Aliens, Egos And Souls: Who Are We In The Big Picture? (part 4)

by  Mado Sauve >


Please, don’t read my car analogy wrong. I am not saying that the answer is technological. Quite the opposite! Technology is simply a lazy person’s answer to her dreams of infinite powers. I would rather continue to use limited and limiting devices (computers, cell phones, microchips, free energy machines) than become who I really am: an omniscient, omnipotent, invincible, immortal, all-loving being!


The use of technology actually slows down the evolution of consciousness, unless it is soul-guided. The manifestation of a divine being made up of divine matter does not rely on transhumanism and its GRIN technologies – Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Nanotechnology. Nor is the solution chemical, through drug-induced states of consciousness or by other artificial or magical means (ayahuasca, LSD, numerology, Kabbalah, binaural beats, rituals, sacrifices). We cannot force the evolution of consciousness in such a way, and even less the transformation of human into divine beings.

Neither can such a change be provoked by an external facilitator, through a Oneness Blessing (deeksha), despite Amma Bhagavan’s claim, founder of the Oneness University: “Man cannot make it on his own; it has to be given to him.” Indeed, but not by another human. Rather, the body must surrender its free will to its soul and follow its injunctions blindly. So, forget any type of external help: shamanism, reiki, drugs, magic, gurus, religions, mystery schools, secret societies, channelling, walk-ins, ley lines, and sacred sites. In the past, these helped the evolution of consciousness. Now, they hinder our transformation.



Let us go back to the subject of abductions, aliens, and demonic entities. As a human being, I am perpetually bathing in subtle worlds brimming with forces and beings of all types. Personally, I am not a milab, abductee, or contactee, but like all humans, I am surrounded by invisible beings who attempt to influence me and feed on me – 24/7. However, whether they are human, alien, demonic, I am never a victim. I am always a participant. The solution is obvious: I must learn to say “no, thanks!” to all those entities.

"Not, thanks. And don't bother asking again."

“No, thanks. And don’t bother asking again.”

Refusing their offers and repelling their attacks works only if I am sincere. In most cases, one or more of my egoic personalities agree to play the game, whether it is physical or subtle in nature. One part of me wants the contact or abduction in order to feel wanted and special. This fulfills my desire to be more powerful and important than other ‘normal’ humans who do not face such ordeals. Abductees and contactees are told they have been ‘chosen’. Milabs are taken by the military because they are already abductees whose occult powers can be used to participate in delicate missions. To be liberated from military/alien/demonic influence, I must dissolve the egoic personalities that profit from their actions. These parts of me must accept to die and I have to face the void. I must continue living while I have the impression of being nothing. A very uncomfortable experience!

The problem is that I identify with my ego, not my soul. I remain so attached to my present-day egoic personalities that I cannot imagine being anything else. Who am I if I am no longer a milab/abductee/contactee? Surrendering my free will to my soul, that part of me about which I know nothing, that I cannot hear and hardly feel, requires immense courage. Aurobindo summarizes this quite well: “Ego must disappear and be replaced by the true spiritual person, the central being, and life itself must be turned towards the fulfillment of the Divine in terrestrial existence; it must feel a Divine Force awaking within it and become an obedient instrumentation of its purpose.” (The Synthesis of Yoga by Aurobindo)



There have been many advanced civilizations before ours. Every time humanity on Earth became too technological or magical, and erred away from its mission – the manifestation of a divine being made out of divinized matter – some cosmic event brought about a planet cleansing. The destruction of Atlantis and Noah’s Great Flood are simply two recent ‘resets’. Courtney Brown, a remote viewing specialist, summed it up well in a recent interview: You need a million years of uninterrupted growth for a civilization to really mature and do something. You can’t grind it down to a pulp every twenty-five thousand years or sixty thousand years and expect it to start all over again, where there is no memory of what happened before. And this is what happens regularly [on Earth]… We have these pole shifts that happen regularly, we have these coronal mass ejections that happen every two thousand years that ruin all the electrical stuff… This is not a good planet to have a long-term civilization on.” You are right, Courtney, but it is a perfect planet for the evolution of souls and the creation of a new reign IN MATTER!

What is coming now is not a ‘reset’. It is an apocalypse, a Greek word that means “revelation, disclosure of what has been concealed”.  The present climatic and geological changes on Earth and other planets of our solar system are evident proof that something big is coming. However, it is much more than just a regular mass-extinction event, much bigger than the end of a cycle. It is the end of ALL cycles! It is the beginning of a new kingdom: divine beings made out of divine matter and living divine lives outside of the space-time illusion.

Egg-hatching-lightFor the divine chicks to hatch, they must break their shells. This has already started in the invisible realms, but we cannot yet see it in the concrete material world. In order for the shells to crack open, we need a critical mass of human beings who surrender to their souls and allow the immensely powerful energies of spirit to transform their mortal and limited human bodies into immortal, unlimited divine bodies. When this critical mass is reached, aliens and entities that have been feeding on humans will simply disappear. Now, you finally understand why they are so desperate at stopping this emergence of divine beings by all means possible: microchipping, hybridization, GMOs, chemtrails, radiation, abductions, etc. With their time machines, they are able to see the future. They know that they will not succeed. They can only delay the inevitable.

Even if the transformation of willing humans into divine beings is inescapable, we need to participate willingly to the birthing process. How can we help? Each one of us needs to say “No, thanks!” to the skillful maneuvers of ADs. And don’t think that Jesus, son of God, or any other past spiritual teachers, can help you. This may have worked in the past, but that time is over. Don’t expect either that good, STO aliens (Service-To-Other) will tell us how to get the job done. They can no longer help, because this is a first-time-ever event. Only our souls know how to proceed, and they are hidden inside our bodies!

Our transformation into divine beings rests in our own hands. We must refuse to participate as willing contactees, abductees, or milabs, even if it means the death of our physical bodies. After all, as humans, we own immortal, forever-evolving souls. Aliens and demons don’t! We do not need to be afraid. They do! All spiritual people are quick to admit that they are divine. Well, it’s time to walk our talk – and trust our souls, at all costs!


Author: Mado

NOTE: Dissolving the ego and surrendering to the soul is a complex process where implementing congruent actions in alignment with my consciousness is a crucial step to transform into the new Idessic being. Personocratia shares her way of making the transfer of power from ego to soul through books, booklets, videos and workshops.


9 thoughts on “Aliens, Egos And Souls: Who Are We In The Big Picture? (part 4)

  1. To Al above. Can you put me in touch with those kind and skillful healers you mentioned above?

  2. Hi Dilbert, it’s one interesting way of interpreting it but i don’t think that’s Mado’s message. Transformation does not mean killing ourselves 😉

  3. Mind blown. It feels like I’ve shifted out of a fractal and into a new paradigm. Words could never wrap themselves around it.

    Loves. xo

  4. In response to AL U’s comment: No, what is said in this article is not the absolute Truth, just one version of it that seems truer to its author. Indeed, there are as many interpretations of the same thing as there are individuals. Likewise, there are as many versions of the Truth as there are individuals – in this present world of illusion and falsehood where everything is deformed (or shaped) according to our own egotistic filters. Your comment is a good illustration and that’s why it would be pointless to argue on your views since it is your truth.

    When everybody will be connected to their soul, then everybody will agree on one Truth. In the meantime, our egos still run the show and the best I can do as an individual is to share my truth at the present moment, which as you mentioned, may evolve the next minute or month as my consciousness evolves as well. And as a reader or a listener, the best I can do is to stay opened to what the other shares without judgment (as best as possible) and take what feels true to me at the present moment. It’s the job of each of us to find our own truth and not to wait for someone else (gurus, masters, prophets, gods, entities…) to tell us that their truth is the ultimate Truth.

    Each of us is at different levels of consciousness since we are all in an evolutionary process to attain the Truth-reality. The beauty of this is that each of us expresses a portion of the whole picture which completes each others’ puzzle, and our missing pieces are often found in the least expected circumstances – most of the time in the ones that create discomfort and resistance (hint-hint).

    Thank you for taking the time to share you view.

  5. Hi just wondering, you seem to go on about duality and paint this world as polyality. Is what you say the absolute truth? Wouldn’t it be easy to preach celibacy and live in a cave? Why do you charge $20 for a dvd? Surely you don’t need to make such an big profit on the cost of a DVD? You could just post them on youtube for free without involving us in their game. How am I meant to rise above them if you put me down into their game? I know the answer lie within but the point of the journey is not to find the old answers within. Going into yourself is non progressive. Yes, you still get the same point quicker but its a cop out and you haven’t expanded one bit. The spiral cyclic pattern tells you if you push out to a point you will eventually reach the limit and find yourself within that way. Your way is regression back into the egg without living. You have missed the point and the lesson. You will have learnt nothing. This life is here to experience and be the conqueror of your fears, not roll into a ball and pretend the problems don’t exist by ignorance and megalomania. You have no godlike qualities more than anyone else. There is no absolute truth because it ever changing. So your mission here seems to be subvert people, confuse them and herd them into your store. You may not be aware of that, but its certainly the message. You my friend have been possessed yourself. You are no different to anyone else or greater than them. A true master wouldn’t act like this and certainly wouldn’t make it so obvious. Why destroy the lesson for people? You can’t, is the point. Have a think about existence again.

  6. Dear Rhiame,
    That was very good thank you and very clear. I agree, it all depends on which level of consciousness and or being one is activating being at the moment among the billion now points. There are moments when I can see what you are saying and other moments more still in duality and feeling victimized by world and all its myriad forces, call them what you will, material, governmental, alien, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’,the collective miasma of mankind’s consensus reality-dream-nightmare. I did however say helper and help rather than Saviour in the trad sense, God undoubtedly helps those who help themselves for we are gods holographically and microsmically speaking. I just don;t think we would be in any condition to align with higher consciousness at all without countless and mostly subtle and invisible acts of compassionate and graceful intervention by HDBs including Masters like J and many others. I don’t think we’d even be around! . Please don;t underestimate the gravity of our situation here. It’s a game but a pretty serious one! There are those Gnostic teachers to which I somewhat adhere who say evil is not merely as you rightly put it (I think that was the original divine plan, to add spice and the odd hyper steroid treatment to an otherwise dull and static creation – without contraries is no progression, as William Blake put it) but also things have got perilously out of hand and we have on one level been invaded and ruthlessly colonized by vampiric beings who have almost complete power on the planet right now (look how governments / corrupt systems remain intact or simply shuffle the pack among themselves despite the desperate longings and sufferings of the multitudes for change).
    You see that is exactly what excess and imbalance of dark polarity does it cuts most beings off completely from their creatorhood so they would not even entertain in theory the kind of radical non dual ideas you present. Thus isn;t it almost an irrelevance sad to say that we spin in our Platonic towers endless fine systems of non dualsim while the bombs are falling and the chidlren in Syria scream and other places or the masses groan in their day to day survival stupor while the fat cats swan around the world and the whales and the tigers die and the oceans die and the air is poisoned. I say creation is a cruel place and our gods are become tyrants / demiurges! This is as one teacher put it the terminal madness of the end times. And yet I sill believe in a Love that is way beyond our understanding; as Christ said my kingdom is not of this world – there is this transcendent spark in us but can enough of us access it before it it too late or is the final destiny of this monstrous dream to be consumed itself in divine wrath fire?
    Blessings on your journey been talkin to you,

  7. Thank you, Al, for sharing your experience. I’d like to take this opportunity to reply to your comment with a personocratic point of view – not to dismiss your opinion and what you have experienced (this is not the point) but to bring a different perspective.

    It is certain that there are battles between aliens, that some try to destroy humanity while others try to help it – but only if we look at things in a dualistic way as we are accustomed in this illusionary reality, the fishbowl of death as Ghis calls it.

    The consciousness of personocratia comes from the standpoint that there is no good or bad, right or wrong, just or unjust, victim or perpetrator. On the contrary, everything that happens on this planet and in the universes is actually perfect for the evolution of consciousness of humanity. And what we call the ‘malevolent’ or ‘negative’ forces are the ones that actually speed up the evolution of human beings perhaps even more than the ‘benevolent’ forces. The article called “Illuminati vs Consciousness” explains this concept.(

    We can fully grasp this new notion when we become aware of our true identity, that of being the supreme authority, the creator of the whole universe – the divine (creative spirit) living in matter, in an individualized body. Only then can we get out of the hellish triangle of victim-perpetrator-savior that holds humanity in slavery. If I create everything that happens to me (even aliens and Illuminati), then there’s no culprit/perpetrator/enemy, then I don’t need any savior.

    As the full creator that I am, I create the ‘problem’ that shows to be the most adequate condition to boost my own evolution of consciousness. At the same time, I also create the solutions to overcome the challenge that the situation set up. If I approach a ‘negative’ experience as a victim, if I look for a culprit and wait for a savior, then I miss the gift that was presented to me. Let’s remember that as a creator (unconscious of being one most of the time), I will never bring into my life situations that I cannot overcome – all the solutions are already in place in the background. More needs to be said on that but I will not expand here.

    The personocratic consciousness is a huge leap that goes in the opposite direction of what governments, religions, spiritualities and sciences of all times and civilizations have taught. Getting out of the victim mode and giving up on the external savior is a very difficult thing to do for many people because it brings about a lot of fears, and therefore it requires courage to face them and transcend them. Not everybody is ready to walk on a high tightrope without a safety net – which is fine.

    The idea that we are omnipotent, omniscient, immortal, unlimited beings is scary for most of us. We are so used to be belittled, to take ourselves for poor powerless creature (and since we create what we believe, we reinforce our belief even more) created by an external creator (parents, God, aliens, etc), that thinking otherwise seems impossible, to not say arrogant.

    The side-effect of the personocratic/supramental consciousness is that the more I become who I really am – the supreme being, the creative spirit, the highest vibration of the all universe – the more I behave accordingly, the less the external forces will have an impact on me. Once I will fully accomplish myself (fusion of the body, soul and spirit, in other words, union creator-creature), only then duality will completely disappear (dominant/dominated, authority/obedience, good/bad…); every individual will be ONE and ALL simultaneously. That’s where true ONENESS through INDIVIDUALITY will manifest.

    Kindly, Rhiame

  8. Fantastical article so well written, truly! I was with you all the way until the last lines when you said JC and positive ETs (or as I prefer to call them HDBs Higher Dimensional beings) can’t help us – no Sirree without help we can’t possibly do this – we would have been meatballs for the Archon fry up by now all of us! They are even now holding the space from total destruction – I think we have already been destroyed several times over by now save for their hi tech invisible tech consciousness tech intervention (nought wrong with technology either simply ours like us is way too crude and will to power and control over rather than in service to Love) . No way could we do this ourselves no way.
    We also need each other. Last summer I was attacked by dark ET’s I am almost sure they even infiltrated my inner mind and spiritual guiidance system and goaded me on (in my lower mind one of egos stupidly wanted to be rich and powerful for all sorts of highly ‘spiritual’ reasons!) so I bought into an inheritance scam run my malay mafiosi and cut a long story short was conned out of a lot of money! I was recently put in contact with some powerful and graceful healers who in the name of Christ and Masters and Higher Council helped to remove dark implants from my body and mind. I literallly writhed on my bed and coughed them out one night like an exorcism!
    We absolutely need help I would have been driven mad I think without such graceful and timely intervention. I am still ‘poor’ in worldly terms but my faith has rebounded back even stronger because I was brought so low yet survived with soul in tact like the Hercules through the harrowing ordeals or Christ harrowing hell.
    It is imperative at this crucial time not to fall into Luciferian hubris and think we can do this all on our own – we do it together and Together and Together there is only One Person here! or not at all and go down spinning in endless purgatorial and hellish bardoes that will not be pretty! No Man is an island he is part of the main — The great English poet John Donne, and we are cells all in the body of Christ lambs to be gathered in by the Good Shepherd He comes for His flock right now!
    Lots of Love,

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