About love…

“Love cannot come from someone else or something external; it can only come from within myself… because I AM infinite love.” Ghis


When someone tells me‘I love you’, I don’t know what to do with it. I answer, ‘I love myself too, what about you? Ghis



4 thoughts on “About love…

  1. Love is creation itself; without it we are not love and NOTHING! There is no outer and inner because infinity is everything without division- for which it is not in its intelligence to know what division is. Only the human collective ‘hive’ mind witnesses the division it has created for and by itself. Organised society is a ‘fractured fraud’ and is the reason why it is falling apart- gladfully – at its foundations.

  2. What is love? The word is so over used – I love plants, animals, an idea, a song, a play, etc. Even if I say, I love myself, what does it mean?

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