Education: The High Price of Idiotization – PART 2


Throughout the spring of 2012, Quebec’s streets were invaded, day after day, by up to 125,000 angry students who were demonstrating against a stiff rise in university fees and the imposition of an RPR (Remboursement Proportionnel au Revenu) program. The media portrayed the students either as courageous knights or violent criminals, while Charest, Quebec’s prime minister, was presented both as a ruthless leader and a wise administrator of public funds. The good guys and the bad guys kept changing, but the media never questioned the true nature of the crisis. In order to clarify the situation, let us examine the worldwide picture of K-20 education (kindergarten to PhD).

Montreal Streets, May 2012

In the past decade, the globalization of schooling has been accelerating, thanks to organizations such as Education 2000 (born in 1983), 21st Century Learning Initiative (1995), Wikiversity and WikiEducator (2006), and the World Innovation Summit for Education (2009). The new pedagogical approach being favoured no longer depends on books and even less on teachers vomiting their knowledge onto students quietly listening behind rows of desks. Students of 21st century learning initiatives sit in front of computer screens and learn the lies dictated by the elite inside virtual classrooms. Instead of forcing everyone in the class to learn at the same speed and pass exams at the same time, each person can now follow her own rhythm.

This approach is called outcome-based education. Nobody ever flunks a test anymore. Their success is only “deferred” to a later date. Programmers who specialize in the control of human behaviour have designed appropriate educational software. Populations of all countries are gradually forced to learn a homogeneous series of data. In the meantime, they can never develop a capacity to reason or discriminate fact from fiction. The corresponding educational software market grows by 40 % every year! Huge multinationals shape out children’s minds until they are made ready for the next step: higher education.

Today, most young adults are expected to attend university. For example, in the USA, 70 % of high school graduates register to start a university degree. One third succeed and get out of university with an average debt of 24,000 $. They then need to reimburse this, plus the interest that starts to accumulate as soon as they leave school. In famous universities such as MIT or Harvard, the debt may go up to 200,000 $ and take up to 40 years to get reimbursed. Slavery for life! Most of these young adults would have gone to work right after high school if they had known that 60 % of university graduates now work in jobs that require no degree. These should consider themselves lucky, since the unemployment rate has gone up to 22 % (2011). Numerous very bright university graduates end up poor and discouraged, while more and more companies would rather employ resourceful non-graduates with experience in several fields.

With every country in the world now close to bankruptcy, things are about to get much worse, thanks to increase pressure from the World Bank, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the OCDE (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) who have agreed with the recommendations of Nicholas Barr, from the London School of Economics. What is happening is the global privatization of all schooling, including higher education. And since most kids now believe that they must go through college or university to succeed in life, their parents and themselves are ready to accept long-term debt enslavement. Barr’s recommendations are now being implemented in Quebec through four basic steps: 1) The introduction of the RPR; 2) The rise in school fees; 3) The increase of loan limits; 4) Stiffer laws to force total repayment. All this is sold to the public in the name of the “right to a higher education”. Soon, almost everybody will have school debts. The State will serve as guarantor and borrowers will pay back fortunes in interest to private bankers.

This educational conspiracy is now becoming global. It was first introduced in Great Britain in 1998. The results were impressive: the average student debt went from 3,000 ₤ in 2004 to 52,000 ₤ in 2012. In Quebec, where university fees are now planned to increase ten-fold in the next five years, the government claims to have no choice in the matter, because universities are severely under-financed. Yet, Quebec universities receive more money per student than in any other Canadian province. The problem is how the money is spent! Universities choose to underfinance teaching and overfinance research. Also, research is no longer fundamental, but mostly commercially oriented. More than 76 % of research budgets go into science projects and less than 8 % into humanities. The plan is to sell useful discoveries to the private sector against cash. Strange priorities for an educational establishment!

The 1999 Bologna Accords forced European universities to follow the K-20 anglo-american model. In 2012, there is now a single planet-wide educational system in which the mission of universities is four-fold: teaching, fundamental research, community service, and commercialization of research results. As they must survive on very tight budgets, universities are forced to accept public-private partnerships. Through donations, multinational corporations sit on the administration boards of most universities and impose their products on campuses (e.g. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds), along with their choices of research projects. For example, the Pentagon pays for half of the research funds in US universities. He who pays the piper calls the tune!

Education is also being gradually imposed to all ages. More and more professions require ongoing training from their members. Since society is evolving rapidly, it is important that all employees from multinational corporations learn new and better lies on an ongoing basis. This way, they remain competitive and are classified as “desirable elements” instead of “redundancies”. Lay-offs are common. Those who wish to remain employable must work extra hard. The time is over when one could graduate from university and say: “Phew! No more studies! I’ll never sit in another classroom again!” We might as well get used to it, since the World Bank, UNESCO, and the OECD are actually putting in place Lifelong Learning (LLL) programs. Their official purpose is to maximize “social cohesion, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, gender equality, personal wellbeing, competitiveness, the spirit of enterprise, and the efficient use of ICTs” (Information and Communication Technologies). An inspiring program! Whatever you do, UNESCO and its persuasive henchmen will eventually find you, reprogram you, and make you ‘benefit’ from their most recent mind-control technologies – probably for a hefty price. But don’t you worry – loans are easy to get!

Once we become conscious of this global agenda, should we continue to encourage young adults to get student loans for higher education? No! Should parents borrow money to help their kids attend college or university? No, especially now that the average household debt has never been higher! Who really wants us to “get an education”? The banksters! Considering the fact that most of what is taught from kindergarten to PhD is mostly mind-controlling lies, we end up paying the big price for educational idiotization and total economic enslavement. The solution becomes obvious: 1) Let us stop using government-sponsored education and its stifling loans; 2) Let us learn skills through experience and apprenticeship; 3) Let us remember that truth is internal. The more I learn to trust my innate knowledge, the less I will need to depend on external ‘help’!

Author:Ghis and Mado

Excerpt from Personocratia’s Booklet #8 – Education towards… Innate Knowledge – Purchase your copy on this site or at


Chemtrails and National Debt

Question from a reader:

If every country has their own sovereign airspace, who lets these planes come in to spray chemtrails on their territory ?


To answer your question about sovereign airspace, I would say this:

– All countries have huge national debts and have a difficult time
paying the interest on this debt.

– When governments borrow money to private bankers, a contract is
signed. If politicians do not do what they are told, when the contract
ends and a new one has to be written, the interest skyrockets.

– If a country can no longer pay this interest, it goes bankrupt and
bankers get everything they want.

– Among the many conditions asked by bankers to keep the interest
manageable is that the spraying of the population be allowed without
interruption by the country’s army.

– Basically, this situation allows them to do tons of stuff: vaccinations, GMOs, etc. This is what is meant by “money rules the world”.

– Of course, this works only if politicians are corrupt, which most of
them are. Most of them are involved in secret societies, satanic
rituals and pedophilia. If they refuse to go along with the bankers’
plans, they are exposed, family members are threatened or they are
disposed of through accidents, homicides or fake suicides.

– The reality is that this system works thanks to us, the people, by continuing giving away our power through voting, paying taxes, using the banking system, etc. When are we going to stop doing this?