Sex: The Ultimate Weapon of Power (full video)


By Rhiame

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Personocratia invites you to celebrate it differently, from a truer and unfortunately cruder reality. Bye bye romanticism, butterflies and nine clouds!

In our western society where sexuality is omnipresent and highly encouraged, where the concept of  “love” is distorted at its best, Personocratia explores the subject from a new evolutionary perspective.

Indeed, sexuality is such a pivotal factor in the shift of consciousness that Personocratia decided to share a full length video lecture that Ghis gave on the subject in January 2010 (4-part video at the end of this post). I’ve noticed that this unusual approach to sexuality may shock or make some of us angry. But once we understand the core implications that sexuality plays in our current human reality, we might be willing to open up our minds and reconsider it.

We often hear that money runs the world. But have you ever asked yourself what runs money? You already know the answer: SEX. In the video, Ghis explains the intimate relationship that binds sex and money. From there, we start to understand that sexuality is actually the pillar that erects the pyramid of power in all societies, everywhere on the planet.

If most of us are aware that money is the very means for war, domination and enslavement, very few people know that, in fact, sex is the very fuel that feeds it. Once we put all the pieces of the puzzle together, it makes more sense why sexuality is pushed to its climax!

Again, I notice that our attention is diverted from the root cause of our human wretchedness. We keep focusing on fixing the money situation, holding it full responsible for the world’s misery, when in fact it’s merely a by-product of our animal unconsciousness.

It’s high time that we start looking at sexuality and all that is related to it for what it is, and start questioning it if we want to get out of this hellish reality. The new Personocratia booklet #9 on “Family” explores at great length the subjects of sexuality, the couple, reproduction and family. It also offers concrete solutions to help us jump out of our animal unconsciousness in order to become who we really are: idessic (divine) beings manifesting in matter.

In the meantime, start your exploration with this 4-part video lecture. Stick around!

  • The full video (2+ hours) is available to purchase through the contact form below. The DVD includes the video documentaries presented at the beginning of the conference and the period of questions that follows, where Ghis develops other points that she did not cover during the lecture.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


3 thoughts on “Sex: The Ultimate Weapon of Power (full video)

  1. I would like to share several quotes from a book called, “Orange is the New Black.” Piper Kerman’s personal experience in Danbury, a women’s prison. (This book also became a Netflix original series.)

    “Ladies, I am Warden Kuma Deboo, and I am here to welcome you to Danbury…I am responsible for you successfully completing your sentences. So, ladies, the buck stops here….If anyone at this institution is pressuring you sexually, if anyone is threatening you or hurting you, I want you to come directly to me….We have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct here at Danbury.”

    “She was talking about the prison guards, not marauding lesbians. Clearly sex and power were inseparable behind prison walls.”

    For anyone that thinks that sex is not power, think again!

  2. Thanks for your comment. The documentaries uniquely compiled and edited by DianeDares to illustrate the lecture are included in the DVD.

  3. This is great, thanks for sharing. Could you tell me the film/documentary they watched before this, that Ghis mentions?

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