Can we Connect with our Soul Through the Pineal Gland?

by Mado I and Rhiame


Here is an article that someone sent me:  Would a calcified pineal gland (through the use of fluoride or other substances) prevent people from connecting with their soul? I found this interesting and wanted to share it with you. What do you think about it?



First, we would like to clarify one point: the pineal gland is not the seat of the soul and accessing different dimensions is not synonymous with accessing our soul. This text is a good example of disinformation where true information is entangled with false one so as to entice us to lower our guard, cloud our discernment, and reinforce the ego.

In my opinion, the pineal gland facilitates the reception of information from the subtle worlds. It is likely that drugs such as LSD, cannabis, ayahuasca, etc. increase its receptive capacity. These types of drugs are called entheogens – which means “generating the divine within” – , which are psychotropic substances that induce a modified state of consciousness used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context. [Read more about entheogens in Wikipedia.]

Secondly, why would someone want to focus on stimulating the pineal gland even more? It’s the ego that wants to access the invisible worlds in order to gain some extraordinary knowledge and powers that most individuals do not have. What advantage does it bring? It allows for the domination over people who do not possess the capacity of connecting with the subtle worlds. We are back to the concept of survival based on the dominant/dominated animal program.

Most people still believe that accessing the subtle worlds and entities from other dimensions will lift them to a state of higher consciousness. It is true at some level. But if you are searching for the realization of the Supramental Consciousness (aka Idessic Consciousness) on earth, the entities from the subtle world cannot help much – they can actually be a hindrance.  As we have already explained in a previous article “No External Interventions Will Do the Job”, the subtle worlds reside also in the “fishbowl-of-death”, the same consciousness as that of humanity, where death is omnipresent, and where we all strive to survive and extend our lives as best we can with the tools available to us at the time.

To illustrate this concept, we will use the example of a person who lives in a primitive tribe in the middle of the Amazonian forest. One day, he takes the plane (a “stargate” that connects two worlds) and lands in New York City. He discovers a new reality, a world with high buildings and technology, where people wear interesting clothes and shoes. It opens up his mind to new possibilities. Of course, his range of consciousness widens. But he is still on the same planet (fishbowl-of-death) where everybody struggles to survive in their respective worlds. The environment looks different, the technology is impressive, the people think and behave differently, but the fundamental reality is the same – they live in the same mortal consciousness controlled by the fear of death. The New Yorkers can help the Amazonian guy change his lifestyle and extend his lifespan through the use of technologies and energetic manipulations, but they have no clue on how to become physically immortal, omnipotent, omniscient, joyful, and unconditionally loving.

The leap of consciousness that humanity is about to make is a big jump out of the fishbowl-of-death – out of mortal consciousness – where we’ll manifest all the attributes of the divine in matter. Physical immortality (life-without-death) is one of these attributes. Beings from other dimensions might live much longer than us, giving us sometimes the false impression of immortality. Nonetheless they are mortal and many of them are just in an ethereal form (not material). How can mortal ethereal beings from other dimensions show us the path to physical immortality on earth? They simply can’t. That’s why the solution won’t come from the outside. As Sri Aurobindo and Mother found out, the path is inside, deep inside matter, in our very cells. This is where the soul resides and we don’t need to stimulate any glands or take drugs to access it.

However, it is easier to walk the path in a healthy body. Eating “properly” is recommended by limiting the intake of toxic foods as much as possible so that all the cells – not only one specific organ or gland – can work optimally towards their idessic transformation. To put a lot of emphasis on the pineal gland is a sign that the “spiritual ego” wants to insure its domination (read more about egotistic personalities in the Personocratia booklet Health towards Physical Immortality). Let’s be aware though, that our efforts in keeping a healthy diet are seriously jeopardized by the increasing presence of chemtrails, irradiation, and GMOs in our environment. Clearly, there is no solution in this world of illusion – the fishbowl-of-death. Everything, from environmental pollution to financial collapse, pushes us towards the ultimate transformation humanity is meant to do. The great adventure of becoming who we really are!


2 thoughts on “Can we Connect with our Soul Through the Pineal Gland?

  1. Hi David,

    Thank you for your comment. I also received some emails from people sending links to articles mentioning the curative effects of ayahuasca, so my answer will take them into account.

    I totally agree with your assessment concerning the overly-important stress that has been recently given to the pineal gland within New Age circles. I would say the same about hallucinogenic drugs. I understand that some people use them to gain an easier access to the subtle realms that simultaneously surround us and inhabit us.

    I do not want to generalize, but I have noticed that drug users (psychotropic medications and hallucinogenic drugs) have very strong occult egos. Through drugs, their egos have a more conscious access to subtle worlds. The occult knowledge and power they gain in this way is most often thwarted and is often used by their egos to masquerade as souls. This is what Personocratia calls the “spiritual ego” (along with authors such as Aurobindo and The Mother).

    Such egos succeed in fooling themselves and their followers. Worse still, they are quick at joining forces with occult entities of the vital/astral worlds. In this way, they develop occult/psychic powers that are difficult to relinquish afterwards. They also gain “sticky” company and become surrounded my vital/astral entities that slowly gain control over their lives.

    With this in mind, I would rather trust my soul and have it decide when and how to access subtle realms versus inducing it through the use of external substances. My soul is immortal therefore it is in no hurry and knows the perfect timing. Ego is the one who is mendacious and impatient because it is mortal. That’s why it wants to speed up the evolutionary process. As a Personocratia, I put all my energies into the union of soul and body. Once this is done, then any occult powers or knowledge that come my way will be put at the service of soul, not ego. It would prevent to get lost in ego’s confusion and turmoil.

    Mado and Rhiame

  2. So many people who are into the ”New Age” type indoctrination of matters regarding the pineal gland have conceded their power into another false, gross. belief that the pineal gland is their saving grace- another external, saviour- come-and-save-me scenario! Lacking any credible scientific knowledge into its natural function and effects from native plants and deciding to, at most repeat, the same old (new,dead-age) rhetoric of an ascension process into realms of ”loving wonders” with beings from far away dimensional galaxies(astral entities in disguise their, hidden, manipulative, intentions). Any shamanic practitioner, especially one who dwells within the jungles of South America, for example, understands, full well, that the true purpose of hallucinogenic properties from plants is to connect with inner wisdom and self-knowledge that already lies within each and every one of US! To solve the difficulties and problems that arise in and around tribal society. But in order to re-connect to this natural state of LIVING who we truly are the chemical reactions from the elixir extractions such as ayahuasca repels and flushes out the negativities of the conditioning of society within the individual- hence the often traumatic affects especially to those from a western background whose subconscious fears, false ideas, ways, thinking are brought suddenly to the surface. And thereby dealt with through the workings of an experienced medicine man in understanding the difference between what was once false and what is suddenly known as the real and uncompromisingly TRUE YOU- a revelation from the blindfolds that have been finally removed, healed, from such a ceremony of deliverance from the MASS LIE!.

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