This blog exists thanks to the generous contributions of the following creators:

GhisGhis, IBIT (Idessic Being In Training). That’s who I am. Over the past sixty years, I’ve been roaming about, looking for an absolute truth. I’ve tried different countries, and experimented different roles, including that of a physician, an entrepreneur, a mother, an author, a lecturer… And after all that, I came home only to discover that what I was looking for was part of me all along. Read more about Ghis and her work on her website


Marie-06-2015-2jpgRhiame : She is the creator and manager of this blog. For the past 20 years, she has been practicing, teaching and writing about natural medicine, self-healing, human consciousness and personal transformation in France and North America.


Mado-2015-square Mado : Known for her popularization of the extraterrestrial phenomenon, she writes, gives lectures, and teaches a variety of interconnected subjects, which are infused with her  own individual interpretations based on personal experience and more than 45 years of research. Read more about Mado and her work on her website:


La-Pouliche La Pouliche: Teacher in the Creatrix Consciousness for over 10 years, she has been working full time on spreading this new consciousness. As she is walking this pathless path of creating the true being, she shares her insight  and discoveries through lectures, workshops, writings and videos. Read more about La Pouliche and her work on her website (in French only).