We Have An Identity Problem

Comment from a reader:

“Thanks for the article No External Interventions Will Do The Job. It gave me some insight into my friends belief in Planet X (Niburu). He also thinks we are all evolving into higher dimensions ( I believe there are 10 in all) as we go along in our reincarnations. Would I be correct in stating these all seem to still be in the fishbowl of death?”

Double-FishbowlMado’s answer:
Indeed, the higher dimensions mentioned in New Age literature are related to subtle worlds that are part of what Ghis calls the “Second Fishbowl”. It is explained briefly in Booklet 3 (Religion). In fact, everything exists in the same place, at the same time. Everything is already all there, in a holographic reality where every part contains the whole. The only thing that changes is our consciousness.

We have an identity problem. We think that we are human beings. In fact, we are Idessa[1], individualized inside an Homo sapiens vehicle. While I am wondering about the Mayan Calendar or Nibiru, I am still turned outside and remain the victim of external events. I refuse to acknowledge that I am the Creatrix[2] of the whole universe and that all that happens to me is my creation.

Interestingly, unlike other beings, human beings have access to all vibratory levels — from the lowest to the highest. We already exist in all dimensions of physical, vital, emotional, soul, and spirit. The idea is to become conscious of this and act accordingly. This is what Personocratia booklets andworkshops teach. Have fun enjoying both. And the ONLY way to really enjoy them is to change the way you act on a day-to-day basis because it is all about action as I have already explained in a previous post The Difference Is In The Action.

  1. Idessa: word invented by Ghis to define the Supreme Being inherent to all that exist.
  2. Creatrix: Feminine word for “Creator”.