Religion towards… Idessity

Booklet #3 back cover description:

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been dreaming about such a booklet. I never found one, so I was forced to write it myself after putting together the pieces of a puzzle called ROCSSSS: Religions, Orders, Cults, Secret Societies, Sciences and Spiritualities. This task came easy once I realized that these were equivalent and served the same interests. This booklet was written for those who, like me, did not succeed in getting true answers from ROCSSSS, and feel that Torahs, Bibles, Korans, promised saviors, gurus, extraterrestrials, ascended masters, prayers, mental powers, tantric sex, and meditation are temporary bandages covering a suppurating wound oozing desperation, deception and death. In the past, a thick veil of unconsciousness and ignorance blinded us, and we were unable to discover the truepurpose of our presence on earth. For lack of anything better, we chose to believe in ROCSSSS, never realizing that their sole function was to keep our soul separated from our body.

By diverting our spiritual quest towards an external god, ROCSSSS maintain us in a state of powerlessness, submission and fear – the prerequisites of slavery. Their ploy is masterful, but fragile. Both the spiritual power and its accomplice, the temporal power, are aware that they cannot submit a unified individual whose body is governed by its soul. Such an individual has become sovereign, omnipotent and immortal. With his manifestation, a new type of consciousness, idessity, is born.

In this booklet, you will understand why and how to keep your power when facing the following beings and situations:

  • Spiritual and shamanic healing
  • Channelling and possession
  • Entities from the subtle realms
  • Marriage of Church and State
  • Rituals and sacrifices
  • Extraterrestrials and intraterrestrials
  • Ascended masters
  • White and black magic
  • Angels and demons
  • Apocalyptic scenarios
  • False prophets
  • Astrology, numerology, fetishism…

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