No External Interventions Will Do The Job

Translated and edited by Rhiame

I’d like to share with you the answer that Ghis gave during a lecture in December 2012. A man in the audience asked for her insight regarding “Ashtar Command”. Mado intervened at the end to conclude on the subject. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy!

Ghis’answer:All thisDouble-Fishbowl occult world – ascended masters, Ashtar command, ET’s, energy medicine, channeling, new-age, etc. – It is not through this that we are going to become who we are. The occult world (invisible world) is what I call the second fishbowl (the first fishbowl being the concrete visible world) where we are dealing with a lot of entities who have a lot of powers. But in terms of consciousness, this invisible world is still in division, in separation. It’s important to understand this, especially if you are looking for oneness. If I want to become who I am, it’s on earth in a living body that it should happen.

The idessic/supramental consciousness is on earth, in a physical body.

Even the gods and demigods of the surmental are in division.The surmental is the most elevated at the mental level but still, if the gods of the surmental want to move forward in consciousness, and want their soul to grow and fully take over their bodies, they would have to reincarnate in a human body – they must come on this planet of misery and suffering! It’s in matter that it all takes place.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes – or in the scales – of the fish suffocating in its pound where water became scarce. Before it died, it jumped out onto the shore. And what happened? It created lungs and became an amphibian. The fish did not go to Walmart to buy a pair of lungs. It did not buy a book to learn how to create lungs. It did not call a doctor to get a lung transplant. The lungs were already there in its cells. It was in the matter. What happened? The lungs manifested. It will be the same process for us.

The idessic[1] being that I am is already here, inside me.

I am the creative spirit which can both fly (paradise) and walk (earth) – join spirit and matter. I am this being, it is within me. What prevents me from manifesting it? It is wrapped in thousands of layers of beliefs, desires and habits – all my animal programs of survival governed by ego. That’s what I need to take off. I am already it, I just need to get rid of what I am not. Nobody else can do the job for me – nobody. No savior, prophet, master, ET, etc. can do it. All these hierarchies (cosmic, galactic, etc.) are still outside of me. It is not some hierarchies that will decide of my destiny.

Nothing can decide what will happen to me

Right now, we hear a lot about planet Nibiru, which is getting closer and is going to cross the solar system, change the face of the earth and so forth—Wait a minute! I remember when I started learning about energy medicine, some people who were doing numerology told me that I was this number therefore this and that would happen to me. I said to myself: “Hold on! No one can decide what will happen to me.” It’s time to start thinking as an idessic[1] being that I am; I am the Creatrix[2] of what happens to me. It is not a planet, a date or a number that will determine my fate. It is not true. That’s what it means to become aware of who I am. I must stop buying into such stories and giving my power away. The planets will do whatever they want to do. But I, what do I want to do?

It is important to understand that for it is the crux of everything. This is not the planets, the beings of light or the E.T.s that will decide. All these entities from the subtle world that are in trend right now – stop all of that, you are getting in the wrong direction. It’s not about right or wrong because it does not exist. It’s because they are also in the world of separation. They tell us: “we’ll come and save you”, “we know what you need to do, we’ll guide you” and so forth. As long as I still believe that someone else knows better than I, I remain separated from who I am: a creative, unlimited, omnipotent, omniscient, immortal being.

All it does is inflate the spiritual ego

I know some people who follow some ascended masters religiously. But none of these masters tells them to stop paying their income tax, investing in the stock exchange, having sex… nobody tells them that. They are still attached to their animal programs of survival, their egoic ways of behaving, which are all based on fear. Gaining bits and pieces of powers or getting enlightened, all it does is inflate my spiritual ego – we are going in the opposite direction of what we need to do, which is to dissolve the ego. In the meantime, the ones from the subtle world feed themselves merrily – they party up there! What about all these gatherings, rituals, peace meditations, planetary prayers like they did for the election of Obama? They are meant to build up egregores[3], which create an energetic mass. The more people are doing that, the bigger the energetic mass, the more energetic food they get from us. Indeed, our vital energy is their food! That’s why they encourage us to continue doing that. They don’t want us to stop because if we do, they die. [Read (again) Beings From The Subtle Worlds and Human Vampirism]

The fear of death comes from entities of the subtle worlds

Here is an interesting fact: the fear of death that we carry is not ours. Animals are fearful but they are not afraid of dying. We, humans, are thinking animals but it’s not the animal part of us that gives us the fear of death.  It’s our fear of death that makes us write wills, take insurances, prepare our funerals, etc. In fact, the fear of death comes from the entities of the invisible world. It does not belong to us, it’s they who are afraid of dying. So they don’t want us to discover that we are immortal because if we are no longer afraid of dying, they are done for. They nourish themselves from our fears  and the fear of death contains all the fears. As long as I still have one fear in me, I know that I still carry the fear of death. If we are no longer afraid of dying, they will starve and die.

It is great time that we stop dealing with the occult world whether it’s through religion, spirituality, energy medicine, channeling, satanism, witchcraft, etc. I invite you to come back on earth, in matter, in your body. This is where all happens. It is not by leaving matter, on the contrary it’s by entering into the matter, by divinizing the matter that we’ll succeed in becoming who we are. In fact, we are already that. It’s all about dis-covering it, taking off everything that covers it, and making the unification body-soul-spirit – then it will manifest. That’s what a Personocratia learns to do.

Let’s search in the right place!

All this invisible world is in trend right now; it’s very tempting but it’s also very dangerous. The entities have impressive powers and do extraordinary things. But all of this is not true. We are still in the world of illusion dealing with subtle forces that we don’t know about, which make us kneel and be in ecstasy. We hear voices, we have out of body experiences, which are like picks that give us access to “higher” consciousnesses. We go up and once the experience is over, we fall back down to the septic tank, exactly where we were before. I know some people who had such incredible experiences in the past and all their lives they are searching for similar experiences often in vain. Let’s search in the right place! Paradise is on earth, not out there – no need to die or leave our bodies. It’s by entering into the matter, inside our body, and by taking off what is not true that we will succeed.

Most people whom I’ve met and had such experiences are in admiration. If it was through the use of ecstasy that they reached that state, they will continue taking ecstasy to go back. If the person got it through an out-of-body experience, they continue practicing out-of-body experiences. If it is with a master through a spiritual initiation, they become devotees, and so forth. No, stay in your body and do the job, and you will succeed – and it will last. The rest is just illusion. Although it is very tempting it is also very deceiving because it does not last; nothing from the invisible world lasts because it’s not it, it’s not true. The truth is who I am, the rest outside me is a mirror, a reflection of me therefore an illusion.”

Mado’s conclusion

We moved from religion-governed societies to scientific-atheist ones. Now most people believe that the physical visible matter like our body is true and the rest that we cannot see does not exist. The elite have planned that – in other words, since we are creators, we created the elite to help us detach ourselves from old useless beliefs in order to move forward.  Now we are pushed again towards witchcraft and occultism through movies, video games, new age, energy medicine, etc. But they give us a false version of reality. What we take for Heaven is in fact the astral and vital world. Those entities from the second fishbowl such as Ashtar, ascended masters, etc. can take the appearance they want, tell us what they want us to hear and we believe them. We need to do some cleaning in all of this. First, we need to let go of the attachment to the belief that there is something or someone bigger than me: there are bigger than me that are bad like the reptilians – and there are bigger than me that are nice like the Pleiadians or Ashtar. But they are all outside of me. I have to come back inside and tell myself: “there is no good no bad, everything is perfect and pushes towards where I need to go, which is not up there but here on earth in my body.”

Indeed, I am the Supreme Being, the Creative Spirit, living in matter.


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  1. Idessa/Idessic: word invented by Ghis to define the Supreme Being inherent to all that exist.
  2. Creatrix: Feminine word for “Creator”.
  3. Egregore: Thought-form generated by similar thoughts in many people. Prayers, meditation, rituals, and repetitive ideas, emotions and acts automatically create egregores.