Citizen Death

Madame-Ghis-BookOne of Ghis’ books is becoming very timely as sensational denunciations are exploding everywhere. These uncover lies and deceit so that the truth can emerge: the individual is the one who has the supreme authority. 

The time has come for him to become conscious of it and to exercise his sovereign power. He will soon realize that “two things are avoidable: death and income tax’’.  In this way will come the “citizen death” that Ghis experienced and described in Madame Ghis – Escape in Prison. 

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Alternative Health, Self-Health, and Beyond (video)

In this newly released video, Ghis provides us with a vanguard overview of what real health is. What if it was possible to have perfect health at no charge for everyone? To view this one-hour video, go to the following link.


Once a year in Canada, Ghis gives a bilingual workshop (English/French) to integrate Personocratia’s consciousness. Check THIS LINK for more information.

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Society towards… Paradise-on-Earth

PSociety cover.inddersonocratia just released the last booklet of a series of 10: Society towards… Paradise-on-Earth

“It single-handedly recaps and concludes many years of integration of idessic consciousness by its authors.  ‘’I believe I came on earth to write this booklet!’’ I said to myself when it came out. Applied to everyday life, this truth-consciousness can seem absurd at first.  This is not at all the case – It is simply avant-gardist.  The fact that it is mind-blowing is normal.  Soon, it will become evident, because that is where humanity is going! Ghis.

Back cover description:

If you are reading this booklet before the onset of WWIII, the global financial crisis, worldwide famine, or planet-wide cataclysms, consider yourself lucky! Despite external appearances, such predictions are not far-fetched. Most people are not aware that the extinction of humanity is at our doorstep!

The apocalypse has started – and this is exactly what we need!

Indeed the social and planetary upheavals we are currently facing herald the end of the world of illusion. From its ashes will emerge paradise-on-earth. The question, however, is whether or not we wish to take part in the establishment of a new world, a new kingdom, a new being. Today each human being living on Earth is faced with choosing one of three directions. The first leads him towards effortlessness (microchip, basic income, entertainment, alcohol, drugs, sex, and so on). The second brings him to despair and encourages to commit suicide either quickly (intentional) or slowly (illness). As for the third, it calls upon his courage and propels his transformation into an idessic being – the ultimate goal of all terrestrial evolution.

In this booklet, the following topics will be examined:

  • The planet versus the Individual
  • No, no, no, to War!
  • Civil Society and Agenda 21
  • Chemtrails and chembombs
  • Free Energy and Secret Technologies
  • Nibiru, True or False? What to Do?
  • Demoncracy
  • The End of Statism
  • Angels, Demons, Aliens and Zombies
  • Mass Mind Control
  • The Future of Human Being
  • Citizen Death

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Nibiru sighting in Romania – August 2014

Mado‘s friend, who lives in Romania, took this picture in the transylvanian mountains on August 25th, 2014. Despite the clouds, we can clearly see a bright reddish object on the right side of the sun. Could that be Nibiru? If you have any expertise in the field, your comments are welcome.

Read more about Nibiru, Climate Change and Consciousness


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Men Do Not Want Children…

The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie” Ann Landers

I’d like to share with you a newly released book “Men Do Not Want Children” by Patrice Berthiaume. It is not an easy read and I speak as a woman. Indeed, the subject is politically incorrect and may upset many. Forget about any delicacy of words making it even more credible in its inescapable bit of rawness. Men are exposed for who they are in their intrinsic nature. Yet, their secret garden revealed benefits men and women – at least the ones who are tired of the illusion of a relationship and want to live in truth with the opposite sex. In this essay, women are not spared either since they share in the perpetuation of the non-sense of a relationship’s intricacies. I don’t want to spoil the fairy tale that most of us don’t want to wake up from but in a nutshell Prince Charming falls off his horse and Sleeping Beauty off her bed. It hurts at first even destabilizing for a moment but it’s to get back on our two feet stronger than ever and walk a different path – that of Truth beyond animal consciousness.



Men Do Not Want CHildren2Book’s back cover

Men do not want children, just… sex! This is probably one of the most shocking statements of the last century concerning the real identity of human males. Yet, isn’t it true that men are fundamentally addicted to gratification and orgasms? Aren’t children a hindrance to their dream of conquest and to their freedom? Homo Sapiens chase after prestige, power and money, but to what end? Is the goal – the hidden agenda – to mount the maximum number of females and finally reach the pinnacle of their sexuality, just to dominate and control?

What do children come into the equation? Besides locking the couple in the family cage and ensuring the survival of the species, can reproduction be a tool used to correct karma? Or do we simply seek to control our entire territory, in other words, to own our partner? Does desire and seduction really raise us to the heights of true love?

A man finally has the nerve to dissect the true nature of men so that we can move forward. He’s not afraid to use harsh words to boldly go where most of us have never gone before (so to speak) and explore the land of authenticity. A rare and honest account in world focused on political correctness.


.Book excerpts



For thousands of years we’ve had this survival of the species instinct within us. It seems quite natural, then, that the majority of men are obsessed with the idea of having sex. It’s written in each of their billion cells; they are conditioned. Although everyone has a preference in regards to body shapes, sex is primarily mental imaginary. Men love this feeling of being excited by a cute woman, even if it doesn’t go any further. Just imagining the sexual potential makes his day. Willy Pasini call this “the mental thrill”. Some men prefer this than the action itself.

To have sex or not? A little, a lot, passionately or not at all? There’s no wrong answer! Since sexuality is a cellular program that’s been running for several millennia, there’s no need to feel guilty or to restrict yourself. There is no one to blame, no good, no bad; it’s just part of our subconscious. The road to consciousness, to the deepest Self, is long. I’m not advocating chastity or libertinism. On must simply be enlightened, conscious, able to realize the extent of our sexual dependencies. It is dependency! It is high time for men to talk about it without taboos. What are these unconscious mechanisms that are the lot of men and that determine their behavior? And why are they never satisfied?

In this book I mainly discuss men, but some situations may apply to both genders, regardless of sexual orientation. Everyone can recognize themselves through their own experiences. Epicurus, whom Michel Onfray likes to quote, approaches sexuality from the perspective that sexual desire is natural, but not necessary. Natural, meaning the animal nature of humans. While sexologists Sheree Conrad and Michael Milburn claim that our sexuality is as fundamental as our emotions, intellect or personality. That was once true, but now we are on the verge of a huge leap of consciousness. This one calls for the truth about one’s Self. Everything that had once seemed true is now starting to be perceived and felt as false. It’s no coincidence that we’ve seen an abundance of political scandals. Our consciousness now allows us to see them, but they’ve always existed! This is true for a couple, love and sexuality.



Let’s take a look at our society. Hierarchy is everywhere, it permeates all social classes and it reigns supreme. Modeled on animal societies, the strongest, the dominant being endowed with a penis, imposes its will and commands respect. His strength is worshiped. As long as we act as animals, suffering, deceit and illusion will persist.

In general, men, – improved chimpanzees – define themselves by their work and sexuality. These two activities have common denominators: possession and power. Here’s the proof: I’ve seen many men die just before or after their retirement. It’s hard not to see a connection between how they define themselves and this fact.

Man’s existence is based on the concept of ownership, especially of his flock. Even today, males see females as their property. Sex, more than anything else, allows and legitimizes this possession and perpetuates this dominant-dominated, penetrated-penetrating hell in which we’re living. Dominating one another inevitably reminds us of the animal kingdom.

Masked by a Prozac called “love”, sexuality – neither good nor bad in itself – has ensured the survival of the species. Trying to save the human flock from extinction, isn’t that a manifestation of our unconscious fear of death? The fear of our finite existence, of death, nourishes our old cellular memories. And it is mainly sex that provides the illusion of postponing that fateful day. In fact, it’s survival, nothing more.

For a man, having sex doesn’t mean love. Having sex means… having sex. That’s it! Animal instincts push a man to mount the female who offers herself to him. Men can have sex with hundreds of women, with no notion of love. That doesn’t mean that they are insensitive or disrespectful. Simply that sex is primarily mental and physical rather than emotional. In the words of Barry Long, “All men, without exception, are sex obsessed. This means compulsive sexual fantasizing, chronic masturbation (even when living with a partner), sex repression leading to anger and violence, and the universal symptoms of chasing wealth and getting lost in work.” […]



Not all men are sexually obsessed. For some, it’s always on their minds, while others think of it very little or not at all. Let’s go back to our great ape. Its cellular programming forces it to ensure the survival of the species. And men, like their hairy cousins, grow up drooling with the hope of mounting all the females on their turf. Sexually obsessed people distinguish themselves by the fact that they probably did not experience any incident or trauma that affected their libido. An underdeveloped libido and a damaged or annihilated self-esteem creates an image of men who are resigned, defeated, almost lifeless.

These men fear others and live submissive and dominated lives. Their submission to faithfulness and sexual exclusivity makes them give up or turn down all offers to explore other “gardens”. To avoid dying out completely, dominated men compensate with other things: sports, drugs, alcohol, work, leisure activities that bring them some fun or intellectual enjoyment.

In a herd, dominated males have a different hormonal status; in other words, their sex drive drops drastically. That’s what allows them to be second-class males. It’s probably the same with humans. Having lost their self-confidence, and unable to conquer, dominated males first feel sorry for themselves before eventually accepting their situation as being normal. They find the best reasons to remain in a rut, in a certain limbo. This, they believe, is where they belong; they think it’s a result of their upbringing, their experiences, their wife or boss, etc. They’re the archetypal good guy whose existence never makes waves, who’s usually attentive and focused, devoted to his family and work. They’re so nice that people are either indifferent to them or bored by them. Those guys’ wives manipulate them or flat out leave them. They’re criticized for being too soft, for being real losers. As strange as it may sound, we have seen some of them wreak havoc when pushed to the limit; their powerlessness turns into rage and then they go apeshit.

In general, dominated men choose the status quo, a stable and monotonous relationship, and a quiet sort of life. These men greatly prefer living a lie and maintaining a boring routine rather than facing separation, solitude or jumping into the unknown. In this, a lot of men and women are alike in their desire to get together and deceive themselves. “The couple, which is an association of reciprocal interests, is the alienating trap par excellence in regards to ‘being’. It encourages ‘having’ instead of ‘being’; this is the way that the social institution intended it.” (Paul Salomon in La Sainte Folie du Couple)

I always have a choice; I can either live this alienation with my partner or choose to break up and start fresh to explore new desire. However, in the end, I might achieve the same results and simply repeat another absurd conjugal experience before falling back into the vile business of grief. Being with someone isn’t a guarantee of well-being and personal realization. And yet, we’ve been followed this path for centuries! What’s wrong with humans? Is credulity that makes us hope that one day this dream will become a reality? Honestly, after repeating the same stories again and again, we know this is nothing but borrowed time. Does that mean that each and every one of us is more of less submissive? Oh boy! Before we can reach this conclusion, let’s take a look at the dominant ones… this ought to be much more exciting!



How are post-feminism men fairing? Are there still dominant men among us? By all means, yes! And they’re still perceived as the best men. Deep down, nothing has changed. The kings of the jungle, the fittest, lay down the law and their conditions and lifestyle rule the world. It’s only recently that kings stopped having sex with all the women in their kingdom. Dominant men are easy to spot.

Observe the first meeting of two male cats; they arch their back, puff their tails and swell up like balloons to scare the opponent. One will have to be the scared one. It this strategy doesn’t work – but it usually does – then they’ll have to fight each other in order to determine who the dominant one is. It’s the same for humans. We might not all train at the gym or take steroids to look big. Social standing, money and intelligence have in fact replaced muscle. When next to a man possessing a high social standing and lots of money, who could get just about anything and anyone, it’s easy to feel intimidated and even worthless.

A wealthy man has a lot of leeway. His power lies in his ability to choose a number of sexual partners who will be among the most beautiful ones. Whereas the penniless man sees his opportunities reduced, left to only fantasize about the lifestyle of the well-off men. However, if a wealthy man stays with the same woman for a long time, it’s common for our penniless guy to chuckle. Why, you ask? Simply because he believes the rich man to be under his wife’s yoke, to be subjugated. Thus, our frustrated and dominated man has found – or imagined – a weakness in his opponent. Whether this Achilles hell is real or not is irrelevant. Targeting one’s opponent’s tender spot is like a cat arching its back. It allows a man to display this dominance.

In the mind of everyone, be they struggling with the fear of being dominated or taking pleasure in dominating, this process takes place in silence. In this face to face, each plays a subtle game. Even though suspicion prevails in such situations, one thing is clear: everyone wants the same thing, namely sex. We want a territory to defend, protect… and control.

Dominant men breathe – and inspire – confidence, even though it takes root in the subjection, intimidation and crushing of others. They maintain their dominance over others through their sexuality conquests and the prestige that they get from it. The conqueror, the one that fucks, believes he’s respected and respectable. The apparent superiority that drives his dick also gives him the impression that his wife loves him and will stay with him forever, which stems from the belief that only he can fulfill her sexuality! In other words, every man thinks his wife will become dependent on him and only him. After all, if he was not around, his wife’s life would be really ordinary. Males spend considerable amounts of energy catering to this semblance of power and deploying it around him.

[read more book excerpts on Patrice Berthiaume's website]

 . .


Patrice Berthiaume, is the author of two books “Men Do Not Want Children” and “Si la Sexualite Disparaissait” [not translated in English yet]. Father of two, is a unique character whose uncommon views on life keeps surprising readers. He has delved into theology, esoterism and Kabbalah and has ventured outside the beaten path into the underground and the forbidden. Always provocative, he paints an accurate picture of human nature and is not afraid to take a long, hard look at men. He gives workshops in North America and Europe about sex, relationship and love.

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Non-education: An Alternative to Learning Methods



The video I want to share with you today inspired me to the point that I felt compelled to translate it and write about it (video featured at the end of this post). You will understand why when you see it. André Stern, now 42, is a living experience of what happens to a child who has never received any type of education, and whose childhood has never been interrupted.

His testimonial deconstructs the conceived ideas on what is the best education for the optimal development of a child. He actually lays a new foundation for “an alternative to education”. What if a child left alone without any constraint to learn specific notions and topics at a specific time, had actually a spontaneous disposition to learn on its own faster and more efficiently? Indeed, in the light of modern neuroscience, the child is equipped with the most adequate self-learning tools: play, curiosity and enthusiasm.

It seems that the development of the child free of imposed learning methods may prevent the fragmentation of the mind by constant interruption of activities, busy schedules, rigid ideas and prejudices (to not say dogmas), tests and scores, and rewards and punishments which instill fear, doubt, low self-esteem, need for approval, conformism and so forth. Compartmentalized, the child loses connection with the whole, the unity, the universality – and thereby himself. Things, people, concepts are divided and segregated into boxes made of thick walls. The premise for division and war is set up.

The mental compartmentalization is a technique dear to the elite and its servants for mind and mass control because it keeps individuals in a state of fear, ignorance, stupidity and submission. As explained at length in the Personocratia booklet #9: Education, Towards Innate Knowledge, the elite has refined those methods to apply them worldwide in most educational programs, starting with Kindergarten to insure a ‘zero-default’ supply of obedient and zombified slaves.

More and more parents are aware of the dumbing-down education system and turn to alternative methods to save their children from the idiotization process and thus preserve their free spirit. But the alternative options can turn into a nightmare as they are time-consuming and they require a lot of personal and financial investment from parents who also have to deal with the hassle of the state’s requirements.

André Stern shows the traits of a genuine and accomplished person – whole, smart, grounded, talented, creative, enthusiastic, open-minded, and fully integrated into society. His experience may inspire parents to try something different, something much simpler which goes back to the natural dispositions inherent to all human beings. It seems that, once again, we have complicated everything by letting others convince us that we are stupid, that others know better (especially authority figures), and that we cannot learn on our own by tapping into our inner resources. Consequently, we have projected these convictions onto our offspring.

Maybe, as parents and ‘educators’, it is time that we trust in the incredible innate abilities of children. Our little ones may actually sense what is best for them in terms of timing and pace for apprenticeship, and which learning tools suit them best according to their personality. I see parents praise their child’s uniqueness and ‘naturality’ but do they realize that forced education tends to fade their originality and creativity?

This video made me realize that it is time that we get rid of the false and outdated belief that there’s an age limit to learn new and complex things; that we start trusting in our boundless inner capacities that are simply imprisoned in our (compartmentalized) mental cage and are waiting to break free. In other words, it is time that we acknowledge the reality of who we really are as human beings: unlimited, omniscient and omnipotent creative beings! I let you be inspired…

Author: Rhiame





Soul, Oversoul, Higher-self, NDE and Energy Vampirism

Due to the pertinence of a comment left by a reader in regards to the series of articles on ‘Aliens, Egos and Souls: Who Are We In The Big Picture?’, I felt like posting Mado’s reply since it clarifies important notions that she did not develop in her article. The first part of the comment talks about ‘soul’, ‘oversoul’ and ‘higher self’. The second part covers the subjects of near death experience (NDE) and energy vampirism.


Reader: “It would have been great if you could’ve also told us where the individual’s “Oversoul” or “Higher Self” fits in with this discussion of an individual “Soul”. This common terminology is confusing.”

Mado: The New Age terminology is confusing because it is meant to mix people up and keep them dumbed down. Not only has the word “soul” been used for experiences related to the vital body, but the words “spirit”, “higher self” and “oversoul” have often been used to define the realms of the mental body. This misuse of words is purposefully intended to prevent people from connecting with their soul, and therefore from becoming who they really are: idessic (divine) beings living in matter. Therefore, when we use words, we must define them precisely, or we get lost and make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

For example, many years ago, I was using the words “higher self” from Perelandra’s terminology, but I didn’t know at the time what it really meant. It corresponded to an internal experience that I would call today “higher mind”. It entered from above through the crown chakra, but there were still thoughts mixed up in it.

If true “higher self” means the highest frequency of a human being, then today I would describe it as the level of spirit – that part of me which lives outside space-time, which is unlimited, omniscient, omnipotent, pure love and bliss. I cannot reach this level consciously yet; therefore, I can’t talk about something that I have not yet truly experienced. But I have connected with my soul on many occasions, for short durations, and I can tell you that it is VERY different from the vital and mental realms, even the highest levels of them.

When one goes from Helena Blavatsky to Rudolph Steiner, Allan Kardec, Edgar Cayce, Drunvalo Melkizedek, Ramtha, Kryon and so forth, one is bound to get mixed up forever. That is the aim of the god of illusion (Satan, Lucifer, etc.) and its servants for the reason that I mentioned earlier. That is why I enjoy Aurobindo’s terminology so much. It is well defined, precise, based on clear spiritual experiences, and I fully trust its source. However, people that tend to study Aurobindo and create their own “improved” terminology (e.g. Ken Wilber) are best avoided, in my opinion.

Reader: “Also, people who report Near Death Experiences testify that they usually see a tunnel with a bright light at the end and all encompassing “love”. Is this part of the “fishbowl” arena too that is manned by astral entities in order to suck more energy?”

Mado: The higher vital (astral, emotional) worlds often bring this feeling of what people call “love”. The problem is that human beings — including me — simply don’t know what real love is. Since we have been taught that a rapid expansion of higher vital energy is called “love”, we keep mixing these notions up. That is why we can say in the same sentence: “I love you, dear…and I love pecan pie.”

In a nutshell, here is what happens during a NDE: if I vibrate at a low frequency at that moment, I’ll end up in the low vital (astral) worlds and call it hell. If I vibrate at a higher vital frequency, then I’ll end up swimming in the higher vital worlds and call it heaven. Of course, in all these universal vital worlds, there are tons of entities that are just waiting to feed on unwary visitors. And since those entities can take the appearance they want, we get caught every time. Keep in mind that deceit is their ploy to get what they want from us – vital energy.

All the more so, some abductees and whistleblowers say that the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel scenario has been invented by aliens to catch our vital bodies and use them in various ways. Who knows? One thing is sure. When a notion such as NDE is pushed by the elite (books, TV shows, movies), it is bound to be disinformation, a word that means “lies muddled up with truth”. New Agers really have to wake up to the fact that they are being lied to. We all need to learn and use discernment, real bad!


Edited by Rhiame


Clinging to our false self

Prsion-mind” Basically, the majority of men are like prisoners with all their doors and windows shut, so they suffocate (which is quite natural), yet they have with them the key that opens the doors and windows, and they don’t use it… They are afraid of losing themselves. They want to remain what they call ‘themselves‘. They love their falsehood and their slavery. Something in them loves it and clings to it. They feel that without their limits, they would no longer exist. That is why the journey is so long and difficult.”

Author: Satprem in Mother Or The New Species


The Release from the Ego

The formation of a mental and vital ego tied to the body-sense was the first great labour of the cosmic Life in its progressive evolution; for this was the means it found for creating out of matter a conscious individual. The dissolution of this limiting ego is the one condition, the necessary means for this very same Life to arrive at its divine fruition: for only so can the conscious individual find either his transcendent self or his true Person. This double movement is usually represented as a fall and a redemption or a creation and a destruction,—the kindling of a light and its extinction or the formation first of a smaller temporary and unreal self and a release from it into our true self’s eternal largeness. For human thought falls apart towards two opposite extremes: one, mundane and pragmatic, regards the fulfilment and satisfaction of the mental, vital and
physical ego-sense individual or collective as the object of life and looks no farther, while the other, spiritual, philosophic or religious, regards the conquest of the ego in the interests of the soul, spirit or whatever be the ultimate entity, as the one thing supremely worth doing. Even in the camp of the ego there are two divergent attitudes which divide the mundane or materialist theory of the universe. One tendency of this thought regards the mental ego as a creation of our mentality which will be dissolved with the dissolution of mind by the death of the body; the one abiding truth is eternal Nature working in the race—this or another—and her purpose should be followed, not ours,—the fulfilment of the race, the collective ego, and not that of the individual should be the rule of life.


Another trend of thought, more vitalistic in its tendencies, fixes on the conscious ego as
the supreme achievement of Nature, no matter how transitory, ennobles it into a human representative of the Will-to-be and holds up its greatness and satisfaction as the highest aim of our existence. In the more numerous systems that take their stand on some kind of religious thought or spiritual discipline there is a corresponding divergence. The Buddhist denies the existence of a real self or ego, admits no universal or transcendent Being. The Adwaitin declares the apparently individual soul to be none
other than the supreme Self and Brahman, its individuality an illusion; the putting off of individual existence is the only true release. Other systems assert, in flat contradiction of this view, the eternal persistence of the human soul; a basis of multiple consciousness in the One or else a dependent but still separate entity, it is constant, real, imperishable.

Amidst these various and conflicting opinions the seeker of the Truth has to decide for himself which shall be for him the Knowledge. But if our aim is a spiritual release or a spiritual fulfilment, then the exceeding of this little mould of ego is imperative. In human egoism and its satisfaction there can be no divine culmination and deliverance. A certain purification from egoism is the condition even of ethical progress and elevation, for social good and perfection; much more is it indispensable for inner peace, purity and joy. But a much more radical deliverance, not only from egoism but from ego-idea and ego-sense, is needed if our aim is to raise human into divine nature. Experience shows that, in proportion as we deliver ourselves from the limiting mental and vital ego, we command a wider life, a larger existence, a higher consciousness, a happier soul-state, even a greater knowledge, power and scope. Even the aim which the most mundane philosophy pursues, the fulfillment, perfection, satisfaction of the individual, is best assured not by satisfying the narrow ego but by finding freedom in a higher and larger self. There is no happiness in smallness of the being, says the Scripture, it is with the large being that happiness comes. The ego is by its nature a smallness of being; it brings contraction of the consciousness and with the contraction limitation of knowledge, disabling ignorance,—confinement and a diminution of power and by that diminution incapacity and weakness,—scission of oneness and by that scission disharmony and failure of sympathy and love and understanding,—inhibition or fragmentation of delight of being and by that fragmentation pain and sorrow. To recover what is lost we must break out of the walls of ego. The ego must either disappear in impersonality or fuse into a larger I: it must fuse into the wider cosmic “I” which comprehends all these smaller selves or the transcendent of which even the cosmic self is a diminished image.

But this cosmic self is spiritual in essence and in experience; it must not be confused with the collective existence, with any group soul or the life and body of a human society or even of all mankind. The subordination of the ego to the progress and happiness of the human race is now a governing idea in the world’s thought and ethics; but this is a mental and moral and not a spiritual ideal. For that progress is a series of constant mental, vital and physical vicissitudes, it has no firm spiritual content, and offers no sure standing-ground to the soul of man. The consciousness of collective humanity is only a larger comprehensive edition or a sum of individual egos. Made of the same substance, in the same mould of nature, it has not in it any greater light, any more eternal sense of itself, any purer source of peace, joy and deliverance. It is rather even more tortured, troubled and obscured, certainly more vague, confused and unprogressive.

The individual is in this respect greater than the mass and cannot be called on to subordinate his more luminous possibilities to this darker entity. If light, peace, deliverance, a better state of existence are to come, they must descend into the soul from something wider than the individual, but also from something higher than the collective ego. Altruism, philanthropy, the service of mankind are in themselves mental or moral ideals, not laws of the spiritual life. If into the spiritual aim, it enters the impulse to deny the personal self or to serve humanity or the world at large, it comes not from the ego nor from the collective sense of the race, but from something more occult and profound transcendent of both these things; for it is founded on a sense of the Divine in all and it works not for the sake of the ego or the race but for the sake of the Divine and its purpose in the person or group or collective. It is this transcendent Source which we must seek and serve, this vaster being and consciousness to which the race and the individual are minor terms of its existence.

There is indeed a truth behind the pragmatic impulse which an exclusive one-sided spirituality is apt to ignore or deny or belittle. It is this that since the individual and the universal are terms of that higher and vaster Being, their fulfillment must have some real place in the supreme Existence. There must be behind them some high purpose in the supreme Wisdom and Knowledge, some eternal strain in the supreme Delight: they cannot have been, they were not created in vain. But the perfection and satisfaction of humanity like the perfection and satisfaction of the individual, can only be securely compassed and founded upon a more eternal yet unseized truth and right of things. Minor terms of some greater Existence, they can fulfill themselves only when that of which they are the terms is known and possessed.

The greatest service to humanity, the surest foundation for its true progress, happiness and perfection is to prepare or find the way by which the individual and the collective man can transcend the ego and live in its true self, no longer bound to ignorance, incapacity, disharmony and sorrow. It is by the pursuit of the eternal and not by living bound in the slow collective evolution of Nature that we can best assure even that
evolutionary, collective, altruistic aim our modern thought and idealism have set before us. But it is in itself a secondary aim; to find, know and possess the Divine existence, consciousness and nature and to live in it for the Divine is our true aim and the one perfection to which we must aspire.

Author: Aurobindo Ghose in The Synthesis of Yoga

Aliens, Egos And Souls: Who Are We In The Big Picture? (part 4)


Please, don’t read my car analogy wrong. I am not saying that the answer is technological. Quite the opposite! Technology is simply a lazy person’s answer to her dreams of infinite powers. I would rather continue to use limited and limiting devices (computers, cell phones, microchips, free energy machines) than become who I really am: an omniscient, omnipotent, invincible, immortal, all-loving being!


The use of technology actually slows down the evolution of consciousness, unless it is soul-guided. The manifestation of a divine being made up of divine matter does not rely on transhumanism and its GRIN technologies – Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Nanotechnology. Nor is the solution chemical, through drug-induced states of consciousness or by other artificial or magical means (ayahuasca, LSD, numerology, Kabbalah, binaural beats, rituals, sacrifices). We cannot force the evolution of consciousness in such a way, and even less the transformation of human into divine beings.

Neither can such a change be provoked by an external facilitator, through a Oneness Blessing (deeksha), despite Amma Bhagavan’s claim, founder of the Oneness University: “Man cannot make it on his own; it has to be given to him.” Indeed, but not by another human. Rather, the body must surrender its free will to its soul and follow its injunctions blindly. So, forget any type of external help: shamanism, reiki, drugs, magic, gurus, religions, mystery schools, secret societies, channelling, walk-ins, ley lines, and sacred sites. In the past, these helped the evolution of consciousness. Now, they hinder our transformation.



Let us go back to the subject of abductions, aliens, and demonic entities. As a human being, I am perpetually bathing in subtle worlds brimming with forces and beings of all types. Personally, I am not a milab, abductee, or contactee, but like all humans, I am surrounded by invisible beings who attempt to influence me and feed on me – 24/7. However, whether they are human, alien, demonic, I am never a victim. I am always a participant. The solution is obvious: I must learn to say “no, thanks!” to all those entities.

"Not, thanks. And don't bother asking again."

“No, thanks. And don’t bother asking again.”

Refusing their offers and repelling their attacks works only if I am sincere. In most cases, one or more of my egoic personalities agree to play the game, whether it is physical or subtle in nature. One part of me wants the contact or abduction in order to feel wanted and special. This fulfills my desire to be more powerful and important than other ‘normal’ humans who do not face such ordeals. Abductees and contactees are told they have been ‘chosen’. Milabs are taken by the military because they are already abductees whose occult powers can be used to participate in delicate missions. To be liberated from military/alien/demonic influence, I must dissolve the egoic personalities that profit from their actions. These parts of me must accept to die and I have to face the void. I must continue living while I have the impression of being nothing. A very uncomfortable experience!

The problem is that I identify with my ego, not my soul. I remain so attached to my present-day egoic personalities that I cannot imagine being anything else. Who am I if I am no longer a milab/abductee/contactee? Surrendering my free will to my soul, that part of me about which I know nothing, that I cannot hear and hardly feel, requires immense courage. Aurobindo summarizes this quite well: “Ego must disappear and be replaced by the true spiritual person, the central being, and life itself must be turned towards the fulfillment of the Divine in terrestrial existence; it must feel a Divine Force awaking within it and become an obedient instrumentation of its purpose.” (The Synthesis of Yoga by Aurobindo)



There have been many advanced civilizations before ours. Every time humanity on Earth became too technological or magical, and erred away from its mission – the manifestation of a divine being made out of divinized matter – some cosmic event brought about a planet cleansing. The destruction of Atlantis and Noah’s Great Flood are simply two recent ‘resets’. Courtney Brown, a remote viewing specialist, summed it up well in a recent interview: You need a million years of uninterrupted growth for a civilization to really mature and do something. You can’t grind it down to a pulp every twenty-five thousand years or sixty thousand years and expect it to start all over again, where there is no memory of what happened before. And this is what happens regularly [on Earth]… We have these pole shifts that happen regularly, we have these coronal mass ejections that happen every two thousand years that ruin all the electrical stuff… This is not a good planet to have a long-term civilization on.” You are right, Courtney, but it is a perfect planet for the evolution of souls and the creation of a new reign IN MATTER!

What is coming now is not a ‘reset’. It is an apocalypse, a Greek word that means “revelation, disclosure of what has been concealed”.  The present climatic and geological changes on Earth and other planets of our solar system are evident proof that something big is coming. However, it is much more than just a regular mass-extinction event, much bigger than the end of a cycle. It is the end of ALL cycles! It is the beginning of a new kingdom: divine beings made out of divine matter and living divine lives outside of the space-time illusion.

Egg-hatching-lightFor the divine chicks to hatch, they must break their shells. This has already started in the invisible realms, but we cannot yet see it in the concrete material world. In order for the shells to crack open, we need a critical mass of human beings who surrender to their souls and allow the immensely powerful energies of spirit to transform their mortal and limited human bodies into immortal, unlimited divine bodies. When this critical mass is reached, aliens and entities that have been feeding on humans will simply disappear. Now, you finally understand why they are so desperate at stopping this emergence of divine beings by all means possible: microchipping, hybridization, GMOs, chemtrails, radiation, abductions, etc. With their time machines, they are able to see the future. They know that they will not succeed. They can only delay the inevitable.

Even if the transformation of willing humans into divine beings is inescapable, we need to participate willingly to the birthing process. How can we help? Each one of us needs to say “No, thanks!” to the skillful maneuvers of ADs. And don’t think that Jesus, son of God, or any other past spiritual teachers, can help you. This may have worked in the past, but that time is over. Don’t expect either that good, STO aliens (Service-To-Other) will tell us how to get the job done. They can no longer help, because this is a first-time-ever event. Only our souls know how to proceed, and they are hidden inside our bodies!

Our transformation into divine beings rests in our own hands. We must refuse to participate as willing contactees, abductees, or milabs, even if it means the death of our physical bodies. After all, as humans, we own immortal, forever-evolving souls. Aliens and demons don’t! We do not need to be afraid. They do! All spiritual people are quick to admit that they are divine. Well, it’s time to walk our talk – and trust our souls, at all costs!


Author: Mado

NOTE: Dissolving the ego and surrendering to the soul is a complex process where implementing congruent actions in alignment with my consciousness is a crucial step to transform into the new Idessic being. Personocratia shares her way of making the transfer of power from ego to soul through books, booklets, videos and workshops.