What I Am Doing When I Vote? – Mouseland Video

Since we are in the middle of the presidential elections, at least here in the US, I wanted to post this famous cartoon “Mouseland”, as a reminder of what I really do when I vote in this world of illusion. This apply to any kind of election in any countries on the planet.

This video is so funny and at the same time so sad because I still think and behave like a mouse and I put all my power in the hands of a few big cats, thinking that what I’m doing is for the good of the mice…!  What will it take for me to let go of the belief that I need a government and start manifesting my real Idessic* essence?” Diane.

Pertinent question, indeed. I suggest that you read (again!) this previous blog THE SHEEP GO TO THE POLLS. You will find at the end a personocratic answer to what to do instead to behave like a sovereign being.

Video provided by www.dianedares.com where you can find more thought provoking videos to evolve as a personocratia.

*IDESSIC: adjective stemming from the noun IDESSA, word invented by Ghis to define the “inner divinity” inherent to all beings.