Evolution towards… the New Species

Back cover description:

One single and sincere look at the present world situation is enough to convince anybody that it has reached a point of no return. All governments are corrupt; the money system serves only the rich; values and ethics are crumbling; war, murder and rape haunt our lives. The basic structure of society is collapsing, starting with family life, which is bursting at the seams. Time is accelerating and carries in its wake never-ending and planet-wide catastrophes. Earth and its inhabitants are experiencing perpetual suffering and abysmal dispair. Many are already anticipating the end of the human species. Humanity is heading towards a monumental dead-end!

Everywhere, people are talking about crises: financial, political, social, ethical, climatic, envirnmental, etc. In fact, it is none of these.

In reality, it is an evolutionary crisis!

Instead of fighting this process, reverting to outdated practices, holding on to useless assets or waiting for a promised savior, why not make a 180 degres turn in the other direction? Let’s stop repeating our obsolete ways, which can only bring more suffering. It is time to dream about the next step, the new idessic species, and modify our actions to facilitate its imminent birth. Our destiny is in our own hands. If we choose to, we can create paradise-on-earth!

In this booklet you will discover:

  • Who you are
  • where you are going
  • what the meaning of life really is
  • why the conspiracy is a blessing
  • who really profits from duality of right and wrong
  • why suffering, illness, old age and death do not exist
  • how to heal your fears and transform your body
  • how to create tomorrow’s new being.

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