Education: The High Price of Idiotization – PART 1


A typical classroom

Would you really learn physics if you were sitting in this classroom? Surely with a lot of difficulty! Piled up one on top of another, these students are expected to pass a difficult final exam at the end of the year. The same holds true for all other subjects. All these students will remember is how to obey without complaining, day after day, in intolerable learning conditions. A few US statistics will show the result of such learning conditions. Even if the education system is the country’s biggest employer, 50 % of high school graduates read so little that they cannot understand an 8th grade book. More than 20 % read under the level of a 5th grader, 20 % cannot find their own country on a world map, and another 20 % believe that the sun revolves around the earth. This situation holds true all over the world – including Canada.

On the administrative side, huge regional schools have replaced small local schools. Their centralized management no longer allow parents, teachers, or students to make any important changes. With this regionalization came a yellow tsunami of school buses. Riding the school bus has become traumatizing. Often piled up three per seat, children spend two hours a day on the bus in first grade. Mixed up with big kids, they witness insults, violence, theft, rape, racism, sexism, and prostitution – one blowjob for a few dollars. The bus driver may try to limit the damage, but it is difficult to manage fifty kids while driving on icy roads or in busy traffic.

In fact, 21st century schools have become a nasty combination of prison, hospital, and boarding school. Here is proof:

  • Between 1951 and 1961, radiation experiments were conducted on 110,000 children in Israel’s public schools. Repetitively, they received 35,000 times the maximum dose of X-rays on the head. Around the same time, 4,000 kids in US public schools faced similar treatments. Do you think that such physical abuse has stopped in the 21st century? Read on!
  • Several public health procedures take place in schools that are meant to dumb down kids’ brains or destroy their health – vaccinations, dental fluoride, psychiatric testing on individual and family matters.
  • Numerous schools now have front desk security, metal detectors, internal and external cameras, and armed security guards. In some countries, policemen visit schools on a regular basis to run operations related to drugs or weapons, with dogs on a leash and machine guns in hand.
  • Teachers watch students through hidden cameras that are integrated directly inside classroom computers. Some portable computers that are loaned to students are equipped with spying programs and cameras that allow teachers to watch kids and parents directly at home.
  • Because of severe budget cuts, school buildings are deteriorating and classroom materials are missing or obsolete. Teachers are often forced to pay from their own pocket to get the equipment they need for their job.
  • Some ready-made educational programs are given free or for a small fee by large-scale media. Time for Kids (45 countries) and l’actualité en classe (Quebec) are two of numerous examples. On the Internet, you can find free educational resources on all subjects – lesson plans, exercises, activities, games, and teaching tips. For example, Times Educational Supplement (TES) is a British site that offers 140,000 resources and 5,000 videos. TES is used by 1.5 million teachers in 196 countries and is financed by Charterhouse Bank.

Whether we know it or not, whether we want it or not, the 21st century school is emerging in all countries, thanks to the centralized efforts of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. Surreptitiously, UNESCO has established its global educational monopoly and is working hard at enhancing planet-wide unity by destroying the main cause of individuality – the family.

Laws were passed to create a legal person, making the State the official owner of children. Parents became legal guardians and the State was able to dictate when and how it wanted its young citizens to be educated. Parental influence was minimized in the following ways: 1) by forcing children to spend most of their time in school, far from parents; 2) by encouraging both parents to work long hours far from their children; 3) by imposing unpleasant activities to both parents and children when they were together – homework; 4) by making the parent-child relationship dependent on a few fictitious numbers – school grades.

As for the curriculum, hidden under piles of false and useless facts lay its true purpose: to create physical, moral, and intellectual paralysis inside each child so that, once an adult, he would remain an eternal teenager, incapable of becoming self-sufficient and willing to follow blindly the orders of a superior while remaining convinced of his own biological inferiority. If we look around us, it is obvious that their efforts were wildly successful.

Excerpt from Personocratia’s Booklet #8 – Education towards… Innate Knowledge – Purchase your copy on this site or at

Authors: Ghis and Mado