Sexuality, Basic Income, Sri Aurobindo and more…

This July 2013, Mado was interviewed by Zsac, one of the publishers of Personocratia literature in Hungary. Despite some technical problems, the video presents uplifting explanations about the personocratic path. Mado answers a few questions from participants to her upcoming bilingual 5-day workshop (English/Magyar) in November 2013 in Hungary.

She covers the following topics:

  • Sexuality
  • The Guaranteed Basic Income
  • Her personal experience with the personocratic way of life
  • The fears that personocratia may awaken in some of us
  • Chemtrails, Nibiru, GMO’s, and the global financial crisis
  • The solution to get out of the mess that is going on on earth
  • The connection with Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s work
  • And more…

  • The booklets mentioned in the video are available in English on this website HERE and also on
  • If this path calls you, stay tuned for the dates of Mado’s bilingual workshop in November in Hungary.

3 thoughts on “Sexuality, Basic Income, Sri Aurobindo and more…

  1. “Hi, Here are a few insights to consider about family matters in relation to the personocratic path.

    1- Family programming is the first one we learn after we are born. At that moment, our bodies are totally dependent on external help. So, we suck up that program really quickly and thoroughly. Also, it gets reinforced for decades, through various roles (daughter/son, brother/sister, mother/father, etc.), so it becomes multilayered and multifaceted. Education and the media make us believe that family roles are great and must never be questioned. Thus, family programming is the most difficult one to unravel for a Personocratia. Its dissolution starts by a first very, very firm decision. Then, it takes a lot of PEP (Patience, Endurance, Perseverance) to go to the end of the deprogramming.

    2- In family relations, we play all three main roles one after the other (and sometimes simultaneously): [continue reading…]

  2. Hi! Regarding family, I am having a difficult time formulating a way to explain to my children (who have their own children/my grandchildren) my journey. I know it comes from fear of rejection, fear of ‘then who am I?’, fear of my self worth. I feel this video would be a good introduction to explain my journey.

    Thank you for reminding me that it always comes back to the question of identity, ‘who am I?’ Your summary of the booklets is very clear and concise. Thank you Mado for making the video and Rhiame for posting it!

  3. domage que je ne comprenne pas sufisament l’anglais. J’ai vu la conférance de ghis et Mado … et j’aprécie beaucoup les info sur les sujets traités.
    Merci Mado.

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