I Create Everything, Including Myself !

In 2005, I become aware that to be a creatrix (feminine word for creator) means that I created everything, including myself. I create myself? My soul creates my body. But where do parents fit in this equation? “Nowhere!” is the answer. Parenting is an invented story in our world of illusion to explain where we come from. We behave as animals and give birth like animals. We make reproductions, copies of copies of copies. Each one becomes more and more tainted with fears, conflicts, unfinished projects, and hereditary defects. It is about time we questioned ourselves about the need to make babies!

In the new world of reality, this old procreation story where children come from parents will appear as improbable as the story of Santa Claus. Very soon, we will laugh about it, as we now laugh about once believing in an obese Santa Claus slipping into a sooty, narrow chimney with a huge bag on his back and coming out of it perfectly clean. In reality, as a creatrix, I create my own body at each moment, in the image and likeness of my present state of consciousness. My body is an original made by the inner creatrix that I am, not from a mere copy stemming from external co-reproducers.

This new consciousness is so enormous and different that it does not get readily accepted. It ends the family institution forever, and all that is tied to it that held us captive. The family prison is so sweet that it is difficult to abandon. If I look around, I realize that the family institution is already falling apart. it is bursting at the seams! “But it means the end of the species!” am I often told. That’s right. The consciousness of being the creatrix automatically brings the end of family. Anyway, it is an institution that is already bursting at the seams. This announces the end of our animalistic human species as we know it and of the human being who is unconscious of his divine identity. And since we are immortal, there is no more need to be born and to die. Phew! No more deliveries, crying babies, reactive teens with an identity crisis. Indeed, that is good news!

Author: Ghis from her book “Madame Ghis – Escape In Prison” that you can buy HERE.