“God” is a word full of falsehood

” ‘God’ is a word so full of falsehood that it would be better to forget it; we sometimes think that God is the cleverest invention of the devil – why, of course, they go together! For what is that omnipotent demiurge who rules over the earth from the heights of his heaven? It is childish and revolting for any enlightened mind, even if he does send down his son from time to time to repair the whole mess he has after all created – for if he has not created it, who has? Why, the devil, of course – there they go, the two inseparable and indivisible accomplices; you must wonder who is the father of whom? But perhaps we are through with fathers versus “the others”, whether they be “Gods” or “Devils”, as well as with pieces of matter separated into little bodies, and great illumined heavens soaring over the earth’s old unchanged rottenness. The evolutionary “mess” was perhaps designed to lead one species, whatever it is and by whatever means, to the point where it would be compelled to find its own divine secret in matter. Perhaps we are entering the reign of the divine oneness of matter, without “otherness”, without distance, without over there.”

Satprem in Mother or The New Species