smiths safe.

    So what happened?

    Fractional lending happened were it was legalised by the government by agreement that the Banks could lend more money in the
    form of Bank notes than the Bank had sufficient gold or money to support. A bank note is not money. A Bank note has never been
    money but a note supported by the money on deposit in the Bank (The gold and the silver) This is also licence fraud legalized by agreement. Fraud is still fraud legalised or not. Fraud by agreement is still fraud. The Banks do not have enough money on
    deposit to support the notes in circulation.

    At some point in the 1800’s the Banks claimed the gold/silver as there would never be enough money to pay back all the debt that
    the Banks had created by licensed agreement with the government.

    The facts are this. A Bank note is not money and never has been but only a note or a record of something of value. As long as
    there was a gold standard Act then the Bank note would be something of perceived value as it would have a relationship with
    something of value on deposit in the form of gold or silver.

    What if there was no gold or silver to give the Bank note some value? What then? What then is the value of a Bank note? If there
    is no Gold standard Act and there is no money that the Bank note represents then what is the value of the Bank note?

    If there is no money to support the Bank note then the Bank note is nothing more than a piece of paper with marks on it of no
    value. It would be Monopoly Money. How can we show this to be factual? Simple…

    Take some Bank notes to the Bank of England, walk up to the cashier and demand the money that the Bank of England promises
    to pay on demand. How easy is that?? Don’t be too surprised when the cashier looks at you strange and if you become insistent
    then the Bank security will be summoned to remove you from the premises for disturbing the peace. How much proof do you

    What else do we have as evidence? Well there is the Bills of Exchange Act of 1882. Why was there no Bills of exchange Act
    before 1882? Did we not need any Bills of exchange Act before 1882?? Why is this date significant??

    Could this be because the government went into the 11th chapter of insolvency prior to 1882 due to the fractional lending fraud?

    How about you take out a loan and then ask the Bank to provide the source of the funds dating back by three accounts and be
    compliant with The Money Laundering Regulations 2007. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response. The Bank cannot
    provide the historic record of the source of the funds.

    What really happens when you enter a retail outlet and purchase some goods with Bank of England Promissory notes? You then
    approach the cashier and make an offer of payment, which is a piece of paper from the bank of England where there is a
    promise to pay but no actual payment takes place. It is not possible to pay for anything without money. A Bank Note is not

    The cashier then gives you a receipt for the offer of payment. So in effect pieces of paper have changed hands both with words
    and numbers on them. This complies with the Bills of Exchange act 1882 as two pieces of paper to the same perceived value has
    changed hands. But when did you ever return to the retail outlet and PAY for the Goods with money??

    When did you ever pay for anything with real money?? A Bank Note has never been money. There is no monetary system. The
    economics is based upon confidence and belief in a monetary system where there is no money. Can somebody let me know where
    I can buy 20 pounds of confidence or 20 pounds of belief?

    Confidence and belief is of no material substance. Confidence and belief is a figment of the imagination.

    We continue to use these words Money and Pay, without ever thinking of the actual meaning of the words. How can there be
    economics without money? Commerce is a scam. How is it possible for there to be Debt when there is no money? Every
    contractual obligation you have ever entered into is void by default because there has never been full disclosure by the parties.

    You work for pay but you never get paid. There is no money to pay you with, just Bank notes that make promises that can never
    be kept. Even when there was real money in the form of gold and silver coins the weight of the silver coins adding up to 1 pound
    never ever weighed 1 pound (lb) Back in the day when there was 10s coins, two of them never weighed 1lb (1 pound) it never
    happened. Stop living in dream land and face the facts.

    What is 100.00 BPS? British sterling silver weighed in troy ounces? Well 100 pounds is 100lb is 45kg. This is more than 25kg
    it is greater than the deemed safe carrying weight under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 where more than 25kg is a
    two man lift. It never happened. Ever. When are people going to wake up and smell the coffee Beans? Face the Facts!!

    To be in a capitalistic society is to exploit another for personal gain. But there has never been any gain because you never get
    paid. The Bankers and the politicians are going to be really pissed when they find out they got conned as well!! 100,000,000 is
    still nothing of value because there is no money. 100,000,000 times 0 = 0. Zero. These are the facts.

    It could be said that I am making this all up as I go along. That may be true, but only maybe? It’s a two way street. The po liticians
    and the Bankers and the governments have been making it up as they go along for years and nobody ever noticed. Somebody
    made it all up. So the real question is this!!!

    It is also true that where there is no physical material evidence to the contrary then the obvious stands as fact. Were the statement
    or the document containing the details of the obvious is then the documented fact that cannot be challenged as there is no material
    physical evidence to the contrary of the obvious.

    Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a graduate of the
    University of Edinburgh Medical School. It is clear that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a learned man who was very skilled in
    analytical and deductive reasoning. From these writings by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle there is the following.

    A Study in Scarlet (1886) Part 2, chap. 7, p. 83
    In solving a problem of this sort, the grand thing is to be able to reason backward. That is a very useful accomplishment, and a
    very easy one, but people do not practise it much. In the everyday affairs of life it is more useful to reason forward, and so the
    other comes to be neglected. There are fifty who can reason synthetically for one who can reason analytically.

    The Sign of the Four (1890), Is the second novel featuring Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?

    Where there is the lack of material evidence to support the claim then is the claim being made not an act of fraud by the very fact
    that there is no material evidence to support the claim. The very lack of material physical evidence to support the claim is the
    evidence that is the material evidence that proves that the claim is fraud.

    Consider the following:-

    There are some fundamentals to be give consideration before an agreement or a contract is valid and enforceable.

    Full disclosure by the parties. If there is no full disclosure by the parties then the agreement is void from the outset.There would not be any material physical evidence to any missing disclosure but the absence of this material physical evidence is the evidence of the fraud.

    Agreed Consideration by both parties. There must be a consideration by both parties! There must be material
    evidence of this consideration. Where Banks are concerned then this would be the record as to the source of the
    funds lent to the Borrower. If the Bank has not provided this material evidence of the source of the funds then the bank have not given any consideration and cannot suffer any loss.

    There should be a signed agreement by both parties. Without the signature from both parties then there is no
    material evidence to the agreement or contract.

    To be compliant with The Companies Act 2006 (1) Under the law of England and Wales or Northern Ireland a
    document is executed by a company (a) by the affixing of its common seal, or (b) by signature in accordance with
    the following provisions. (2) A document is validly executed by a company if it is signed on behalf of the company
    (a) by two authorized signatories, or (b) by a director of the company in the presence of a witness who attests the signature.

    The very absence of the company (Bank) seal or signatures from the company is the material evidence of the fact that their
    activities are fraudulent from the start.

    (Account Holder) Signs the Bank’s Loan Contract or Mortgage or credit card agreement (The Bank officer does not so there is no
    agreement or contract).

    (Account Holder) Signature transforms the Loan Contract into a Financial Instrument worth the Value of the agreed amount.
    Bank Fails to Disclose to (Account Holder) that the (Account Holder) Created an Asset.
    (Financial Instrument) Asset Deposited with the Bank by the (Account Holder).
    Financial Instrument remains property of (Account Holder) since the (Account Holder) created Financial Instrument with the
    Bank Fails to Disclose the Bank’s Liability to the (Account Holder) for the Value of the Asset of the commercial instrument.
    Bank Fails to Give (Account Holder) a Receipt for Deposit of the (Account Holders) Asset or commercial instrument.
    New Credit is created on the Bank Books credited against the (Account Holder) Financial Instrument
    Bank Fails to Disclose to the (Account Holder) that the (Account Holder) Signature Created New credit that is claimed by the
    Bank as a Loan to the Borrower
    Loan Amount Credited to an Account for Borrower’s Use as a credit.
    Bank Deceives Borrower by Calling Credit a Loan when it is a Deposited Asset created by the (Account Holder)
    Bank Deceives Public at large by calling this process Mortgage Lending, Loan and similar
    Bank Deceives Borrower by Charging Interest and Fees when there is no consideration provided to the (Account Holder) by the Bank.

    Bank Provides None of own Money or commercial instruments so the Bank has No Consideration in the transaction and so no
    True Contract exists.

    Bank Deceives (Account Holder) that the (Account Holder’s) self-created Credit is a Loan from the Bank, thus there is No Full
    Disclosure so no True Contract exists.
    (Account Holder) is the True Creditor in the Transaction. (Account Holder) Created the new credit as a commercial instrument.
    Bank provided no value or consideration.
    Bank Deceives (Account Holder) that (Account Holder) is Debtor not Creditor
    Bank Hides its Liability by off balance-sheet accounting and only shows its Debtor ledger in order to Deceive the Borrower and
    the Court. The Bank is licensed by the government to commit actions that would otherwise be illegal (Banking Fraud) The court is
    a sub office of the same company. See Exhibit (C) The material evidence of the fact. The Court has an obligation to support
    actions licensed by the state. There is a clear conflict of interests here.
    Bank Demands (Account Holder) payments without Just Cause, which is Deception, Theft and Fraud
    Bank Sells (Account Holder) Financial Instrument to a third party for profit
    Sale of the Financial Instrument confirms it has intrinsic value as an Asset yet that value is not credited to the (Account Holder) as
    Creator and Depositor of the Instrument.
    Bank Hides truth from the (Account Holder), not admitting Theft, nor sharing proceeds of the sale of the (Account Holder’s)
    Financial Instrument with the (Account Holder) and creator of the financial instrument.
    The (Account Holder’s) Financial Instrument is converted into a Security through a Trust or similar arrangement in order to defeat
    restrictions on transactions of Loan Contracts.
    The Security including the Loan Contract is sold to investors, despite the fact that such Securitization is Illegal
    Bank is not the Holder in Due Course of the Loan Contract.
    Only the Holder in Due Course can claim on the Loan Contract.
    Bank Deceives the (Account Holder) that the Bank is Holder in Due Course of the Loan Contract
    Bank makes Fraudulent Charges to (Account Holder) for Loan payments which the Bank has no lawful right to since it is not
    the Holder in Due Course of the Loan Contract.
    Bank advanced none of own money to (Account Holder) but only monetized (Account Holder) signature.
    Bank Interest is Usurious based on there being No Money Provided to the (Account Holder) by the Bank so that any interest
    charged at all would be Usurious
    Bank Has No True Need for a Mortgage over the Borrower’s Property, since the Bank has No Consideration, No Risk and No
    Need for Security.
    Bank Exploits (Account Holder) by demanding a Redundant and Unjust Mortgage.
    Bank Deceives (Account Holder) that the Mortgage is needed as Security
    Mortgage Contract is a second Financial Instrument Created by the (Account Holder).
    Deposit of the Mortgage Contract is not credited to the (Account Holder)
    Bank sells the (Account Holder) Mortgage Contract for profit without disclosure or share of proceeds to (Account Holder)
    Sale of the Mortgage Contract confirms it has intrinsic value as an Asset yet that value is not credited to the (Account Holder) as
    Creator and Depositor of the Mortgage Contract
    Bank Deceives (Account Holder) that Bank is the Holder in Due Course of the Mortgage
    Bank Extorts Unjust Payments from the (Account Holder) under Duress with threat of Foreclosure
    Bank Steals (Account Holder) Wealth by intimidating (Account Holder) to make Unjust and fraudulent Loan Payments
    Bank Harasses (Account Holder) if (Account Holder) fails to make payments, threatening Legal Recourse.

    Bank Enlists Lawyers willing to Deceive (Account Holder) and Court and Exploit (Account Holder).
    Bank Deceives Court that Bank is Holder in Due Course of Loan Contract and Mortgage.
    Bank’s Lawyers Deceive and Exploit Court to Defraud (Account Holder).
    The government license the Bank where a license is permission to partake in an activity which would otherwise be illegal. The
    court (Judiciary) is a sub office of the company which grants the license and has an obligation to find in favour of the holder of
    that license as the Judiciary is a sub office of the company (STATE) that grants the license.

    The material evidence of the Fact.
    The Judiciary is a sub office of the (STATE) Company and this is confirmed by the Rt. Hon. Lord chief Justice Sir Jack Beatson
    FBA. This is a fact on and for the record.

    The State (Company) has no legal authority to grant the license.

    Case authority No WI-05257F as definitive material evidence of this fact that the governed have not given their consent or the legal authority for the (STATE) (Government) company to create legislation or grant license. This is a fact on and for the record.

    Bank Steals (Account Holder) Mortgaged Property with Legal Impunity.
    Bank Holds (Account Holder) Liable for any outstanding balance of original Loan plus costs
    Bank Profits from Loan Contract and Mortgage by Sale of the Loan Contract, Sale of the Mortgage, Principal and Interest
    Charges, Fees Charged, Increase of its Lending Capacity due to (Account Holder) Mortgaged Asset and by Acquisition of
    (Account Holder) Mortgaged Property in Foreclosure. Bank retains the amount of increase to the Money Supply Created by the
    (Account Holder) Signature once the Loan Account has been closed.
    (Account Holder) is Damaged by the Bank’s Loan Contract and Mortgage by Theft of his Financial Instrument Asset, Theft of his
    Mortgage Asset, Being Deceived into the unjust Status of a Debt Slave, Paying Lifetime Wealth to the Bank, Paying Unjust Fees
    and Charges, Living in Fear of Foreclosure, and ultimately having his Family Home Stolen by the Bank.

    So what is the material evidence that is missing?

    First there is the contract or agreement which bears no signature from the bank or the company seal.
    The true accounting from the Bank (Company) that shows the source of the funds that the Bank lent to the borrower. Full disclosure from the Bank (Company) to the fact that it is the (Account Holder’s) signature that created the commercial instrument and the asset which is the true source of the funds.
    The consent of the governed.
    The recorded legal authority on and for the record.

    Facts are facts because they are the facts. Facts have material substance. The material evidence of the facts is
    something of material substance. When there is no material substance to the facts then there is Bill and Ben making things up as they go along.

    These are the FACTS. This is the documented evidence of the facts. It is the very lack of the material evidence to the contrary to these documented facts which is the very evidence itself.

    Where there can be no physical evidence presented as material evidence that the opposite is true, IS By Default the Fact. And Fraud.
    We are all victims of this same criminal and intentional and UNCONSCIONABLE crime. This is inclusive
    but not limited to:-
    The lawyers,
    The Barristers,
    The Judges,
    The Members of Parliament (MPs)
    The Banking Staff,
    The Police,
    The people of this land.

    Who is not a victim of this UNCONSCIONABLE crime?

    These are the Facts and the documented Facts on and for the record. These facts stand as facts until somebody presents the material evidence which stands as fact to the contrary to these stated, documented on
    and for the record facts.

    Who is the Fool? The Fool, Or the Fool that follows the Fool?

  2. Excellent article in response to Julian Websdale’s article, “Illusory Money and the Economic System Construct” which provides the details of the monetary system. Then you provide actual, specific steps to begin moving out of the monetary system to an exchange system, a system of freedom and wealth for everyone…there are solutions!! Thank you!

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