Beings From The Subtle Worlds and Human Vampirism

Question from a reader:

Last year, I attended the Consciousness Expo organized by Ariane Editions in Toulouse, France. When I saw Gregg Braden, I was surprised by his energy. All dressed in black, it seemed that his ego was enormous and he was announcing some very bad news with precise dates.

I did not attend the Expo this year although I appreciate some of the speakers such as Daniel Meurois-Givaudan. I noticed that Ariane Editions’ logo uses a pyramidal symbol to shape the A of Ariane. I also noticed that Pierre Lessard, one of the lecturers, formed a pyramid with his hands. As for the sign “everything is ok” (circle made with the thumb and the index), it is used more and more in any occasions by everybody.

Can you tell me what you think about all of this?


As you pointed out, the use of these satanic signs and symbols indicates people’s allegiance, whether it’s in the domains of politics, music, movies, new age, quantum physics, arts, etc…

These signs and symbols also enable to connect to the subtle worlds from the etheric worlds, mostly from the astral plan (aka vital or emotional plan, which is the world of desires).  Using such signs or symbols not only indicates who the person is working for but enables to establish a link between the invisible worlds and the general public.

For example, when Beyoncé sings and makes the devil’s horn sign (aka mano cornuto) or wears a symbolic jewelry, she serves as a medium between the audience and the entities of the low astral, which nourish themselves from our vital energy through her. Beyoncé becomes the intermediary, the channel. The same phenomenon happens when our presidents make the 666 sign with their hands on television. These are examples of constant vampirism, which takes place thanks to the media, using us as “batteries”.

The low astral is connected to the reptilian brain and the sexual chakra called « sacred ». These low vibrations are easily perceived by any humans who are a bit sensitive. We can feel the same type of energy around famous politicians, religious or spiritual leaders, celebrities, etc.

As for the people who receive information from these subtle worlds, who do consciously « astral » travels (like Daniel Meurois-Givaudan for instance) and those who channel ascended masters (like Pierre Lessard and “master” Saint Germain), these people are partly or completely under the influence of the beings who use them to vampirize their audience and to pass on false information in order to keep humanity in a state of ignorance and dependence.

I hope this short explanation will help you understand the invisible exchanges that constantly take place between the concrete world and the subtle worlds. To become aware of it helps a lot for discernment. Remember though, there is no good, no bad. These experiences enable me to awaken to the reality of who I really am: a divine being incarnated in a human body, with all the necessary attributes to say “no, thank you” to this vampirization.