The New Age Conspiracy

 Human beings behave like fish swimming in a double fishbowl of lies. They believe that the first fishbowl, the concrete world of matter, has been fully explored – minerals, plants, animals, etc. With this partial knowledge, they invented new technologies that allow them to live longer and comfortably. Yet, physical and biological laws only work some of the time. Irregularities are quickly classified as miracles or freak coincidences. We are too blind or too afraid to admit that these so-called laws are not set in stone. They simply represent habitual movements of matter and they can be altered. This concept is so revolutionary that we would rather lie to ourselves than accept the obvious. Therefore, we live in a world of lies, the first fishbowl, which corresponds to a mere 0.1% of reality, according to some quantum physicists.


The Second Fishbowl


As for the second fishbowl, the remaining 99.9%, it represents the subtle worlds that constantly influence the material world. These worlds are numerous – etheric, astral/vital, emotional, mental, causal, etc. We explore these on a daily basis when we sleep, daydream, meditate, or use recreational drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and psychotropic medication. Some people study their subtle laws in religious, sacred and magic texts. Others use this knowledge to control the first fishbowl through magic spells, ceremonies, rituals, and sacrifices. They call powerful forces and entities, some “good” and others “bad” – gods, angels, aliens, djinns, demons, asuras – and try to orce these to fulfil their wishes.

 Again, the results are mitigated and the laws remain inconsistent. The subtle worlds are as deceitful as the material world – a double fishbowl of lies. On earth, the control of the first fishbowl has been organized by the global elite for thousands of years. Generation after generation, blue blood families have followed a long-term agenda of manipulation and deceit in order to reach the total temporal and spiritual domination of humanity, which they call the New World Order (NWO). This temporal (first fishbowl) control can only be achieved through spiritual (second fishbowl) means. This is why the global elite is so deeply involved in satanic rituals. This is also why they totally control the ROCSSSS: religions, orders, cults, secret societies, science, spirituality.


The New Age of Aquarius

The entities of the subtle worlds live a very long time, because their own space-time is very different from ours. When their « food » becomes scarce, the “gods” who feast on human vital and mental energies alter their harvesting strategies. Their words become adapted to humanity’s prevalent level of consciousness. Nowadays, many sacred calendars – written or modified by the elite and interpreted by elite-paid “experts” – indicate that we are entering a new era: the Age of Aquarius.

 In reality, this “New Age” is simply a return to pre-deluvian cabbalistic magic for the purpose of keeping the old world under the domination of the same entities and their big boss, the god of illusion. The latter is often called Satan (adversary) – or Lucifer (bearer of “light”). So-called sacred texts announce huge cosmic upheavals that will destroy the planet and present-day corrupt humanity. A new “golden” age will follow for those who can survive the cataclysms and evolve into the next species. However, as always in the fishbowl of illusion, the opposite is true. The changes are due to a critical mass of human beings whose souls and bodies are ready. They are bringing about the complete transformation of humanity, the same way fish stuck in their drying ponds held inside their bodies the next evolutionary step – amphibians.

Since we are the change and the god of illusion refuses to lose its food source, a gigantic spiritual and social engineering project has been put in place to keep us dumbed down and submissive. Guided by their satanic master, the elite has diligently followed the plan, step by step:

  1.  Scientific atheism is put in place in order for the masses to stop believing in the subtle worlds.
  2. Aliens and demons give advanced technological information to help the elite put in place the next steps of their master plan.
  1. Using this technology, the elite organizes the pollution, plundering and destruction of the planet, and the mind control of the masses.
  1. The elite-owned media excite our covetousness using mind-numbing propaganda. Its banks lend us the money needed to yield to the temptations produced by their multinationals.
  1. The elite creates the environmental movement, which presentsour poor earth as the victim of cruel, egocentric human beings.
  1. The spiritual elite (Satan-worshipping Jesuits) organizes New Age spirituality, the veneration of aliens and ascended masters (demons) channelled by the “chosen” (possessed).
  2. The elite’s secret technology (HAARP, chemtrails, vaccines) is used to increase earth changes and human control. It stimulates specific thoughts, emotions, desires, actions, and illnesses.
  1. Elite and aliens create human-alien hybrids (hubrids) with impressive occult powers.
  1. Presented as the culprit, the human ego needs to be technologically controlled by a collective mind.
  2. Eugenics (killing the rebellious) and trans-humanism (improving the submissive) insure the total control of humanity by the god of illusion and his minions.


New Age = Satanism + Technology

According to author Arthur C. Clark, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Most so-called spiritual manifestation can be produced technologically.

For the past decades, the elite gained access to technological information from aliens and demons. According to some whistleblowers, they are 10,000 years in advance of mainstream science and can easily simulate supernatural events such as miraculous healings, channeling, apparitions, telepathy, telekinesis, and so on. Many religions warn us profusely against such miracles as being the “work of the devil”, but New Age spirituality ignores their advice and overtly promotes occult powers and magic.

The New Age program was carefully conceived and put in place bythe elite, guided by its satanic master. Gradually, all religions were infiltrated and its leaders corrupted. It was important that religions appear old-fashioned and that their believers stop trusting the old lies, so that new, better-adapted New-Age lies become the new norm, promoted by thousands of good salesmen.

The UN is deeply involved in this propaganda, as evidenced by this statement from Robert Muller, UN Assistant Secretary-General for 40 years: “Peace will be impossible without the taming of fundamentalism through a united religion that professes faithfulness only to the global spirituality and to the health of this planet.”


From Atheism to ET-ism

For the elite, spiritual disinformation has become a well-honed specialty. Here is the basic recipe:

  1. Spread illusory religious dogmas that deform the messages coming from the true spiritual worlds (superconscient). This allows the god of illusion and his servants to strengthen his power and continue feeding on human vital and mental energies. Impose these dogmas through fear (sin, hell, confession) and force (religious wars, inquisition, hierarchical religious institutions). Keep adapting the dogmas to humanity’s level of consciousness.
  1. When human consciousness rises exponentially, deny the existence of subtle worlds by promoting Darwinism and materialistic atheism. Official experts must declare impossible and ridiculous any notion of invisible gods, angels, demons, elementals, and other such entities.
  1. Introduce false spiritual dogmas that help connect only to the lower subtle worlds (conscient & subconscient). Present all invisible entities as beneficial and evolved. Encourage magic (e.g. law of attraction) so that the mind serves human desires and spirituality remains materialistic and superficial.
  1. Through satanic rituals, open subtle doors (stargates) to facilitate the interaction between humanity and vital entities. (This was achieved by Albert Pyke, Alister Crowley, Jack Parson, Ron Hubbard, and many more.)
  1. Impoverish and falsify the spiritual vocabulary by merging concepts. For example, atheism (belief in no god) becomes a synonym of secularism (separation of church & state). Satanism, paganism and spirituality become indiscernible. All subtle worlds are combined into Jung’s “collective unconscious”.
  1. Create the myth of aliens from other galaxies who are more advanced than us technologically, mentally, and spiritually, as the publicity included here suggests. In secret labs, build flying saucers and false aliens (cloned GMOs) to organise a false invasion of nasty aliens and/or the arrival of nice humanity-saving aliens.
  1. Hybridize & microchip millions of people to make them easily “possessable” by demonic entities. Such hubrids can spread deceitful propaganda via books, congresses, interviews, etc.
  1. Popularize recreational drugs, channeling, possession (e.g.walk-ins) and occult powers. Drugs give an easier access to low subtle worlds and greatly facilitate a gradual possession by vital entities.

This recipe allowed humanity to go from the age of religions to atheism, then ET-ism. Even the Vatican agrees: “It is entirely credible that in the enormous distance between angels and humans, there could be found some middle stage – that is, beings with a body like ours but more elevated spiritually.”

More obvious is Pope Francis’ most recent declaration (April 2014): “Dear brothers, I wanted to tell all of you that we are not alone in the universe. Science has already made so much progress that, most likely, we will soon know our new brothers and sisters, with whom we will exchange a sign of peace. On that day, there will be wonder and we will remember that God is one and watches over us all.”


No, Thanks!

With such a statement from the pope, we might think that the elite’s satanic agenda is approaching fruition. We feel totally powerless when confronted with such a well-established long-term plan. Will it succeed? Despite the evidence, something inside tells me NO. I cannot accept that humanity faced so much suffering for millions of years just to go back to being petty slaves controlled by a collective mind – however benevolent it might pretend to be.

Something much greater hides inside me, screaming to be expressed. My sovereign soul wants to take charge of my body and express her magnificent truth. This is the real purpose of my being here at this moment. So, this is the path I choose.

YES, I will give myself totally to this marvelous divine agenda. However, I realize that I need to walk my talk. I’m ready to change my life, turn my old habits upside down, let go of all attachments, in order to make this world more than just a better place, but truly heaven-on-earth.


Carnage at the Paris sheepfold

A massive slaughter happened in Paris on Friday, November 13th. It generates fear, sadness, suffering, even hate and vengeance. 
Are we going to repeat the same reaction that we have had for thousands of years? Is there another solution? 

Click on CC for English subtitles.


What is the Future of Family? Interview with Ghis

Ghis I

After the release of the Personocratia’s Booklet-9-FamilyFamily Booklet in Hungary, Ghis answers the questions from the audience.  Here are the topics she covers:

  • What have you been working on this past year?
  • Is living in a couple the norm? I have been living alone for 12 years and don’t miss a partner. Should I have one?
  • How can we contact our soul?
  • What will happen to the family on the collective level as we are witnessing the crumbling of the parents-children relationships?
  • What can a woman do when she does not enjoy sexuality with her partner and lives every intercourse as a rape?
  • If family is no longer important would you say it is not important for more children to be born with love?
  • What is love and where can we find it?
  • How did you feel when writing the family booklet?

Ghis-Interview-Family-BookletClick HERE to watch the interview

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Surrendering to Our Own Healing

by Marie >

Why is surrendering essential during the course of healing and self-transformation? And what does it mean? The true purpose of healing is to evolve and transform ourselves. Healing is about bringing back movement in areas of our life we feel stuck, revealing hidden potentials, breaking old patterns, replacing limiting beliefs, adopting new behaviors and overcoming fears.

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True healing indubitably involves a growth in consciousness of self. True healing is about transcending our egotistic behaviors based on fear, and uncovering our true self which is concealed behind the thick walls of our family, educational, religious, moral, societal and atavistic conditioning. Healing provides us with an opportunity to honor our higher self (soul), get closer to it and connect with this part of us which is unlimited, all-powerful, unconditionally loving and blissful.

To surrender means “To cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.” Let us define what resists in us and to what it does not want to submit to. In the context of healing and human evolution of consciousness, the ego is the part which resists to the power of the soul and refuses to surrender to its will, to give in.

As some of you already know, the ego (animal part of us) and the soul (our individual divinity) are the two forces at play within us. Indeed, the human being is in transition between two states: animality, which is the survival program based on fear and governed by ego; and idessity  (inner divinity), the ultimate manifestation human beings are meant to accomplish in their lifetime on earth. The aim is to emancipate the divine being in us which is under the governance of the soul.

Our body is where the battle between those two opposite forces takes place. Disease, emotional disturbance, accidents, misfortunes are the visible manifestations. The ego wants to stay in power, like a regent who , after years in power, refuses to leave the throne, to surrender his power to the legitimate sovereign (the soul) who has now become mature enough to take over the governance of her kingdom (the body).

Our ego fights to keep the control over our body and life because it is scared to death of the unknown. Our ego would rather maintain an unsatisfying status quo than change. So it invests all its energy in maintaining us in our human animality, in an evolutionary plateau, through institutions such as family, government, laws, education, morals, religion, etc.

Concretely, how can we facilitate our inner transformation and by ripple effect our healing? By transcending our fears and surrendering to our soul’s will which often manifests through profound aspirations. Our everyday situations, often the most ordinary ones, tell us where our evolutionary blockages are and what is the next step we need and we are able to take to move forward on our path to connecting to our true self. And dis-ease (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) is one of the most precise pointers to show us the direction to take in our life.

Let us see how it works through two real case stories of two men in their early thirties affected with the same pathology.

For the past 8 years, Benjamin has been getting constant lower back pain. It started a few weeks after he moved out of his mother’s house into his own apartment. At some point during the session he expressed that he was tired of “carrying” his mother. Each time she needed something she would call him and he would respond immediately without arguing. As the eldest child and only son of the family, he felt it was his responsibility to take care of her especially after the death of his father when he was a teenager. It was inconceivable for him not to help his mother each time she needed it.

But his body was screaming for change. Part of him, the deepest part of him, was not fulfilled. He did not have the life he really wanted. He wanted more time for himself to fulfill his own passions. But the idea of putting himself first and respecting his deepest aspirations created a profound guilt feeling. He felt he was letting his mother down and she would be disappointed in him as would be the rest of the family, especially his two sisters.

The family program with all its roles is deeply ingrained in our genes. In nature, mammals live in herds to insure the protection and the security of the group. The idea is that together we are stronger to fight the outside enemy. Outside the herd the animal is weak and runs the risk of being the pray of a predator. Because of those cellular memories, we firmly hold onto the family even if it frustrates us, destroys us, and sometimes kills us.

Benjamin understood the fears that were holding him back in honoring his higher self’s aspiration. His back pain stopped as soon as he realized that his two sisters never took on the role of the “good caring children”, as daughters are usually supposed to do. They would help their mother from time to time but never to the point that it would truly disturb their lives. His sisters knew how to establish boundaries, and he decided to establish his own as well. He gave himself permission to say no to his mother and say yes to himself. Eventually, he realized that his fear of losing his mother’s and sisters’ love was groundless.

Getting out of the animal programs (ego-fear based) to honor our higher self requires courage and determination. Surrendering is really about stopping to respond to our inherited egotistic programs and transcend our fears. Sometimes the surrender seems doable because the fear it awakens is manageable. And sometimes it seems impossible to do, as we are going to see with Cesario’s story.

Like Benjamin, Cesario experiences lower back problems. The pain started at a specific day 5 months ago when he was bathing his 2 years old daughter. When I asked him if he went through any major stressful event 5 months earlier, he could not recall anything. The only complaint he had about his life was that he did not have time for himself, and he missed playing soccer with his buddies.

He and his wife were happily married. Both were working full time, but Cesario was self-employed. Since his schedule was more flexible, he was taking care of his daughter after daycare, doing most of the house chores, and even cooking the meals: a caring modern day husband and dad! The solution seemed obvious: find a way to clear up some free time. “It will not be possible anytime soon,” he replied. “With the second baby on its way, we’ll need a bigger house, and my wife wants to switch to a part-time position so she can take care of the kids. I will have to work on weekends to make up for the loss of income.” For some reason, he had forgotten to mention that his wife was 5 months pregnant! This baby was the overload in his already super busy schedule.

Cesario’s back issues did not resolve despite all the doctors and therapists interventions. After two years, the pain became so excruciating that he was considering a back surgery. Part of the reason the healing did not happen is because he could not go over his belief that a father and husband is the pillar of the family and has to sacrifice no matter what. It was the way he and his wife were raised in their Hispanic culture and breaking the tradition felt more devastating to him than having back problems.

Cesario’s case raises an interesting point: the symptom fulfills a positive purpose. The symptom often remains in place to force the person to do what he is unable to do voluntarily. Here, Cesario needed to slow down, work less and take some time for himself. Since he was not able to transcend his family and cultural belief, the symptom remained to slow him down. He had no other choice than to work less and rest. Of course it is frustrating to have back pains, but at least it prevented him from facing his worse fear: be judged, lose the respected status due a strong responsible man, and be rejected by his wife and family. Unconsciously, it feels safer and more honorable to stop fulfilling others’ expectations because of a physical disability than to voluntarily choose ourselves over overwhelming and unfulfilling duties and responsibilities. That is why so many people unconsciously let themselves slip into sickness and remain in chronicity.

The path of true healing is to consciously and voluntarily choose to get out of the outdated animal programs as soon as we identify them, and stop responding to our egotistic fears which control all our actions and thoughts in all aspects of our life. As we are transcending one fear after another, we are deepening our connection to our soul, our highest self, and we start to manifest the expression of our true intrinsic identity.

The Triple Transformation by Mado

I’d like to introduce you to Mado Sauvé‘s new website on the triple transformation of the human being. 

Triple Transformation - Mado Sauve

by Mado Sauvé  I

Humanity is presently facing a triple inner transformation that is bringing about the dissolution of all the old systems formerly necessary for its evolution on earth. This site will help you understand what is going on inside and around you in relation to this totally new phenomenon. It will offer solutions you can use in daily life that will support you in these disconcerting times.


A human being is the most complex living organism in the universe. In school, we learn the names and functions of the human body’s organs and tissues, but the more subtle parts are ignored. These remain invisible, except to some rare clairvoyant persons. New technologies now allows us to see the denser subtle parts (Kirlian Photography, Aura Imaging), but it is still impossible to prove scientifically the existence of all invisible parts in a human being. According to Aurobindo, they are: the inconscient, subconscient, subtle physical, vital (lower, middle, higher), common mind (expressive, logical), spiritual mind (higher, illumined, intuitive, overmind), supermind (beyond mind), and satchidananda (being-consciousness-bliss).

The consciousness of most human beings remains at the physical, vital and common mind levels. In a human being, these worlds are controlled by ego and its numerous egoic personalities. If I wish to know myself, I must be able to identify at all times what part of me drives the vehicle I call my body. This inner knowing eventually brings about the dissolution of the egoic personalities that slow down my evolution and obstruct my triple transformation.


As long as I remain unaware of who a human being really is and what role he is meant to play on earth and in the universe, I am forced to reincarnate and civilizations continue to rise and fall in the midst of recurring cataclysms. Eventually, I come to understand that Planet Earth is a very special place, an extreme concentration of the whole universe that serves as an evolutionary crucible for the manifestation of a new divine kingdom (Mineral → Plant → Animal → Divine).

Homo sapiens serves as a transitional species between the animal kingdom and the future divine kingdom. This transition will end when a critical mass of human beings will have accomplished the triple transformation of their bodies (mental, vital, physical). This new divine body will be made up of a new matter – harder than diamond and lighter than air. Such a feat cannot be accomplished through magic or occultism, and even less through technologies such as genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, or nanotechnology. It is an individual internal soul-guided transformation.


The global elite have been trying to stop humanity’s evolution of consciousness in order to keep their herd of slaves accessible and obedient. This is why they have been secretly organizing a worldwide takeover of Planet Earth for centuries. With the help of international think tanks (Tavistock, Bilderbergers), the higher echelons of secret societies (Illuminati, Jesuits) have been pulling the strings of all systems making up civilized society: religion, politics, law, finance, economy, industry, commerce, health, the media, education, family, environment, etc.

A overall vision of all these systems is needed if someone wishes to succeed the triple transformation that will eventually bring about the manifestation of the new divine material kingdom. It is especially useful to understand the various methods used to control the mind (thoughts, beliefs), the vital body (desires, emotions), and the physical body (illness, death) inside each of these systems.


A general comprehension of parallel dimensions and invisible realms is also needed for those attempting the triple transformation. Indeed, « hostile » entities from the low-frequency subtle worlds are presently working double time to magnify all of humanity’s obsolete programming and outmoded behaviour. Simultaneously, high-frequency “beneficial” entities that have been helping terrestrial evolution for millions of years are now incapable of guiding us as we explore the triple transformation necessary for our next evolutionary step.

The needed internal awakening must be guided by the soul of each consenting human being. As we are swimming in these subtle worlds and surrounded by their various entities at all times, this triple transformation becomes possible only when we are aware of their existence and of our own purpose and functioning. Only then can we adopt the appropriate attitude, as we become able to feel their presence and curtail their attempts to influence and subdue us.


This word defines the relationship between human beings and aliens (extraterrestrials, intraterrestrials, otherdimensionals). For the past decades, the number and intensity of alien-human events have increased exponentially. This is why an overall view of the alien phenomenon is crucial if one wishes to understand what is presently going on in the material and low-frequency worlds.

Thanks to the alien presence, the elite have had access to extremely-advanced secret technologies that have allowed an unprecedented mind control of the human herd. The millions of abductions perpetrated by certain aliens and the elite’s military have allowed the secret manufacture a new race of human-looking hybrids. These “hubrids” have great occult powers that allow them to perform “miracles” and to mind control less conscious human beings. To face present and soon-to-come events, one must understand the basics of exopolitics and how the elite plans on using this wild card to hinder our triple transformation.


This word means “unveiling”. Indeed, the distorting veils covering human consciousness since its creation are presently falling, along with all the systems safeguarding modern civilization. Concurrently, our planet is actually facing unprecedented climatic, biological, geological, magnetic, and cosmic changes. Some researchers blame Planet X (Nibiru) or the new energies coming from the center of our galaxy. Others accuse HAARP and other more secretive technologies. Yet others attribute the events to the collective stress of a fast-evolving humanity.

One thing is sure, we are in the midst of great upheavals that are pushing us inexorably towards a triple transformation – at least for those who have taken this individual decision. When we examine current world events in this light, the apocalypse becomes a necessary evil that serves to encourage those who are still too attached to the old human way of life to trust the internal Divine Presence.


A quick overview of the subjects mentioned above allows one to understand and accept the present dissolution of all the systems and the ferocious efforts of the elite and the hostile powers that manipulate them. Such a comprehension is the first step towards the irremediable decision of a critical mass of conscious and consenting human beings. Each one of them then needs to dissolve his ego, the individualizing tool that had been created to help the growth of the human soul inside matter, and which has now become an evolutionary inhibitor. The full transformation of a human being into a new divine being can only be accomplished from the inside out, through the guidance of the individual’s soul and spirit. To succeed, he must remain fully conscious of his identity and purpose at all times and in all domains of his life, including sleep.

What is this triple transformation?

We are in the middle of the apocalypse, the “unveiling”. The multiple veils of illusion that were stopping us from accessing the world of truth are dissolving and we are finally able to detect the lies and deceit. This brings about the collapse of all the outmoded systems that have been used throughout the history of humanity to ensure its survival: religion, politics, law, money, health, education, couple, family, society. This gigantic social upheaval is presently accompanied by increasingly-obvious terrestrial and cosmic changes that clearly point to the end of humanity as we know it.

Let us face the truth with courage: Homo sapiens is becoming extinct! It is not the end of the world, but the end of our world of illusion and the beginning of a new world of truth and a new being, both made up of a new matter. Human beings will be replaced by divine beings, also called “supramental” (Aurobindo) or “idessic” (Personocratia) beings. Their bodies will incarnate in matter all the divine attributes – immortality, omniscience, omnipotence, sublime joy, and perfect love.

The first terrestrial amphibians arose from a small number of fish that dared to crawl out of dried-up ponds and suddenly manifested lungs and legs. In the same way, this new divine being will be made out of the same – yet totally transformed – cells presently making up our human bodies. Humanity was never destined to perpetuate itself indefinitely; it was simply playing the role of a transitional species linking the animal kingdom and the coming divine one.

In order to transform the very matter making up our physical bodies, a triple transformation is necessary, which can be described in the following way:

1 – The Union of Body and Soul: A complete individualization of ego at the mental, vital, and physical levels precedes such a body-soul union. Once the ego is strong enough to refuse the normal social roles (man/woman, child, parent, citizen, employee, lawyer, doctor, etc.), it dissolves – one egoic personality at a time. Each new dissolution allows the soul to gradually take full control of the mind, the vital/emotional body and, finally, the physical body of a willing human being. Once the egoic dissolution is over, the soul can become the absolute ruler of the body. As the seat of the soul is deep behind the heart, the nucleus of human identity is felt at this level.

2 – The Ascension of Consciousness: Once united, the soul and the body can now open to spirit, the Divine existing outside of space-time and simultaneously individual, cosmic, and transcendent. The person’s identity becomes universalized and is felt above the head. The spiritual consciousness slowly manifests itself in the mind, then the vital body, and finally the physical body.

3 – The Transformation of the Body: The spiritualization of the body eventually brings about the transformation of matter itself. The highest divine energy invades the most unconscious physical matter, which modifies itself totally to become harder than diamonds and lighter than air – entirely malleable by spirit.

Note that these three steps take place one after the other in some individuals and simultaneously in others. The process is totally individual and does not follow a pre-established plan.

This triple transformation is the true purpose of terrestrial experience, and the transitional species devised to accomplish it is Homo sapiens. As long as a critical mass of human beings does not reach this state, the hell-on-earth we have been experiencing for the past millions of years will continue. New civilizations will rise from the ashes of preceding ones and will be destroyed by recurrent geological or cosmic events – Nibiru/Planet X, asteroids, pole reversals, ice ages, global floods, and more.

Once a fully-individualized human being becomes conscious of the inevitable extinction of humanity, he quickly realizes that dedicating his life to the survival of Homo sapiens is no longer required. He stops trying to change the government, demanding that his rights be recognized, making babies to perpetuate the species, going to school to learn yet more lies, building a flourishing business, buying expensive material goods, taking care of his aging parents to get their inheritance, denouncing the medical mafia, junk food, GMOs and chemtrails, devoting his life to humanitarian aid, or investing in the stock market to make more money. All that he has lived for no longer makes sense. He is left with only two options: collapsing with the rest of society or courageously accomplishing the triple transformation needed to manifest the new being. Which one do you choose?

Reclaim your sovereignty by renouncing your citizenship – Interview with Ghis

Ghis is interviewed by Hugh Reilly and Bridget Haworth on

Don’t Let The Medical Mafia Hijack Your Sovereign Body and Soul!

Here is the last interview of Ghis on the Richie Allen Show.

Deprogramming The Cells From Aging

by Marie –

old-man-young in mirrorAging: a word that creates such distress in people, especially after a certain age, because with it come disease, weakness, suffering and death. It’s like a package that cannot be sold separately. If aging had no negative connotation, it would be a neutral and even pleasant word. I would be able to say “I’m aging” with the same insouciance than I would say “I’m relaxing”. Without any gloomy undertone, aging would simply mean “I’m evolving, I’m growing, I’m getting more experienced or I’m moving forward in life.” But in our reality, albeit illusionary, aging means the opposite. It looks like after a certain age, we take a dead-end street, an off life street. The smooth asphalt progressively turns into dirt, and the road gets bumpier as we continue driving right at the wall of death.

But what if aging did not exist? What if aging was just a mindset, not a reality but a mere belief? What if the change of course was just a matter of a mental switch? After all, the body renews itself every 7 years. All our cells are replaced by brand new ones. So what is it that makes the next set of cells each year less effective than the previous set the year before?

The scientific mindset explains that aging originates from a slow build-up of cellular damage caused by various elements: errors in genetic transcription, DNA mutation, free radicals, overactive metabolism, hormonal imbalance, cellular miscommunication, mitochondrial underactivity, vitamin deficiency, poor nutrition, urban lifestyle, stress, chemicals, pollution, bad weather… and the list goes on. For centuries now, we have been looking for external causes of the body’s decline, and experts have come up with a plethora of solutions to slow it down. But our intrinsic physiological reality has not changed much: we still get sick, age and die. The best we seemed to have achieved is life extension. But are we living healthier than the past generations? I doubt it. Maybe it’s time to explore other avenues.

More recently, modern psychology and neuro-science brought new pieces to the puzzle. They have demonstrated the substantial influence of the mind over the body. This concept is not new. The Greek physician, Hippocrates (460 – 370 BC), referred as the father of western medicine, already mentioned it. Chinese medicine has been treating emotions and physical ailments all together for over 2,000 years. For the past 30 years, a German physician, Dr Geerd Ryke Hamer, creator of the German New Medicine, has proved that nearly all diseases were psychosomatic – meaning they stem from the mind. He goes even further by validating that healing starts in the mind first before it manifests in the body.

If it is true that we create disease in our mind, is it possible then that we may also create aging from the mind? Following the same logic, we should, therefore, be able to reverse aging with a trick of the mind. An experiment conducted in 1981 by Dr Ellen Langer, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, seems to go along with this hypothesis, as the New York Times reported it on October 22, 2014.

In the fall of 1981, eight men in their 70’s volunteered to live 5 days in a converted monastery in New Hampshire. The subjects were considered in good health even though their bodies showed common signs of aging such as arthritis, weakness, decrease of their range of motion, lower vision, etc. Passing through the door of the building was like entering a time warp; everything inside the monastery was designed to conjure 1959, even the shows played on the white and black TV set. “They were told not merely to reminisce about this earlier era, but to inhabit it — to make a psychological attempt to be the person they were 22 years ago.”, said Langer. At the end of their stay, the men were tested again and the results revealed amazing improvement of their health conditions: they were more supple, showed greater dexterity, sat straighter and their sight improved. Even some independent judges said they looked younger. We can only wonder what the results would have been if the experiment had lasted longer?

This experiment confirms the significant influence of the mind over the body in the aging and disease process. But does this mean that in order to reverse aging we should live in the past? Or does it mean that we should keep the spirit of our 20’s and bring it along with us all our life? I opt for the second option which is more compatible with the principle of evolution.


Now, how do we keep the spirit of our 20’s? The first question that arises is why we have lost it. Let’s go back for a moment in the past. What was the essence of our spirit back then? In my case, I had a conviction that life was ahead of me, and that anything was possible. I remember when I was 18 years old and had my first job. When my dad suggested I put some money in a complementary retirement plan, I bluntly rebuffed him. Retirement was an unimaginable notion. I could not conceive that I would get old and would not be able to sustain myself. Decay and death was simply not part of my reality; I was looking at the future full of enthusiasm and exciting projects.

I remember a sense of adaptability, openness, curiosity and limitlessness; a willingness to learn, to explore, a sense of adventure, an interest for the new and the unknown; a willingness to move forward, to progress and improve. I had some doubts and beliefs but they were not so rigid that they would completely freeze my actions. Recalling the younger me and writing those words triggered a warm feeling within me, as if my cells were awakening from a state of drowsiness. I realize that I often let myself be caught up in the lifeless rhythm of adult life and forget to stay fully alive as I was when I was 20.

This is where we let ourselves slip down to the grave. Somewhere on the road, something covertly shifted. At some point we covered our youthful spirit with a thick lid. When did it happen? Most of us cannot remember. It’s like a dream, in which I am driving my car, going anywhere I want and having fun. When suddenly, I don’t know how, I find myself sitting in a crowded train on the entrenched tracks of human conditioning composed of atavism, culture, education, religion and science. I have no clue on how I ended up on this train, but from this point on it’s the same trip for every one! If at some point I long for change, I can move to a different rail-car, but still the destination will remain the same.

Sometimes I have the impulse to jump out of the train, but I am stopped, frozen by my many fears. We touch the crux of the problem, the reason we lost our youth spirit: we became aware of death and locked ourselves within the walls of the survival program, which is based on fear. This has become our playground, our limited space of action; this is our train in which we experience life on this planet through a one way route, showing as little scenery as there are windows. From the time we are born, we are put to work building the iron railroad tracks of human survival. Our parents, teachers and mentors have conditioned us through sets of beliefs, values, rules, laws, traditions, protocols, and dogmas, which, as we grow older, we often crystallize to the point that they form thick and rigid mental walls. Progressively our free spirit, free of obstacles and able to see wide and far, is being fenced in by walls of fears.

Decline begins when I start limiting my evolutionary capacity, when I forget my real essence, that of being a boundless immortal being – my divine part. In his early age, the child is still connected to his intrinsic divine nature until this part becomes completely covered with the thick-mortal-fearful-adult coat. And decay inevitably takes its ground as I restrict more and more my vision and movements. It gets a firmer hold on me each time I feel like discomfort and suffering, and I refuse to break free from my suffocating cell. Indeed, I prefer to stay inside my walls where I feel somehow more secure and protected than to go outside and face my fears of the unknown. So, I use loads of morals and excuses to justify my inaction and, to feel even better, I tell myself stories like “After all, the trip is not too bad, I’m lucky to have a comfortable seat by the window. I should not complain!” And life goes on without fail to its final destination.


Progressively the fluid and creative movement of life slows down and gets trapped in a tedious closed-circuit path, deepening the ruts of dull habits and rigid beliefs. Mother (Mira Alfassa) said that death was an inability to progress. Indeed, the moment I set limits to my potential for evolution, I set foot on the deadly slope where death comes slowly (decline, disease, deterioration, depression) or rapidly (cardiac arrest, accident, suicide).

This is what happened to a good friend of mine a few years ago. Karine’s story is the story of many men and women who succeeded in breaking free from the prison of human conditioning but got trapped again in the illusionary game.

Karine was 42-year-old and was living in a small village when I met her. Before her divorce 2 years earlier, she had a normal life for a woman of her generation. Married at 20, she had 3 children who were now teenagers and young adults. She was an exemplary full time stay at home mother until her and her husband started their own company where she became the financial and administrative pillar. She played a great part in the success of the business which inevitably developed her self-esteem.

Despite the joy of having children, she never felt happy in her marriage. She married because it was time; their two families knew each other, and the man was a “good guy”, a hard worker, responsible enough to build a family. The first 2 years after her divorce was the most difficult: her children refused talking to her and her family did not support her choice of breaking the family unit. During that time she started training to become a health practitioner, a profession which had always called to her. Her studies kept her busy enough to make a smoother transition into her new life. After 2 years, relationships with her family settled down and her children reconnected with her. As strange as it might seem, this is when her health issues started.

It began with mild and periodic joint pain that would go away after a few days. Then it would spread to all her joints in the arms, hands and legs which after a time became permanently painful and inflamed. It was worse in the evening when she was less active. She knew that as soon as she would sit in her armchair to watch television or read, she would hardly be able to get up and go to bed. That’s how severe it was. In the morning, she had to wake up earlier since it was taking her almost an hour before she could move easily.

What happened? After her divorce, she was full of life. A new life had opened up, full of projects and dreams she was longing to realize. But the guilt of having left her children and broken up the family took its toll on her. In our unconscious mind, a good mother does not leave her family for her own selfish reasons. So when her children decided to talk to her again, she jumped on the occasion to try to fix the damage she caused by resuming her role of the good mother. She put herself back on the tracks of praised human morals, sacrificing her own life for the good of her family.

It was very easy for her to go back on those tracks since the company she and her ex-husband had created was located right next to the family house where the ex-husband and the children were still living. So every day she would see her ex-husband at work, and in her spare time and after work hours, she would shop for groceries, stock the fridge with healthy food, cook the meals and clean the house. And, since she was already there, she would stay for diner with the whole family before heading home for the night. Everything was roughly the same as before her divorce except that she would sleep in a different house. Eventually, her plans to travel the world, learn to dance, open her own business were put aside.

It would have been in the best of both worlds if only her body was not screaming in pain. Every single day, her physical suffering was a reminder of how painful her situation was. The mind is able to conceal unease and frustration; the body, on the other hand, speaks loudly. Her dis-ease was expressing exactly the way she was feeling deep inside: stuck because she was unable to move her body and do the things she really wanted to do. Her body was the place where the battle, the conflict was taking place: she wanted to do other things in life but the fear of been rejected again by her family was paralyzing.


Eventually Karine realized the situation she had put herself in; finally she decided to break free again from the alienating family roles and face her worse fears. Step by step, she took significant actions, but this time she made certain to first inform her family. She came to realize that it was possible to deal peacefully with the family and still be respected in her choices. As she was building up her self-confidence and assertiveness, her symptoms progressively vanished. Today, 12 years later, she is still symptom free. She has been traveling the world, learning all the dances that inspired her, opened her own business and has been openly dating. The amazing thing is that, when comparing pictures of her taken 20 years ago when she was married with pictures taken today, she looks younger today than she did 20 years ago despite her graying hair and a few wrinkles.

Karine’s story illustrate the path of personal evolution, which is to break all our morbid molds of human conditioning crystallized in form of roles, beliefs, values, morals, rules, laws, traditions, and so forth. It’s about to transcend our millennial atavistic, religious, cultural, biological and survival programs in order to heal our paralyzing fears. Indeed, fear freezes us as much as death. Maybe fear and death are just one and the same, and aging is simply a slow cryogenization process. Can we conclude that once we will be free of fear, death will no longer exist?

The Apocalypse? Yes, Thank You!

At the Frontier of The Illusion

At the Frontier of Illusion

Unless we are completely asleep , we can see that all systems whether financial, political, legal, medical or educational are falling apart. The climate itself is getting hectic as well: an increasing number of meteorites are falling from the sky; earthquakes are getting more numerous and severe; many volcanoes are awakening everywhere; the Fukushima nuclear reactors are still releasing high levels of radioactive materials into the oceans; animals are mysteriously dying by the millions; and Ebola is spreading like wildfire.

The severity of events is such that some people are associating them with the biblical Apocalypse. But what does the word Apocalypse mean? Does it really mark the end of the world and humanity? If yes, the end of which world and which humanity?  Is it possible that the canvas supporting this gloomy background is made out of our aspiration for transformation?

This subject has been partially covered in a previous article called Nibiru, Climate Change and Consciousness. At the time, the video presentation the article was based on was only in French and many of you had requested an English version. Your wish has been granted!  Personocratia has just released the full video presentation in English which has been updated with the most recent planetary events.

Ghis and Mado teamed up to give you a thorough exposé of the situation on earth and reveal the solution for a shift of reality. Here is a 20-minute extract to open your appetite:

If you are interested in learning more, you can purchase the DVD ‘The Apocalypse? Yes, thank you!’ through the form below:

Ghis: Radio Interview with Richie Allen

volcania radio-richie allen

In this interview on  Volcania Radio, Ghis, a former medical doctor, explains how she discovered the Medical Mafia and the ultimate solution to reclaim our individual sovereignty.

She covers:

  • Why we should stop seeing doctors
  • Why vaccination is the biggest crime in human history
  • Why vaccines are pushed by the authorities
  • The involvement of emotional imbalance in disease
  • Dr Hamer and German New Medicine

Listen to the interview here (34 min.)