Soul, Oversoul, Higher-self, NDE and Energy Vampirism

Due to the pertinence of a comment left by a reader in regards to the series of articles on ‘Aliens, Egos and Souls: Who Are We In The Big Picture?’, I felt like posting Mado’s reply since it clarifies important notions that she did not develop in her article. The first part of the comment talks about ‘soul’, ‘oversoul’ and ‘higher self’. The second part covers the subjects of near death experience (NDE) and energy vampirism.


Reader: “It would have been great if you could’ve also told us where the individual’s “Oversoul” or “Higher Self” fits in with this discussion of an individual “Soul”. This common terminology is confusing.”

Mado: The New Age terminology is confusing because it is meant to mix people up and keep them dumbed down. Not only has the word “soul” been used for experiences related to the vital body, but the words “spirit”, “higher self” and “oversoul” have often been used to define the realms of the mental body. This misuse of words is purposefully intended to prevent people from connecting with their soul, and therefore from becoming who they really are: idessic (divine) beings living in matter. Therefore, when we use words, we must define them precisely, or we get lost and make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

For example, many years ago, I was using the words “higher self” from Perelandra’s terminology, but I didn’t know at the time what it really meant. It corresponded to an internal experience that I would call today “higher mind”. It entered from above through the crown chakra, but there were still thoughts mixed up in it.

If true “higher self” means the highest frequency of a human being, then today I would describe it as the level of spirit – that part of me which lives outside space-time, which is unlimited, omniscient, omnipotent, pure love and bliss. I cannot reach this level consciously yet; therefore, I can’t talk about something that I have not yet truly experienced. But I have connected with my soul on many occasions, for short durations, and I can tell you that it is VERY different from the vital and mental realms, even the highest levels of them.

When one goes from Helena Blavatsky to Rudolph Steiner, Allan Kardec, Edgar Cayce, Drunvalo Melkizedek, Ramtha, Kryon and so forth, one is bound to get mixed up forever. That is the aim of the god of illusion (Satan, Lucifer, etc.) and its servants for the reason that I mentioned earlier. That is why I enjoy Aurobindo’s terminology so much. It is well defined, precise, based on clear spiritual experiences, and I fully trust its source. However, people that tend to study Aurobindo and create their own “improved” terminology (e.g. Ken Wilber) are best avoided, in my opinion.

Reader: “Also, people who report Near Death Experiences testify that they usually see a tunnel with a bright light at the end and all encompassing “love”. Is this part of the “fishbowl” arena too that is manned by astral entities in order to suck more energy?”

Mado: The higher vital (astral, emotional) worlds often bring this feeling of what people call “love”. The problem is that human beings — including me — simply don’t know what real love is. Since we have been taught that a rapid expansion of higher vital energy is called “love”, we keep mixing these notions up. That is why we can say in the same sentence: “I love you, dear…and I love pecan pie.”

In a nutshell, here is what happens during a NDE: if I vibrate at a low frequency at that moment, I’ll end up in the low vital (astral) worlds and call it hell. If I vibrate at a higher vital frequency, then I’ll end up swimming in the higher vital worlds and call it heaven. Of course, in all these universal vital worlds, there are tons of entities that are just waiting to feed on unwary visitors. And since those entities can take the appearance they want, we get caught every time. Keep in mind that deceit is their ploy to get what they want from us – vital energy.

All the more so, some abductees and whistleblowers say that the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel scenario has been invented by aliens to catch our vital bodies and use them in various ways. Who knows? One thing is sure. When a notion such as NDE is pushed by the elite (books, TV shows, movies), it is bound to be disinformation, a word that means “lies muddled up with truth”. New Agers really have to wake up to the fact that they are being lied to. We all need to learn and use discernment, real bad!


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2 thoughts on “Soul, Oversoul, Higher-self, NDE and Energy Vampirism

  1. Thank you, Pierre, for sharing this valuable information. And I agree with you, the key word is “Soul” and “Oversoul”, which are in their essence invincible, omnipotent and immortal. No one can destroy or act on them. That’s why I must focus on making the fusion body-soul, for the soul’s vibration to permeate the physical body (cells) so that the body vibrates at the same frequency than that of the soul and become in turn invincible, omnipotent and immortal – in short out of reach of the ‘controllers’ of the fishbowl (world of illusion & death). In my opinion, it’s the only exit for humanity, to jump out of the fishbowl without having to die physically as we have being doing so far. To do that, I have to make the transfer of power from ego to soul. A long journey is in progress…

  2. I would like to first, thank both Mado and Rhiame for your very thought provoking response. I will share my thoughts based on my own research.

    As best as I can ascertain thus far in my journey, it is important for the masses to realize there exists technology that’s being used to tune into the higher frequencies of the subtle bodies. Therefore, even if a person’s subtle bodies vibrate on a “high” frequency at the time of “death” (death is a misnomer), an electromagnetic frequency generator can easily be used to artificially match (tune into) any frequency (high or low) and subsequently, by using an electromagnetic entrainment technique, it can slowly lower the subtle bodies higher frequency, to a lower, useable state. This entrainment technique would be akin in the physical realms to making a normally happy and joyful person into a sad and depressed person by getting someone to disturb, harass or employ other physical means to accomplish this (I.E. Chem-trails, WiFi which are disharmonic RF frequencies, pharmaceuticals, vaccines with lots of mercury, etc.) to get people to “break” away from their higher physical / ethereal vibrations. This type of control can be achieved with enough persistence and would be much easier when technology is involved.

    That being said, probably the best thing to do would be to destroy your own conscious subtle bodies when you vacate the physical body (by consciously detaching from all illusions and intending to go completely into your non-dual Soul essence. Stop playing the game – so to speak) so your conscious subtle bodies cannot be technologically subdued, dropped in frequency, stored, and then fed upon later by the lower entities. The late Dr. Karla Turner as well as many others talk about this sort of interference with humans having been done in the past. This type of practice is what is keeping many energetic entities alive and active in fourth dimension consciousness.

    I also think the key word here is “Soul” or “Oversoul”. The part of us that is immune to all the illusions inside the physical and 4th dimensional “fish bowl”.
    Perhaps human beings should learn to live in a state of “Non-Duality” while in physical form. In other words, integrate your full Soul / Oversoul essence into your physical body.

    Quoi qu’il en soit, those are just my own thoughts based on what I am aware of a the moment. They are always subject to change.

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