The False Oneness

Here, in the false matter ruled by the mind, we constantly mistake oneness to a mechanical, pared-down and stereotyped equality. But it is a hideous caricature. For we know only one way of creating oneness, which is to reduce everything to the lowest common denominator: “those whose heads are above get them chopped off, and those who are too small get pushed up from below. But that doesn’t do any good,” [Mother] said simply. The very law of the world is a law of oneness in diversity. No two leaves on the same tree are alike. But oneness does not lie in the external expression or behavior: it lies in the consciousness and the substance. But since we are not conscious of the real consciousness, not alive to the real substance, we are constantly forced to use false means to act upon a false substance and a false life – so everything is false, everything is instantly falsified. We fabricate means because of an incapacity to be, we mechanize things because of an incapacity to grasp the real Mechanism of the world. Whereas in the true oneness – supramental – of the supramental consciousness and substance, everything is an infinitely varied play of one and the same thing. So this single thing is never in competition with itself, no more than one’s feet are the enemy of one’s arms, they feel no need to imitate the graceful movements of the metacarpus. It is one single body in an infinite diversity. How do you imagine the supramental life? [Mother] asked the children. As a paradisin which everyone will do the same thing in the same way? Everyone becomes a harp-playing angel?… That would be a dreadful world! No one needs to be alike in the supramental world, and no one needs to do better than his neighbor, or to have more than his neighbor! Each one is his own model and has the perfect and complete joy of expressing what he is – being himself is his joy, very simply, but since it is a real world, and not a fossilized one, everyone is also conscious that perfection can grow, beauty can grow, vision can grow, joy can grow, and that there is an ever vaster way to express the particular mode of being that each one represents in the universal totality, while simultaneously having the essential joy of everything in the universe, because it is a world where everything is concretely ONE… There are many things to discover, unimaginable for our present understanding.

Author: Satprem in Mother or The New Species