Illuminati vs. Consciousness

Jump-Out-Of-FishbowlNothing can stop the evolution of consciousness. Not even the Illuminati with their plans for a total control of the planet. But it takes these people and ‘malevolent’ forces to wake us up. All they can do is to force us to jump out of the fishbowl of death – the consciousness we are currently bathing in, which is hell-on-earth. Seen under this perspective, they play a crucial role in the transformation of human consciousness.

We need those people to make our lives so miserable and unbearable that there will be no other choice for humanity than to create the new idessic /supramental being[1] who lies within us. As long as human beings have enough to survive, even in the most appalling conditions of slavery, they will continue perpetuating the non-sense that is presently going on on the planet. So it takes the Illuminati and their plan to impose a global dictatorship over humanity to make us suffocate. It has to be suffocating. More and more people can already feel the suffocation, and it’s going to intensify. So let’s rejoice because it will accelerate the transformation process.

Whether I, as an individual, decide to change, to transform into the new being who is on her way to materialize deep inside me, or whether I decide to die of fear and exhaustion, as humanity has always done for millennia, the critical mass needed for the reversal of consciousness will continue growing –  with or without me. Nothing will stop that from happening because it’s unstoppable. But the more we are to decide to walk the path of the idessic consciousness, the faster the shift will take place – in other words, our suffering on this planet will shorten.

For myself, I’ve already made my decision: I chose to go with the winner – my soul. Only She knows exactly where to go and what to do for the realization of the idessic  being, and I follow her blindly. By doing so, I have a better chance to make it through, although there is no guarantee. If you want guarantees, then continue on the path most humanity is currently on, in the fear-based animal consciousness, where it’s a guarantee you will age, suffer and physically die.

Authors: Words from Ghis (Personocratia), gathered, translated and edited by Rhiame

  • [1] Idessic/Supramental consciousness: The consciousness that the Supreme Being is inherent to all that exists. The idessic/supramental being is the accomplished being who is both the unique creative spirit and its created matter – by opposition to the consciousness where the supreme creator or creative spirit is outside of or above the individual. Ghis uses the word ‘idessic’ to define this new consciousness, which meaning is similar to the term ‘supramental’ that Sri Aurobindo and Mother use.

3 thoughts on “Illuminati vs. Consciousness

  1. Only pain and great misery will cause the world to want to leave this unhappiness. How long it will take for people to sense and know,this is anybodys’ guess.

  2. Pleasure in survival mode sends one to sleep, while pain wakes the individual up out of misery and chaos.

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