Personocratia 2012: what’s new?

Most of the fateful year of 2012 has already gone by and the global economy continues to deteriorate at an accelerating rate. Are we ready to face any possible outcome, whatever it may be? How far ahead are we in the transformation of consciousness that is needed to create the next species? Have we made the necessary transfer of power from ego to soul or do we content ourselves with peace meditations while we passively wait for the Golden Age to manifest?

As for Personocratia, she remembers her true identity and acts accordingly in all areas of her daily life. For many years, she has been busy creating efficient tools to help in the transformation of consciousness. She publishes inspiring information, both written (books and booklets) and spoken (DVDs and workshops).

Her most recent activities:

1) The publication of two new additions to the Personocratia’s Booklets series: Number Six Money towards… Unlimited Creation, while Number Seven is called Health towards… Physical Immortality. These booklets are precious gems of information, offering a condensed overview of a specific system and lasting hands-on solutions. Number Eight, Education towards… Innate Knowledge, will be published at the end of this year.

2) The story and know-how concerning “Voluntary Civil Death” that Ghis opted for in her quest for true freedom. In her book Madame Ghis – Escape in Prison, we find an account of her spell in prison. She also describes her evolution of consciousness over a period of fifteen years, her citizen death, and the emergence of the new person – the sovereign individual.

* Ghis’ yearly bilingual workshop (English/French) (see dates and location here). It takes place once a year at Christmas and lasts ten days. It remains open to all, without prerequisites, and initiates a formidable inner transformation. With Ghis, we start by searching for our true identity and discover that the supreme authority lies inside us. What follows is a 180-degree turn from our usual awareness of the external world. This transformation of perception brings about a change of action within each of the social systems: health, money, family, education, etc. We go through an inner mutation as the fearful sheep learns to behave as a sovereign mare.

Whatever surprises are left for us in the coming years, whatever the state of distress you may reach, remember that you are the creatrix of your own reality. Without suffocation, humanity will not muster the courage to dive into the new species. The turmoil that is bound to follow the collapse of all systems is an evolutionary necessity. Greet it as such and jump into truth-consciousness.