by Rhiame

The purpose of this blog is to share the NEW consciousness introduced by Ghis (formerly known as Ghislaine Lanctot) and other pioneers such as Sri Aurobindo and Mother. In an era where we become aware of the world conspiracy, the ancient prophecies, the extraterrestrial presence, the occult worlds… when we are witnessing a drastic increase of war, poverty, disease, suffering, injustice, inequality, natural catastrophes, human exploitation and slavery… when we finally realize that all authorities whether they are political, scientific or religious have always lied to us at all time… when it becomes obvious that our little strikes, demonstrations, occupations, petitions, votes, meditations, ceremonies or prayers won’t make the big makeover so hoped for … What options are left in order to manifest our millennial aspirations and dreams for a reversal of reality on this planet? A Paradise-on-Earth where beings incarnated in matter will have all the attributes of a  god: unlimited creator, physically immortal, loving unconditionally, joyful without cause, omnipotent, omniscient, forever young and in perfect health. Quite the opposite of our current illusionary reality!

Several civilizations before ours have already explored the spiritual and occult avenues that masses have just stepped into, in the attempt to reach that ultimate dream. But reaching those higher spheres, with all their nirvanas and magical tricks, have not succeeded in creating paradise-on-earth and have inevitably lead to the disappearance of those advanced civilizations.  It appears that we are taking the same path, only to repeat the past – nothing new in the horizon of knowledge and spiritual evolution.  It seems evident that following the same road, using the same tools, repeating the same experiences would lead to the same fate and eventually end up the same way – DEATH.  The reversal of reality needs more than ancient traditions and extraterrestrial technologies. To be more accurate, it needs NONE of that; it needs NOTHING at all, just us, human beings. It only needs individuals willing to change themselves instead of focusing in altering the outside, whether materially or vibrationally. Paradise-on-earth, in matter, starts within us first, since outside is just an holographic representation of what’s inside. The world is fashioned in our image and likeness.  If we want to manifest the opposite of war, division, disease, poverty, suffering and so forth, we need to go in the opposite direction than the one most humanity is taking right now. Let’s forget about the  “Law of Attraction”, it won’t do the job; it is obsolete and already past.

What is left then to make the leap? Another pathway is opening up, that of Personocratia. It has never been walked before, it’s a pathless path that goes… in the opposite direction. It’s an individual journey that is written as we walk. No God, gods, angels, demons, lucifers, ascending masters, extraterrestrials or spirits can guide us at this point – it goes beyond their range of consciousness. That’s why the Mayans could not foresee beyond the prophetic date of their calendar because they had reached the glass-ceiling of the present consciousness. Few people in the present day have already attained the same glass ceiling of this realm of consciousness, which is limited and does not allow for further evolution. We are talking about jumping into a DIFFERENT consciousness, the one outside the opaque glass-wall of the fishbowl. We are dealing with a total transformation, a mutation of the species. The process is comparable to when the fish jumped out of the water and transformed into an amphibian to live on earth. Everything that the fish had learned to survive in the water could not apply to its new life on earth – everything it knew had to be put aside and it had to start from scratch. A new reality requires new aspirations, new notions, new ways of thinking, doing and behaving. That’s what the leap of consciousness is about. That’s what Personocratia is about: a pathway to that radical transformation.

The new consciousness has already been anchored in our human cells by two pioneers Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (Mira Alfassa). They called it the Supramental. The new reality – paradise-on-earth – is already there deep inside us; “there is nothing to do but everything to undo” to manifest it. This blog is aimed to share what others and myself have discovered and experienced in our process of clearing the way of this personocratic realization in order to facilitate your own journey on this pathless path – if you choose to follow it, even for a short distance. It is addressed to anyone searching out-of-the-fish-bowl solutions to our agonizing existence. If you feel that something is wrong and incoherent on this planet, that there is nothing out there that makes sense anymore but you feel deep down that there is something else beyond the veil of our illusionary “reality”,  then this blog might bring you some seeds of inspiration. Welcome!