Politics towards… Individual Sovereignty

Booklet #4 back cover description:

Politics amounts to a puppet show taking place on a “political scene”, where marionettes – politicians – sing and dance to distract the audience so that nobody discovers what is being plotted behind the scene. Meanwhile, sly puppeteers pull all the strings in order to reach their final goal, the planet’s complete takeover – what has been called the new world order (NWO).

We, unconscious human slaves, have been miserably surviving for millenia in a world of illusion in which the coming world dictatorship represents the epitome of false power. Such cunning control has always existed, well hidden within secret societies. Nowadays, the invasion of truth vibration lights up the rotten foundations of their world of deceit, fear, and death. Unexpectedly, at the very moment when democracy fades away, personocracy emerges.

In this booklet, you will find:

  • Various political systems
  • The couple religion/politics
  • Extraterrestrials and exopolitics
  • Politicians and secret societies
  • The only solution – personocracy
  • The protocols of the NWO
  • Humanity’s great disillusion
  • Individual sovereignty
  • The passage from government of intelligence to the government of consciousness

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