To Make Babies or Not?

by Rhiame

This question has haunted me for years until I discovered the reality of who I am: the creator of the whole universe, unlimited and immortal. Now that I understand the consequences of having children, I’d like to share my insight, starting with some quotes that I gathered to help you ponder on the subject.

1) To make babies is to forsake my immortal nature.

2)  Each time I make a baby, I reenforce the DEATH program encoded in my cells.

3) The purpose of a child is to replace its parents and ancestors. Consequently, each time I make a baby, I push myself, my family and humanity a little bit further into the grave.

4) I make babies when I give up in accomplishing myself. I transfer my dreams to my child, and expect him or her to exceed me and succeed where I failed.

5)  Reproduction is not Creation. That’s why we say “reproductive organs” and not “creative organs”. When we make babies, we make reproductions, meaning copies of copies of copies… Have you noticed the more you make a copy out of a copy, the uglier they become. Do you still think that the human race will improve through reproduction?

It is not that having children is wrong. It’s a matter of aligning my actions with my level of consciousness. What would be the purpose of making babies if I create myself (read I Create Everything, Including Myself) and I am immortal? We would face a serious overpopulation problem on earth, wouldn’t we?!

I became aware that each time I make a baby or I encourage others to do so, I re-enforce the death-program in my own body as well as in every being on the planet. For me the decision was easy: I decided with my partner not to have children despite the more or less subtle family and social pressure. If I want to manifest physical immortality, I must stop behaving as a mortal being and start living as a creator in every aspect of my life. My decision to not have children was a huge step in that direction.