There is Nothing To Do But All To Undo

” Like my parents and grand-parents, all the way down to our common ancestors, Adam and Eve – or whatever else you choose to call them – I have bought into the 4-step program: WORK – SUFFER – AGE – DIE. The man provides for the family while the woman gives birth to nice babies and takes care of them tenderly. Thus, the survival of the species is maximized. The more I work and the more children I “make”, the greater the reward will be. However, this takes time and energy. I have to keep on going, even if I get sick of doing the same old job, or get tired of taking care of the kids and the aging parents. Suffering is part of the ordeal and brings about the aging of the body. Eventually, the poor body can’t keep up, and it dies while the soul shrugs its invisible shoulders: “That dude did not have a clue ! He got stuck in the illusion and never looked further!” What an exciting program! […]

All this programming has been in place for thousands of years. Civilizations have come and gone and the human drama has continued unchanged. Atlantis and Lemuria are only some of the most recent civilizations which have disappeared, only to reappear in Mesopotamia, India and Egypt later, under a different guise, but with the same basic program: human herds with dominant males overseeing the family or village flock, and protecting it from predators: other males invading their territory. At the same time, dominant females are raising offspring and keeping the flock into a closely-knit group. Everyone’s purpose is to maximize the survival of the species […] Will this ever change?

It has started to change already! The process of deprogramming has begun. If it had not, I would not even be able to consider it as a possibility. What I can imagine in my mind always corresponds to a possible future. That phenomenon is the basis of evolution itself. Now, a big job is left for me to do… the unraveling of the old program that still resides in each of cells !

The program that I need to help me go through this next step is actually already in place. It has been present since the beginning of time, hidden from view in the deepest recesses of my cells, camouflaged behind the old survival program. The main attribute needed to disintegrate the outdated animal was simply not yet available. First, I was meant to become conscious of being a divine, sovereign and unlimited entity. But to reach this state, I first had to create an ego, an illusory personality which allowed me to enter fully into my role as an intelligent animal. This ego must now accept to take the back seat. A transparent ego can serve as the perfect interface between my soul and my body. This will allow the permeation of divine energy into matter. It will also bring about the transformation of my very cells into divinized matter. All this involves an enormous reprogramming which should bring about amazing results! ”

Words from Ghis written by Mado in Booklet #7: Health Towards… Physical Immortality (2007 edition)