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DVD-Sex-weapon-of-power-ghisSEX: THE ULTIMATE WEAPON OF POWER by Ghis

In French with English Subtitles

Duration: 120 minutes

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A 2+ hours live presentation performed by Mado  in English during a workshop she gave in Ottawa, Canada, in December, 2013.

Whether you are totally new to the personocratic consciousness or you want to deepen your understanding about it, this well-rounded video gives you a global overview of the personocratic path. [read more]

Duration: 133 minutes.

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Ghis - The War Is Over3THE WAR IS OVER! Public lecture by Ghis with English Subtitles. Through the study of the functioning of the system of war, Ghis exposes in a simple and oh! so clear way how all this is made possible and why it is purposefully maintained. She explains the Pyramid of Power with the 4 Levels of Collaboration, and of course, she comes with a solution on how to stop it from continuing.

Duration: 111 minutes. $20

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Vaccination 101 with Ghis.

Vaccination 101 with Ghis, the author of The Medical Mafia

Duration : 52 minutes. Get your own copy ($15)

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The Big Picture- An Interview with Ghis

Free Rein to My Soul … Towards Physical Immortality (37 minutes)

A documentary with Ghis, which explains the set up of the modern face of the actual medical system and the solution for humanity to reach physical immortality.


Ghis’ Lecture on Money and How It Rules The World

Money and How It Rules The World – Duration: 1:35

Lecture by Ghis – Get the integral DVD ($20)

Personocratia Invites – Ghis’ Lecture on Money and How It Rules The World: Once a month, Ghis gives a lecture in French in the Eastern Townships near Montreal, Canada. This particular one was translated and is available with English subtitles. It covers the creation of money and usury and their relation to religion and politics. Ghis makes the connection between money and the love-of-self. She stresses that abundance comes with a total change in consciousness.

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Transfer of Power

Transfer of Power – Duration: 40 minutes

An interview with Ghis a few days before she was arrested and jailed. Get to know Ghis and how she came about this evolutionary path that is personocratia. Get your own copy ($10)!

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