The Apocalypse? Yes, Thank You!

At the Frontier of The Illusion

At the Frontier of Illusion

Unless we are completely asleep , we can see that all systems whether financial, political, legal, medical or educational are falling apart. The climate itself is getting hectic as well: an increasing number of meteorites are falling from the sky; earthquakes are getting more numerous and severe; many volcanoes are awakening everywhere; the Fukushima nuclear reactors are still releasing high levels of radioactive materials into the oceans; animals are mysteriously dying by the millions; and Ebola is spreading like wildfire.

The severity of events is such that some people are associating them with the biblical Apocalypse. But what does the word Apocalypse mean? Does it really mark the end of the world and humanity? If yes, the end of which world and which humanity?  Is it possible that the canvas supporting this gloomy background is made out of our aspiration for transformation?

This subject has been partially covered in a previous article called Nibiru, Climate Change and Consciousness. At the time, the video presentation the article was based on was only in French and many of you had requested an English version. Your wish has been granted!  Personocratia has just released the full video presentation in English which has been updated with the most recent planetary events.

Ghis and Mado teamed up to give you a thorough exposé of the situation on earth and reveal the solution for a shift of reality. Here is a 20-minute extract to open your appetite:

If you are interested in learning more, you can purchase the DVD ‘The Apocalypse? Yes, thank you!’ through the form below:


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