Death is a Choice!








by Rhiame

A close friend of mine just experienced a death through suicide in her family. As we were talking trying to understand why this person decided to put an end to his life, I remembered the quotes that I had gathered from Mother and Ghis. Both agree that death is a choice, although unconscious most of the time.

  • Death is our choice, or our incapacity to follow the movement of Progress” (Mother).
  • The power of death is that they all want to die (Mother)
  • Death is always a suicide – no matter if it’s through killing myself, an accident or an illness. The moment I stop evolving in consciousness, I put myself on the death’ slope, where death comes slowly or rapidly. (inspired by Ghis‘ words)

Actually, death exists because of our state of unconsciousness of who we really are: unlimited healthy immortal creators. The body being the manifestation of our level of consciousness, it simply manifests it and will manifest it until our consciousness changes – until we shift from our mortal belief in the fishbowl of death controlled by the ego, to our idessic/supramental reality, which is under the governance of the soul.

For death, illness and suffering to stop, the time has come to make the transfer of power from ego to soul. That’s the whole process of transformation in matter, on this earth, in our present body.


2 thoughts on “Death is a Choice!

  1. This is an excellent mental definition of death. Precise, logical and understandable.

    How do you define death on the emotional/vital level? At the cellular level?

    Exactly how does one transfer the power from ego to soul?

    What is the process of transformation in matter? How is it accomplished?

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