Authority towards… Omnipotence

As humanity makes the shift from an agonizing animal world to a new and unlimited life on Earth, most of us don’t know whom to believe and how to act anymore. Our world leaders have consistently lied to us and brought our species to the brink of extinction. We are now drifting on a boat without a captain. Who will take command of the ship? Whom can we trust? The United Nations and its dictators? Extra-terrestrials coming to save or enslave us? Scinetific or spiritual masters, two sides of the same duality? Let us choose none of these and keep away from reproducing old, decaying models. We don’t want a better world or a more reasonable society. STOP this air-conditioned heal-on-earth!

I aspire for SOMETHING ELSE: true individual sovereignty. The main problem is that I have forgotten who I really am. I need to understand who is in charge inside me. Like a tyrant, my ego rules my life while my soul is waiting to be heard.

In reality, it is an identity crisis!

I am in dire need of discernment, as I go through this period of utmost confusion. Lies appear as truths, illusion as reality. I confuse emotions with soul, and mind with spirit. Who can tell me where the truth lies? Only my soul knows what is real, but I have been separated from her and governed by my ego. The time has come to give free rein to my sovereign soul. This will allow me to manifest omnipotence, omniscience, immortality, real love and all the other attibutes previously associated with an external god.

In this booklet, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • Why do we live in this hell-on-earth?
  • How does false power work and what does it rest on?
  • Where do I find real power?
  • How can I transfer the power from my ego to my soul?
  • What is real sovereignty?
  • What is the secret of trinity?
  • What is the key to omniscience?
  • How do I eradicate death forever?

You can purchase a copy of this booklet HERE on this website.