You May be Ready for This…

[…] More and more individuals are daring to journey on the path to personocratic consciousness using the tools, discoveries and experiences of mentors who are more advanced in their search for “out-of-the-fishbowl” solutions. These individuals are ready and anxious to pull back the veil of our orthodox, illusionary “reality” that is and has been focused on the emotion of “fear.”
Awakening individuals have a gnosis that indeed something is inherently wrong and incoherent with many of the broken and/or failing institutions, governments and corporations that are currently controlling life on planet earth. No more time for complaining – are you ready and willing to be re-educated and learn how to embrace solution-oriented ideas?
If you consider yourself to be a one-percenter, a black sheep, an out-of-the-fishbowl thinker, who is willing to step out of your hassle-free zone – then [a personocratic workshop] might be your first step to knowing who you really are or at least who you can become – a sovereign “who has Supreme power or authority”. Welcome!

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